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The Pterodactyl screeched and fell to the ground, the sound of the large body splashing down into the water sounded off the walls of the atrium, the dart had hit its target. Ianto stood on the raised area, his legs almost giving way, his bladder ready to empty its self but the bullet had not come, just the roar of the gun. Looking at Jack over the gun he was sure Jack was going to kill him, but then, the release of fear as the gun fired and he opened his eyes to see the Pterodactyl falling from his place high in the atrium.

"What are you doing?" Ianto couldn't understand what was going on, why had Jack just shot the creature? What was he hoping to accomplish?

Jack threw the gun aside and pulled a syringe from his top pocket. His shirt hanging open he let the mist from the water blast against this hot skin. Climbing down into the water Jack jammed the syringe into the Pterodactyl and extracted twenty millilitres of its thick red blood. It seemed logical to him.

Ianto stepped down from the computer area, his legs gave way and he landed hard on his face. He felt weak, the blood rushing round his body for so long had left a lot of his muscles starved, he could feel the strain on his heart beginning to take effect, it was beating harder now. The pain down his left arm stared slowly, an ache at first. He had landed hard. Was this how he was going to die, laying on the floor of the Torchwood hub, it didn't seem fair. He had lived such a short, secluded life. He wasn't ready to die; he didn't want to die, it wasn't right for him to die. The glove, they could use the glove... 'Oh my god.' Did he really want that, to come back for two minutes, two extra minutes to spend with his friends as they cried over him and asked him what it was like? Why couldn't Jack just have had sex with him and let him die in those big strong arms.

'Oh god I'm going to die.'

The sentence kept running round and round in his darkening mind. Why wasn't he in Jacks bed? Why couldn't he be laying on Jacks chest as he slipped away?

Jack ran from the atrium and into the autopsy room, passing Ianto on the floor he didn't want to move him, he was laid down, Jack knew that would be best for him. Taking the steps four at a time he leapt to the lowered floor. He wasn't going to lose Ianto now, not after everything they had been through tonight. Pulling the centrifuge from the draw he poured the blood into a test tube and rammed it on to the grips. He had seen this done a hundred times or more, it was simple. Pushing the start button the machine gave a satisfying clunk and the motors came to life.

"Seems they made these things for idiots."

The timer stared counting down, three minutes to serum. Grabbing the trolley, Jack pulled it toward him, tipping it over he heard a distant sound, Ianto was calling him.

"Hold on Ianto! Please hold on."

Ianto lay on the floor, the cold steel didn't seem to affect him, his whole body was growing cold now. He could hear something whirring behind him, what was Jack doing in the autopsy room? Why wouldn't he come?

"Jack..." He couldn't call any louder, his mouth was dry and his throat had started to close up. His mind was turning black as his heart screamed for him to climax. His erection still pressing hard into his leg. Ianto thought of how Jack had finally opened up to him, after all these years Jack had opened up to him. They were both so alone, they both knew how much pain the other was in and neither could help without the other opening up, and Jack had done this tonight. Ianto heard the whirring continue as he lay on the floor, something moved near him, it was the Pterodactyl, it was waking up, and Jack must have only given him a light sedative. Was this going to be it, was he going to be eaten by this great creature who was so out of time, so alone in this world that had forgotten him? Ianto tried to move, he tried to get out of the way but ever twitch ran burning pain through is body, his head was light and his heart was beating too fast now, he knew it. He could see the fuzzy figure of the great creature as it pulled it's self off the floor, it was moving, moving toward him.

"Ja..." He couldn't say anything more; his mouth was too dry, his lungs burned with the effort of breathing. The creature was above him now, its sharp teeth only millimetres away from his face, it was all over now; his life was going to end with one bite from this gigantic creature so alone in time. Ianto closed his eyes as the hot breath wafted over his face, this was the end.

Jack wanted the machine to go faster, he was ready. The syringe was assembled, the needle ready to suck into it the serum. The centrifuge gave a bleep and began to slow, coming to a stop only a few seconds after Jacks attempts to pull the test tube from its rotating prongs. Flipping the cap from the tests tube Jack plunged the needle in and filled the syringe from the top layer of the two-tone liquid. Filling the syringe Jack dropped the remaining deep red liquid into a drain and bounded up the stairs back toward the atrium. Was he going to be in time?

