i was watching a bollywood movie a few days ago and thought that it would be a cool Twilight fanfiction. so i based this story on that. sorry that I'm posting this story twice. there were a few changes i needed to make. Since this is the first chapter and you can't get rid of it without deleting the story, i had to delete the first one.

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Tanya sat on the hospital bed and watched the baby in her arms. The little girl stared with wide eyes at her mother as a tear fell from Tanya's face. She memorized every single pale feature of the baby's face. Her lips were full and her hair was a strange shade of bronze. Her green eyes contrasted brilliantly with her skin. She looks just like her father, Tanya thought.

The little girl yawned and closed her eyes. Tanya chuckled. She couldn't believe that she had just given birth to this girl and now she would have to leave her. As long as Edward raised their daughter with the utmost affection, she would be satisfied. It was the only thing he could do for her now.

Tanya and Edward had been married for two years. They were overjoyed when they found out that Tanya was bearing a child but things went downhill with the happy couple when the doctors notified them that her pregnancy had a lot of complications. Tanya reveled at the memory.

"Either the mother lives or she dies, Edward. You can't have both," Dr. Gerandy had told him.

Tanya had been in a different room in the house but she could hear every word that was being said.

Edward's answer was quick. "I want my wife to live."

But Tanya had different plans. She was the one that had torn Edward and Bella apart. It would be only fair if she walked away from the man who had never belonged to her in the first place. She knew that she would still live on in the little girl who she had already named so there was no reason for Edward to get upset.

She handed her to Esme and took up the paper and pen that Esme had brought her. She began writing nine letters, letters that would explain every thing to the one person who needed to know about Edward's past and what Tanya was like. Once she was finished, she sealed the letters in to envelopes and handed them to Esme.

"Please give each letter to our daughter on each of her birthdays. I want her to know about her mother. If I can't play the role of a mother in her life, then I want to play a small part at least," Tanya told her.

Esme just nodded while tears flowed from her eyes. At that moment, the door opened and a tired looking Edward strolled in. He looked at Tanya and gave her a halfhearted smile. He was quite mad at her for going against what he wanted. He would rather have his wife alive than a daughter who would never be like her mother, he told himself. Tanya was sure that Edward didn't know what he wanted but he promised her that he would cherish their daughter. He had once told her that a daughter would make him the happiest man in the world. Edward might've tried to forget the moment he uttered those words but how could Tanya ignore that?

She felt that she would be letting him down if she didn't make him feel happy.

He sat next to her on the edge of the bed and held her hand. They didn't talk, but just stared at each other, thinking about their college days as friends. Tanya, Edward and Bella would be friends forever.

After a few minutes of silence, he asked, "What do you want to name our daughter?"

Tanya said her last word. "Isabella."