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Being yet another boring Saturday night, Rukia should be studying. After all, she had a biology test that next Friday and she hadn't even attempted to study for it yet. She could do that…or she could just sit here, watching some American program and drink orange juice for the next three hours.

For some reason, the foreign TV show and an ice – cold beverage sounded oh so much better than making flashcards and studying them for hours on in. After all, what good would biology do for her in the long run anyway? Okay, that was a lie. Biology and most sciences were actually really good when creating art and/or owning a gallery, which Rukia planned on doing. It was also good background information when writing journalism, something else she loved to do. That way, you knew the structure of something, or how that something produces, and that knowledge makes it easier to draw or paint or how to sound smart around scientists.

Rukia always loved to paint. Even though her sister—and any of her friends—didn't appreciate her drawings of Chappi the Rabbit, every time she had drawn how she was feeling or painted something that didn't deal with rabbits, it turned out beautiful. Before her sister died, she had hung some of Rukia's art in her art gallery back home. Afterwards though, Byakuya—her brother—took over and only the people who could pay, had their art up in the Kuchiki Gallery.

Hisana had always loved art. She drew and drew and drew, even in her death bed, Rukia remembered her drawing and even painting. Byakuya had provided a lot for Hisana and Rukia and Hisana had always told Rukia to be grateful for everything. Not like she wasn't already. Byakuya had helped them off the streets and married Hisana. Hisana was a good wife to him up until the end.

After Hisana had passed though, Byakuya never spoke. He packed away all Hisana's art and Rukia's art in the attic of his mansion. Rukia had protested and even cried, saying it was unfair that he would take her paints, and canvases, and colored pencils.

He hadn't listened to her.

That's when she took up writing. Not fiction – fantasy writing, no, not her style. But, making people aware of what's happening in the world or what happened during that horrible car crash outside of town or even how to have better organization skills (something she did not do very well herself, but she could certainly report about).

And yet, that passion had to die away too. By the time Rukia was a senior in high school, Byakuya had already paid for her to go to a nice college and get a degree in marketing and one day take over the business of running the Kuchiki Gallery. She hadn't wanted to do something like that.

So, she ran away.

The phone rang, breaking Rukia from her thoughts. Deciding against her better judgment, she got up and answered. "Hello?" her voice sounded raspy and old.

"Hello? Rukia? Hi! It's Orihime!" said Orihime on the other end. Though Rukia couldn't see her, she could tell Inoue was radiating with happiness.

"Oh, hey Inoue, what's up?" Rukia asked, flipping her television off. Orihime was a long winded woman; she would be talking for hours.

"I'm just at my house and I was wondering if you could come over, like—right away," she sounded so urgent, Rukia hoped she was alright.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine! Perfect actually! I just want you to come over! There's someone I want you to meet and something else…just come over!" The phone clicked and Orihime was gone. Rukia looked at the phone like it was its fault for a second and then she hung it up.

Now there was a decision to be made. Go or not to go? Ugh, she thought. Probably should, I don't want to hurt her feelings. So, she went back to her room and changed out of her pajamas and into a pair of jeans and hoody. After all, she wasn't going to be there that long.

She walked to the small kitchen area, grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

"Ichigo, man, nice of you to finally stop studying for once in your life!" Renji yelled as Ichigo shoved him aside and walked into the red–haired man's apartment. Ishida walked out of the kitchen, a cup of tea in hand. It was strange that those two would ever be roommates—well, not really. Ishida had his own room until Renji, the freeloader, begged for a room.

And then this was born. There were two refrigerators, two toasters, two trashcans, two couches, two TVs, two of everything. Ishida made it very clear that his stuff was his and Renji's stuff was Renji's.

Ichigo sighed. "What do you guys want anyway? I have this huge exam on Friday, and if I don't get prepared for it, I'll…look just want do you want!?"

Ishida looked over to his roommate who was currently picking out from underneath his finer nails. "Well, Renji and I would like to show you something, if he would stop being an idiot." Renji's head shot up at the comment and he stuck his tongue out at Ishida and then turned back to the dirt under his nails.

Ishida rolled his eyes. "Okay, follow me, Kurosaki." He set his cup back into the kitchen, shoved his glasses up his nose, and then led Ichigo to his bedroom down the hall.

Ichigo had always thought Ishida a freak. And what proved Ichigo's point was the fact that he stepped one foot inside Ishida's room. Everything was spick and span—like a hospital. The walls were white and whatever poster there was it was perfectly straight. The bed looked like it belonged to the army, like you could flip a penny on it and it would crash into the ceiling. There wasn't a speak of dust in the room. It made Ichigo sick.