Jack ran over to the prone body of Ianto lying on the metal floor, the Pterodactyl had flown back to its nest behind the waterfall. Jack turned Ianto over, there was no response form his closed eyes but his chest was still raising and falling, slowly, shallow breaths. Jamming the needle into Ianto's arms Jack depressed the plunger and sent the entire contents of the syringe into Ianto.

"Come on, come on." Jack had no idea what he could do now, he had done everything he could, if this didn't work then nothing would. It had to work, he didn't know what he would do if he lost Ianto. Iantos head fell back, his breathing laboured. Jack hadn't been in time, he had failed to protect another one, he had failed again. Jack screamed as the clock struck six. He could do nothing, everything had been for nothing. He had opened up to Ianto, he had let him in. He hadn't wanted him to die, Jack had given him a reason to live but it hadn't been enough, it was never enough. The tears started to fall, he couldn't hold them back, it had been so long since he had cried it felt alien to him but he had lost another one, another love had passed into the darkness. Was this all his life would be now, was this all he had to look forward to? Jack would boast about relationships like they were cars, he would pretend they meant nothing but, but to a person who could live forever, to be able to hold someone close and know they would be there forever, that was something he could only dream of.

The tears were flowing now, running down his cheek as he held Ianto in his arms. Why had this happened? What had he done to deserve this? Jack was holding Ianto so close to him; he just wanted to feel the boy's heart beat. Just once to let him know he hadn't lost another one, not like this. The team would be in soon, what would he tell them? What could he tell them? Ianto would still be lying in his arms. He couldn't let him go; he didn't want to let him go. Not like this.

"I'm sorry Ianto." Leaning down Jack kissed Ianto softly on the lips. He knew he would have to let go of him soon. He would have to put Ianto in one of those cold dark storage bays, it wasn't fair. He had not been there when Ianto needed him the most; he had not been there to hold him when he died. He wished he could take it all back, do it all again. "I'm so sorry."

Ianto's sharp intake of breath made Jack fall back and drop Ianto onto the metal floor. Coughing Ianto sat up, looking at Jack with amazement, his eyes alive and his chest heaving. "What happened?" Ianto looked round, was this heaven? If so, why was Jack clothed?

"Ianto?" Jack could do nothing but stare, his mouth too loose to form any words at all; Ianto had risen from the dead with out the use of the glove, how? Jack was lost for words, his mind could not process this fast enough. Ianto was sitting in front of him, sat in front of him and Ianto was alive. Before he thought about it, Jack threw his arms round Ianto and pulled him close. "I'm so sorry."

"For what?" Ianto was confused, he should have been dead, he had felt life slip away and had felt the darkness take him, take him to a place he couldn't describe or did he want to think of. Why was Jack sorry, what had he done? The last thing Ianto could remember was being breathed on by the Pterodactyl, where was that beast now? Why hadn't it killed him, but he had died, what was going on?

"I left you alone; I left you alone to die. I'm sorry." Jack could never make this up to him, but he would try.

Ianto tried to stand up, his legs still weak but he tried. Jack held his arm as he rose from the cold metal floor. Staggering, he was glad to have jack beside him now, he was glad to see his friend and lover still with him after all that had happened, and he was glad he hadn't awoken in a storage bay.

"What do we say?" They had reached the office and Ianto looked round. There were no signs of the night's coinsurances anywhere, nothing to give away that he had died in the night. It would go unnoticed; it would be like a cloud in the sky, a single street light in a city, no one would ever know about it or ask... 'So, Ianto, what's it like to die?' He would not have to tell them he didn't know he wouldn't have to lie and tell them it was a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel.

"Nothing, we say nothing, it's easier that way." Jack now had something only he and Ianto shared, they had both come back from the dead, they had both had crossed the line and stepped back again.

"So what do you want to do?" Ianto just wanted to sleep. Jack was steering him toward the hole in the floor where the ladder led down to his cell. So, the night would end as it was meant to have continued. In bed with Jack.

Lowering Ianto into the room. "I think we should get some sleep?" Jack jumped down.


Jack had undressed Ianto and helped him into bed. Now they lay there, side by side. The lights turned low and only the occasional call from the Pterodactyl could be heard as they laid together, in one and others arms, safe.


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