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Continuity Information:
Chronologically this story would take place between Countrycide and Greeks Bearing Gifts.


In The Air Tonight.

"But I know the reason why you keep this silence up,
No, you don't fool me,
Thought the hurt doesn't show,
But the pain still grows,
It's no stranger to you and me."
Phil Collins – Genesis.


The hub was silent as Ianto walked down the spiral staircase to the bank of computers. All three desks were a mess, Gwen's topped high with official looking papers, missing person's reports and statements. Toshiko kept her desk no better with its piles of print outs and the odd gadget picked up here and there. Glancing at the monitor he noticed a program running, scanning the area for rift activity, hopefully there wouldn't be too much tonight, not after everything they had been through lately. Passing Owen's desk Ianto was surprised to find a scalpel laid out on top of a pile of medical reports referring to a study on microsurgery. Picking up the scalpel he headed toward the morgue. The Pterodactyl passed over head and flew round the monument and called to a mate now long since dead as Ianto stepped down into the white tiled room with it's cold metal table.


His eyes snapped open, someone was inside, someone was in the hub. Jack pulled himself off his bed; his toned body glimmered with sweat. The nightmares still vivid in his mind, he could still hear the screams, he could still feel his brothers hand in his and then feel it slip away. Looking at himself in the mirror he brushed his brown hair back with his hand and made for the ladder that lead to his office above. How many years had he slept down here? How long had he been here? He had lost count at around one hundred. Over one hundred years he had waited, waited for the Doctor to come back for him, did the Doctor even know he was alive? Taking his shirt off the back of the chair he pulled it on and hauled himself up the ladder and into his office. Something dropped, metal against the concrete. Who was inside the hub? Picking up his pistol, Jack checked it was armed and then slowly walked from his office and into the main room.


Glancing round the autopsy room, Ianto wondered how long it would be before he, himself, was laid on that table with Owen ripping out his guts and then sowing him back up to be placed in storage. Passing down the flight of steps he walked over to the trolley and placed the scalpel on the top in a kidney dish. The area was clean, sterile and even as he stood there he wondered just how many people had been torn apart on that table, how many people who's deaths would go unnoticed had found themselves under the knife of an unnamed doctor in the Torchwood Hub? Leaving those thoughts behind him, he started climbing the stairs back toward main room. As he reached the top he caught sight of a silver sphere sat on the table a few feet away. He had not noticed it on his way in. Walking over to it he looked it over, he wasn't sure where it had come from, he assumed Owen must have put it there to be catalogued later, he would have a word with Owen, this wasn't the first time he had just left something out. The silver orb was sparkling, perfectly smooth surface with no visible attachment markings, no nails and no glue residue. It reminded Ianto of a high priced aftershave bottle with the thin gold band, about five millimetres thick running round the middle of the sphere. Picking it up to move it to cataloguing Ianto was shocked. A small electrical charge ran out of the object and into his hands. His instinctive reactions kicked in and he dropped it. The hollow metal against metal clang rang round the autopsy room. Swiftly looking round he couldn't see anyone and he was sure there was no one here; no one would have to know he had dropped it. Ianto raised the perfect sphere in his hands to inspect it for damage.

"Ianto!" Jack had come round the corner. "What are you doing with that? Where'd it come from?"

Ianto almost screamed, for a millisecond he let go of the orb but caught it again. "Jack, I... I thought you were out." He notice Jack had not stopped looking at the sphere he held in his hands. "I think Owen left it here; I was taking it to Toshiko's station for when she came in tomorrow." His heart was racing but he wasn't exactly sure if it was the fight or Jack himself. God, how he wanted Jack, wanted to be in those strong arms.

"Ok." Jack holstered his pistol and turned back to the main room.

Ianto watched as Jack walked out of the autopsy room, his tight trousers hugging his taut buttocks as he passed through the door and out of sight. Glancing round he walked out of the room and into the main atrium. Placing the sphere on Toshiko's desk and checking the closed circuit television to make sure no one in the hub, Ianto turned toward Jacks office and started for the door.

The sphere sat on the desk, mist seeping from around the gold ring. The blue smoke hugged the desk as it poured from the silver device. Flowing to the floor like a waterfall, the blue mist flowed towards the air filtration system. After being pulled into the grills of the air supply the mist quickly disbursed and flowed round the pipes to exit all around the hub. The, now colourless, mist was filling the air, permeating the very walls of the hub it's self. The Pterodactyl flew from his nest, circled the atrium and then dived toward the pool as the mist filled the hub.


Ianto stood at the door to Jack's office, the smell of musk and hormones filled the air. Breathing deeply Ianto looked round the organized chaos that Jack surrounded himself with. The long blue coat hung on the back of his chair, the piles of paperwork littering his desk, Ianto wished Jack would just sweep it away and take him here and now.

