My somewhat first attempt at my somewhat serious fic. I can't keep the idea out of my head, and I can't seem to stop writing, so this one for sures is going to be finished. Especially since it's about my latest obsession Sasuke and Hinata. 3

Chapter One

The young girl groaned as she stumbled out of bed, woken by the sound of a blaring alarm clock. She banged at it furiously as she read the time.

"Two thirty ugh!!!" She grumbled and cursed silently to herself walking in the general direction of the bathroom.

"Hinata, I don't know how you can do this every Saturday. It's a waste of a weekend." Hanabi complained.

Hinata packed her books and notes in her bag. Her hair was still damp from the shower she had just taken, a piece of toast in her mouth. It was all just business as usual.

"Hinata, are you ready to leave? It's almost three." Neji yawned loudly, Hinata nodded. She turned to her sister.

"It's more fun than you would think Hanabi, now go back to bed. One day, I know you'll be just as crazy as I am, doing this kind of stuff too." Hinata grabbed her bag, gave Hanabi a hasty hug and scurried out the door. Hanabi merely shook her head at her sister, but she smiled in spite herself knowing Hinata would come home victorious in her battles.

There was a group of people already formed outside the school. Another practice run for the real thing, but this one was slightly more serious. Today they were playing with the big boys in the district, and this would show them how strong they can be, or how much work they may need in order to become number one.

"Hinata!" Sakura screeched, relieved at the sight of her teammate. Hinata smiled. "I was worried, you're usually here earlier!"

"I woke up a little later then I should have, but I'm here now." She clasped her hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Hinata knew hew teammate was a nervous wreck because it was her little ritual before a competition. She should be fine for the test.

She was about to say something more when the team coordinator called for everyone's attention.

"Alright everyone, this is it, those schools may be a lot bigger than us and their facilities may be nicer but we are just as good as any of them if not better. Now I know it's very early," The bus arrived just then. "... Well, just try to sleep as much as you can. We have three hours until we arrive for breakfast, load up!" Tsunade spotted her team and smiled at them. She was sure they would do well.

Everyone grabbed their bags, and slowly loaded onto the bus. Hinata was the first inside. 'Where should I sit?' She studied each seat until she found the place that would be most comfortable. She smiled and sat, satisfied with her decision. Sakura sat in front of Hinata which made it easier for them to drill each other on questions that might come up on their test.

"Do you think we can win?"Hinata asked suddenly as the others got settled.

Sakura seemed surprised, but smiled. "Hinata! You have been getting top scores since we started competing! Of course we will win, we will get first place in district and then, on to state! You will show everyone you are an opponent worth fearing. I should be the one worried, I keep spacing on everyone this morning. Like-" Her eyes went wide.

Hinata turned her head, and to her surprise, she saw a boy sitting next to her. He spoke to someone She tried to get a better look at that person across the aisle and felt the heat rush to her face.


Electrifying blue eyes were suddenly staring back at her. The boy's conversation stopped as he grinned at her. The boy sitting next to her suddenly scowled... He turned to face Hinata, deep orbs of onyx enveloping her, as though he swallowed her soul.

"I'm sorry Hinata but Naruto asked me to study, I hope you don't mind if I sit here." Naruto rubbed the back of his head and gave a weak laugh.

"I got, caught up in something..." A light flush came to his cheeks.

"More like someone." Sasuke smirked.

"Shut up!"


"No wait, I need your help! Shino's gonna kill me if-"

"Everyone go to sleep!" Tsunade yelled into the speaker. "If we're gonna win, we all need to be well rested!"

Naruto groaned.

"Go to sleep!" She shoved the speaker to the driver (who was startled) and glared. Her gaze dared anyone to protest.

Slowly, but surly, all the lights began to go off. Naruto was grumbling but his light went off as well. Hinata looked at Sakura, 'Switch seats with me!' her green eyes screamed.

Hinata looked at the boy next to her. He already had his headphones on and didn't look as though he'd be pleased if she asked if she could switch with Sakura. She looked back at Sakura with a helpless look. The pink haired girl frowned slightly then turned her body forward.

Hinata sighed; it was going to be a long day.

Hinata Hyuuga shifted as the bus began to turn this way and that. Her eyes fluttered open, everything was calm, the only noise coming was of the soft breathing and drone of the engine as they entered the city.

She blinked and looked towards the boy sitting next to her. His arms were crossed and his hair fell all around his face. Sasuke still had music blarring into his ears, but his eyes were closed. He was asleep as well.