Pulling to fold out chairs by his desk chair, Ishida turned on his computer. They waited around for a few minutes and when the blue screen finally appeared, Renji was already sleeping. "What do you want to show me?" Ichigo persisted. He had studying to do and he didn't want to waste his time here.

"It's a website…" Ishida replied. "Something the school is sponsoring…Renji made me sign up for it and surprisingly it works…"

He pulled up an internet page and he looked over at Ichigo. "Hey, Kurosaki, could you go get us some sodas, I'm really thirsty," he asked.

Ichigo thought it had been strange that Ishida would make sure to keep his cup of tea in the kitchen just to turn around and tell Ichigo to go get some other beverage that could damage his room. But, Ichigo sighed and got up anyway.

Rukia knocked three times before the door opened to reveal a very bubbly Orihime. Rukia put on the biggest grin she could muster and said, "Hey, Orihime, I broke the law coming over here, I hope this is good," she said smirking.

Orihime's eyes widened. "What did you do?!" she asked, horrified.

"I went eighty on a sixty mile per hour road!" Rukia leaned forward, her voice incredibly high, like she was really excited about speeding.

"Rukia! You need to stop doing that!" Orihime said raising and index finger, emphasizing her point. "I don't want you to get a speeding ticket because you were rushing to get over here!"

Rukia dismissed the subject by walking into Orihime's apartment. The walls were colored a peach color with pictures of flowers and paradise scenes. The kitchen was yellow, which they passed to get to the lime-green living room.

In the living room there was a white couch and two end tables. A TV was by the window which overlooked the driveway to the apartment building. On the backside of the room were two doors; one that led to a bathroom and one that led to a bedroom. Several more pictures of Orihime, her brother, Sora, and several other kids from her high school decorated the walls in the living room.

Sometimes, it seemed to Rukia, that Orihime was the girl who loved living in the past. Every time Rukia came here the strawberry-blond haired girl always showed the pictures. She still knew all over her high school friend's names by heart.

Some of them ended up here, like Yasutora Sado, or Chad. He lived in the apartment building across from here, Rukia knew, because Orihime had told her last time she came over here.

"Orihime, what do you want to show me? I have this really huge biology test next week, and I really need to study for it if I'm going to still be alive come summer."

She looked confused for a couple of moments before her face lit up with acknowledgement. "Oh, that's right! I wanted to show you the website!"—she paused—"Ellie! Is the computer working?!"

There wasn't a response. Instead, the door knob turned from the bedroom and a girl walked out, wiping her hands on a wash cloth. "Yeah," she said, running a hand through her short-curly, blond hair. "It was just a little virus. Don't worry. I fixed it."

Rukia was confused. "Orihime, who is that?" she asked.

"Oh! That's Ellie! She just moved in next door and she's a computer technology major. She's helped me a lot the past couple weeks. Ellie, this is my friend, Rukia."

Ellie walked over and it was the first time Rukia noticed how blue her eyes were, like an ocean on a misty day. "It's nice to meet you," the blonde said, holding out her hand.

"Oh, you too," Rukia replied politely, shaking it.

"Ellie, is the website working?" Orihime asked nervously.

"Yep, I'll ready to go. Now, if you don't mind me, I have to get back home. I have a huge excel test this week so I gotta go study. I'm just not sure how to study excel." Orihime laughed and Ellie and Rukia smiled.

"I'll see you later then," Ellie said her goodbyes and left the apartment.

"She seems nice," Rukia said.

"Oh, she's great. She's so smart I swear she's the smartest girl here. I'm just lucky to live next to her I guess. You know I don't know how to do any of this stuff." Orihime then grabbed Rukia's hand and led her to her room saying, "There's this really cool website on the college site that's promoting love and such. It's wonderful! I've met so many cool people!"

Rukia groaned. She had seen commercials for this website on TV a couple times. It was more or less a chat room for the Karakura University. You were only allowed to sign up for the website if you went to Karakura University. You couldn't tell the other person your name unless you wanted to. It was your responsibility for what you tell the other person. In other words: if you ended up getting raped, it wasn't the school's fault.

It seemed like a pretty stupid idea, signing up for the damn thing, but Orihime seemed so excited about it. "Just two weeks ago, I met this guy and he can sew, and he's on the archery team! He seems so interesting, I just can't stop talking to him!" Orihime then started going on and on about this guy and how wonderful he was.