Jack looked up from the U.N.I.T report on the attack on Canary Warf, they were still keeping as much of the truth out of the domain of the public as they could, not even the prim minister had been given the full details. That had been a dark day for Torchwood, an all out assault on the head office. The doctor had been there, the doctor had once again been in the thick of it, as always. Jack had wished he could have been there, but he had to lie low, knowing, as he did what was to transpire, he had to be in waiting. Ianto was stood in the doorway; his tailored suit hugged his body, his mess of brown hair combed back. Jack thought of how much better Ianto's hair would look all messed up, and he'd happily be the one to mess it up. Ianto had been through so much lately; Jack was surprised he hadn't collapsed into a pile of gibbering mush. First, the loss of his girlfriend, to lose someone he loved so much by the hands of those he trusted. Then almost being hacked to bits for food, to be degraded to nothing but meat. Jack had to admire his strength, he had come through both with an air of confidence and defiance that was unsurpassed by the human race.

Ianto looked at Jack, his blue eyes sparkling in the light from the desk lamp. Ianto could see beneath his white shirt, that smooth body, that rock hard abdomen. He wanted to rip Jacks shirt off and run his tongue across the soft skin. Make his way up to Jacks nipples and...

"Where's everyone?"

Jack's question brought Ianto back to reality. Swiftly checking his watch he found it was two in the morning. "There at home Jack. It's the middle of the night."

"But somewhere it's the middle of the day." He stood up, breathing in deeply to expand his large chest. He had many years on Ianto but this young boy could still do things to him he had never dreamed of before. The tape-measure was still in the draw and the cuffs still hung in the cell. That had been a close call, they hadn't expected Owen to come back from the university so quickly, they thought they had at least a couple of hours but Owen, ever the quick one, had located the source of the energy spike and brought it back under an hour and a half. That was just frustrating.

"But here it's the middle of the night, you should get some sleep." He didn't want to but he had to turn and start to walk back to the main door. His trousers had started to press hard against him, he couldn't hide it much longer and no matter what he thought of, he couldn't get it to go down.

Jack stood and rushed, with his usual nonchalant manner, to the door. Leaning against the door jam he admired Ianto. The flaps of his blazer only allowing the odd glimpse of the tight little buttocks bobbing up and down beneath the tight blue trousers. He could still remember the first time he had taken hold of those firm little hunks of flesh. Softly kneading with his fingers as Ianto tried to listen to Suzie talk about the tracking unit that kept switching its self on. "Ianto, have you got your keys?"

Ianto stopped, his keys were in his pocket, he fingered them with his index finger as he turned round and faced Jack. Ianto stopped, fingering his keys in his pocket with his index finger to be sure they were there. He turned to face Jack. "Yes, I always carry them." The smile that crossed Jack's face told Ianto exactly what was going through his mind. Moving toward Jacks office he started to unbutton his blazer.

"Hey," Jack looked distressed as Ianto walked toward him. "Stop spoiling my fun." Jack winked and Ianto let go of his blazer. Stepping toward Ianto he ran his hand round Ianto's back and took hold of his left buttock. Pulling him closer he pushed his lips to Ianto's, probing his tongue across Ianto's teeth he pressed harder against him. Feeling Ianto's hardening against his leg Jack squeezed harder on Ianto's buttock harder. He felt Ianto's hand running through his hair as the kissed, hard. Sweat ran from Jack as his heart sped up, he could feel himself pushing against Ianto's stomach.

Falling back toward Jacks office Ianto pushed his hand inside Jacks waist band and grasped a hard buttock. The sound of the pistol falling to the floor and sliding under the desk was obscured by the klaxon, the hub was locking down. Jack pressed harder against Ianto, his finger running up Ianto's inner thigh, he moaned softly. The hub was locking down and he couldn't let go of Ianto, he wanted to push Ianto off and run but he wanted to push Ianto to the floor and rip off his clothes, just as much. The lock down would be complete in a moment and they would be trapped, but he didn't care, all he wanted, was right there in his arms. Pulling Ianto closer, Jack could feel him puling away, they had to get out. Pushing Ianto off they turned to the door as the light turned to red, Lock down was complete, they were trapped.


The indicator on his wrist flashed, the package had been delivered. He looked round; it would not be long before they were indisposed. Too wrapped up in each other to stop him, all he had to do was; wait. The night was cold and the street light glimmering off the water spattered the dark water with patches of yellow. Soon he could do what he must, no matter the cost.


Author's Notes:

A big thank you goes out to OrbThesela for her help, guidance and for sitting till five thirty am wile I wrote this and then for betaring for me as she is not exactly keen on this type of story.

I couldn't ask for a better beta.