The bus jolted forward.

Everyone jumped as they were pushed forward and out of their seats. Sakura had fallen to the floor and Sasuke had banged his head on the seat in front of him. Soft cursing was heard throughout the bus as everyone tryed to gather their witts about them from the sudden jolt.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Tsunade was in the front, an evil glare pointed at the driver.

"I was going to miss the turn." Both began arguing about his competence as a driver and how stupid he was for putting them in danger.

"Ugh, how bothersome. I don't even know why I do this!" Shikamaru complained, rubbing the back of his head, yawning.

Hinata smiled something small as Naruto tried to remind Shikamaru how fun all of what they were about to do was really going to be.

"Aren't you supposed to be studying?" Shino said from somewhere farther off in the back.

"Oh, yeah!" Naruto dug around under his seat and pulled out a very damaged looking booklet. He began muttering soft things about strange words no one had really ever heard of or would have cared to use.

Sakura turned to Hinata, and then her eyes turned towards the boy beside her, lingering on him longingly.

"Wanna do flashcards at the restaurant?" Hinata asked, trying to get Sakura into a somewhat zone before everyone started talking.

"Sure, you don't even have to ask. We always do that anyway." Sakura laughed. "Oh, yeah, speaking of the restaurant. Sasuke?" Sakura waved a hand before his eyes. He opened his eyes and glared at Sakura.

"What?" he spat, causing Hinata to recoil slightly at his harsh words. Sakura seemed unfazed.

"Why don't you sit with us today? It'll be uber fun!" he was already shaking his head but another voice interrupted before he could open his mouth.

"I don't see why not, I never get to hang out with you on these things Hinata." Neji smiled. "I don't spend nearly as much time with you here as I should." Sasuke scowled quietly as Hinata blushed slightly. It would seem as though Neji's word was law and that was that.

There were some types of unwritten rules in the academic team. You always sit with your three man team, or at least whoever shows, at breakfast. This allows proper craming time before the competition begins.

It was odd to see someone breaking these rules, especially when they were attending such an important meet. Sasuke had no choice in the matter, he could only follow Neji, but if Shikamaru stepped in and decided he didn't feel like sitting with Hinata and Sakura then it would be a majority decision. But that wouldn't happen as it would seem, he doesn't even care.

Sakura's smile brightened, sending Hinata another message with her eyes. 'This is gonna be wonderful, today's going to be great.' They said. Hinata sighed; she had hoped to sit with Naruto this morning. That would have made her whole year great.

Sakura and Hinata sat with their mouths gapping open in amazement. Neji had just poured ketchup, raspberry, and poison berry syrup on pancakes. He chewed without any expression on his face.

"N-Neji? How can yea eat such..such a combination?"Hinata finally managed to say.

"Huh? This? What I'm eating right now?" He pointed at the plate in front of him. She nodded. "It's the winning combination! I've been eating it since our first win." He cut a piece of pancake and shoved it into his mouth.

Sasuke shook his head and reached for the normal maple syrup. He knew Neji for two years and was there the morning they dared him to put all of that junk on his breakfast. He remembered all the commotion and how Tsunade had come up to them smiling that creepy smile to tell them to shut up. He sighed, no matter how annoyed he seemed to be, deep down he knew these were good times.

Hinata had been trying to flash the cards towards Sakura, but her pink haired teammate just didn't seem to want to know anything about the different types of fractures that could happen. Her attention focused on Sasuke. For the first time in her short life, Hinata felt exasperated. Finally giving up on the flashcards and focusing on the restraunt.

Their coaches chatted happily about students, tests, funny things the administrators said. Obviously, this was a group of, not athletes, but still a team.

These competitions they were talking about? A series of test that these students compete in to be the best at whatever it is they chose to participate in. Each test consisted of different categories. Students chose whichever they felt they could do best at.

"Hinata, aren't you hungry?" Hinata jumped, startled out of her thoughts by Sasuke.

Since their junior year of high school, she had been trying to be more confident in her actions. It had been working fine; there were only some moments when she reverted to her old ways. It was moments like this when she was caught up in some type of very deep thoughts.

"N-no, I guess not.. I-I'm sorry..." Her eyes stared at the half-eaten food in front of her. She had only succeeded in nibbling at her eggs leaving everything else untouched. She hadn't noticed that everyone was gawking at her. It only then occurred to her that he had not spoken once since they had all sat down.