Rukia only half listened for two reasons. The first was quite simple: she couldn't understand hardly anything the girl was saying. And two: Rukia thought a dating website was beyond stupid. She had tons of studying to do, and homework, and even ridiculous American television to watch. She didn't have time for a romantic relationship…it was as simple as that. She had tests to study for, classes to take, hell, a job to manage. She didn't have time for a silly relationship with a guy that would either turn out pedophile or worse…a complete ass hole.

So, Rukia just blocked out the beyond-guy-friend men out of her life. Though, she had been oblivious most of the time. Only too often, a guy would befriend just to get her in bed. So then, she blocked all men out of her life except for the selected few like her brother, Byakuya, and her friend Renji.

"Rukia?" Orihime asked, as she seemed to be spacing out again.

"Hm? Oh!" Rukia was brought back to reality and her thoughts were cut off.

Orihime looked up with pleading and asked, "Will you sign up? I promise it'll be tons of fun. I mean, you'll get to talk to people!" And with no intention of actually starting a relationship…Rukia thought, her eyes suddenly widening.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, I guess it won't be that bad," Rukia stated nonchalantly. "Where do we start?"

After all, what could come out of it? It's not like she was going to fall head over heels in love with some guy—who was probably a pervert—over the internet. She liked to believe was the most cautious person in the world…and she wasn't too far from the truth.

Nothing would happen.

"Kurosaki!" Ishida yelled from his bedroom. Currently, Ichigo was the one cooking dinner because he was asked to. Why the hell did he do what he was asked? For one reason: because it was better than hearing Ishida ramble on out physics, or chemistry, or the stupid website he found over the college's site.

So, Ichigo had excused himself and told Ishida and Renji—though he just went back to sleep—that he was going to get something to eat. It was so weird being in that room.

"What?!" he yelled back.

"When's your birthday?"

"July fifteenth!"

What was really annoying was that Ishida had been quizzing him for the past ten minutes. What his middle name was, what he wanted in a girl, what his email was, and now his birthday. It was strange…he didn't understand why Ishida would need to know these things.


A website…

Ichigo suddenly dropped the spoon in which he was scooping the macaroni and cheese into a bowl, set the bowl—well, slammed—on the counter and rushed to the back room.

He threw the door open and saw what he suspected. Ishida was signing him up for some website. "Ishida what the hell?!" Ichigo yelled over to the man in question.

At the top of the screen the URL said, "LovedotCOM"

"What the hell are you signing up for?!"

"It's a dating website," Ishida explained rather calmly for the guy being yelled at. "I signed up for it because Renji made me a few weeks ago…and I met this girl. She's so interesting, Kurosaki. And I just thought since you seem to not have a life, at least you should meet someone you don't have to end up hanging out with."

If looks could kill, Ishida would have been dead at the word, "Dating Website."

"Well, you thought wrong!" Ichigo yelled so loud that even Renji, the sleeper who could sleep through anything, stirred from the noise. "I don't want a relationship! I have to study!"

"Come on, Kurosaki, don't you wanna know what it's about?" Ishida teased, smirking slightly. "I know Renji was man enough to do it, why not you?"

Ichigo was so furious at this point, he just wanted to get out of the apartment. "Fine! Do whatever the hell you want, Ishida! I'm going home!"

He grabbed his jacket from Ishida's bed and ran out of that apartment as fast as he could. He needed a drink…too bad it was Saturday…the bar would be packed.

He sighed as his adrenaline ran out. He was suddenly tired and just wanted to get the hell home. And when he did, he crashed—not bothering to pick up the textbooks he needed to be studying.

Rukia was driving home. She had just signed up for some stupid website she didn't even like. But it wasn't like she was going to say no to Orihime. That would be stupid and insensitive. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Orihime's feelings.

The website rules were like she expected. Don't get too personal. Don't give out your real name. And if you were raped by some old bastard, they weren't responsible—well, they hadn't worded it exactly like that but, it was close enough.

Rukia had to think up a penname. She decided to combine her favorite TV show as a kid with her birthday making it, "Chappi14."

She didn't even want the thing. But, she did it anyway. It wasn't like she was going to go home and check it every day, let alone talk to anyone. She was just there for Orihime's sake.

For some reason, Rukia had a horrible feeling about this website. And, surprisingly, pedophiles and stalkers were the furthest thing from her mind.

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