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A/N: These could be for anyone, I suppose, but the first paragraph was written as Kurt, the third as Bobby (with a little movie-verse thrown in), the fourth one as Kitty and the last one as Rogue. The fifth one is kind of supposed to be future Evan when he has a son, but it could be someone else if you can think of someone who fits.

Prejudice (All)


He was good at hiding. His thick brown overcoat became his best friend in the years before the institute, and his mother did her best to home-school him. Somehow, it wasn't enough, but he realizes now that it was good practice. He is good at pretending he doesn't know a single person at that school, and he doesn't give a damn about those dirty looks they are sending him, because he'd rather it be for this than for the way he looks.

She was nonchalant. She was good at keeping her feelings to herself, putting on the facade of happiness while she bubbled with anger inside. The signs that denied her entry set her on fire inside, but she would try to pretend that she didn't care that she sometimes couldn't eat in the same restaurant as her own family. She hates herself for thinking this way, but she wonders if maybe her father left because he just couldn't accept the way she was.

He was proud, he realized. They were one of a kind. He still harbored that bitter grudge and the confusion because he couldn't understand why people didn't just face it, why it was such a problem, why he would never see his family again and how they could be that type of person and he never even knew it. But there was one day when he just woke up and knew that this was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he could handle it all if this never got taken away.

She was tired. She had been naive and innocent, and when it all his her it was like a ton of bricks, bringing her down and keeping her there. It all came at once- wars over oil and natural disasters and crime on the streets just because people were different, and she would cry herself to sleep at night just from thinking about how messed up the world was. She had never known, she had grown up in her suburban, sheltered life, and now she was exhausted from seeing how much her so called perfect world needed fixing.

He was smarter now. Less of a daredevil. Funny how things had worked out, how much it had taken to sober him up. Now he knew that chances weren't always there to be taken, and he was going to be sure that no one ever made the same mistakes he did. He had everything to lose now, and he would die again trying to protect it. Today he was scared because he tried to teach his son but he is seeing to much of himself in him.

She was angry. She would always be angry, because it seemed like the world didn't change. And she had always been angry, because nothing was fair. People were horrible and people were unjust and provincial and narrow-minded, and she could find no comfort because of this stupid thing, this way she had been born. She was bitter and furious until she realized that maybe that was part of the reason why she was alienated. It was the day that she finally decided to to just let go that she found she was truly happy.

And all of the prejudice didn't matter anymore.