"Alright people! Time to load up, we've got a meet to win!" Kakashi clapped his hands together. "Onward ho!" He was always in a cheerful mood in the mornings.

"Hinata! What if there's a fever and the patient is unconscious and-"

"Sakura!" Hinata was starting to panic because Sakura was starting to panic.

"I need for you to calm down, you are making everyone a little tense right now." It was true.

Once Sakura had started asking these types of questions, everyone began to fidget in their seat.

"I don't think I can do this." They heard Ino say from the front.

"You'll do fine..." Kiba said, trying to make his voice sound soothing. "We've read these books a billion times. You are a living literary dictionary. There's nothing they can throw at us that'll be a surprise."

Feeling truly motivated by these overheard words, Gai began making a speech of his own. It consisted of something about how proud he was of everyone's youthfulness or something. Lee began to tear up. Sasuke scowled.

"Everyone's gone crazy?" he shook his head and looked up at Hinata. He was smirking.

Her cheeks tinted pink and she was glad Sakura was listening to Gai because she was sure she would have fainted. He watched her out of the corner of his eye.

"Don't you think so Hinata?"

"I, uhm. I suppose so." She said softly. She could hear the blood swishing in her ears, her heart pounded.

"You... despite what most people think, I really do enjoy these things." Her eyes widened but before any more words exchanged, the bus lurched forward once again.

"What the hell is your problem this time?" Tsunade shrieked at the bus driver.

"We were going to miss the turn again lady! Don't you want to be on time?!"

"We have another hour, don't you know what your doing?!" She went on yelling until they got there.

"Alright, this is it!" All of the students gathered around the entrance of a giant school. They were in awe, it was more extravagant than anything they had back home.

Sakura was shuffling through Hinata's flash cards like crazy. Shino was muttering letters to Naruto, and Neji was trying to convince Shikamaru to look alert for the judges. They moved forward towards the door.

Hinata trailed behind, and found herself once again next to Sasuke. She felt his gaze land on her. He laughed, or at least, something equivalent to a laugh.

"Don't you love it?" He suddenly said. She turned to him a little shocked then returned his smile with her own.

"I do, it's wonderful. Being together with everyone. We are all so different, but this, this is something we do together. It's... it's beautiful." There was a slight November chill going around. She looked up at Sasuke.

His haired played against his face and once again she was falling into his eyes. He spoke.

"Hn, I never meant for you to get all deep on me." She blushed lightly at his smirk. He turned from her and kept walking towards the school. She stayed where she was.

Hinata entered the cafeteria where bustling teens and teachers roamed about. Hinata didn't have to look too hard to find her panicking friend.

Sakura was pacing and rambling Tsunade was making faces at her student.

"Child, you are so unexplainable right now. I can't stand you, you are so ready for this." Tsunade shoved a piece of chocolate at Sakura, startling the poor girl. Sakura took the chocolate and began to eat it, already feeling the calming effects sugar had on her.

"Lady Tsunade? What's going on with Sakura?" Hinata watch as Sakura sat on the floor clutching her legs close to her.

"Oi, she's freaking out because you guys are gonna go in for your test in about.." she glanced at her watch. "Ten minutes."

"But, we always compete in the afternoons!" Now Hinata was going to freak out. There was no time for any type of proper review with her coach.

"Well, they rearranged the schedule." She sighed and then smirked. "This is what's expected on D-day just so you know. Anyway, this'll give Shino a chance to fill in where he's needed. Go find him so we can get going."

"Okay." Both Hinata and Sakura said. They took off on their way to fate.

"You have until ten thirty to complete the exam. Please put your contestant number and school name on the upper right hand corner of your test and answer document. You do not have to answer everyone question but it advised that you at least try because no points are deducted for a wrong answer. If you finish before the specified time, you may turn your test in to me and leave the testing room." The monitor looked at his watch. "You way begin."

The room filled with the noise of shuffling papers and the scratching of pencils as answers began to be filled out by the many students in the room.

Hinata was sitting in a corner at the far end of the room. Her pale eyes reading over the questions slowly, taking in the problems in front of her. The corners of her mouth liften into a small smile. She peaked at Sakura who was writing furiously and Shino who had decided to take his time. He confidence grew. This would be a very good day indeed.

I'm doing the story over and fixing it, somewhat. I hope I get a beta soon. I need more feedback from all ya'lls!!!!