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--Lovely Complex--


a crest forte fan fiction

Eyes were focused on the screen of her Nintendo DS as Risa Koizumi punched with frustration at the 'A' button with her index finger. Abruptly she threw up her arms while a high-pitch squeal of annoyance filled the air around her. At the sound of a small snicker she whipped her head around to find the mocking face of Atsushi Otani.

"You're a loser," Otani jeered with a wide grin, "in real life and in a game."

Risa fumed at his words for a moment then looked away carefully. "Like you could do any better."

A hand jutted out forcefully as the game system was swiftly stolen from her grasp. Risa whipped her head around with a look of irritation only to find Otani gazing intently at the screen. She pierced her lips together tightly.

"Where's the stylus," he mumbled, fingering the small hole where the object should have been.

"Oh," she breathed out as she chuckled lightly, "I kind of lost that earlier."

"Lost it?" he questioned, gazing at her out of the corners of his eyes.

His glance caused her to still for a moment as she quickly held her breath, trying desperately to think of any answer that would allow her some relief of humiliation. The clockworks were turning, but no counter came to mind.



"Tossed it out the window," she shouted loudly and swiftly, slurring together most of the words.

Gritting her teeth together as Risa watched Otani turn his whole body to face her. He leaned forward with the game still in his hands. It was apparent the look on his face was a mix of disbelief and uncertainty.

"Why…?" he questioned.

"Uh…" She lulled her head back, gazing up at the ceiling of the classroom. Feigning ignorance or even sleep would be better than actually answering him.

"You threw it out the window," he stated, "because…?" Otani's voice was dark.

"What?" she asked abruptly, whipping her head downward with an emotionless gaze, "What were we talking about?"

A low groan escaped Otani as he abruptly twirled back into place in at his desk. "Never mind."

"Yep," she said with a smile, "Never mind."

"This would be easier with a stylus," he mumbled as he started pressing the 'A' button repeatedly.

"Yeah," she chuckled lightly.

"So what happened to it?" he asked.

"I threw it out the window," she said absently, "when I got dumped in the dating sim this morning."

Her world stilled. He had tricked her again. Swallowing the large lump that had formed in the back of her throat, she turned her head rigidly to find Otani beaming at her.

"You…" he mouthed out, "are so a loser."

"Shut up!" she screamed loudly with her cheeks reddening with each second he continued to scorn her. "Like you can do any better!"

"Boo-yah!" Otani abruptly shouted, tossing the game back at Risa. "Take that!"

Her eyes fell to the double screens. She found the love interest in the game to be staring at her behind shy eyes.

"I fell in love with you the very moment I saw you. Please be my girlfriend--!"

"You did it," Risa whispered, "You actually got Reiyl…"

"Damn straight!" he announced clearly.

"Well," she said, eyeing him as her lips curled, "Congratulations. You know how to pick up men."

Otani's face went pale while his jaw dropped open, leaving him gawking. Risa simply grinned.