hello everyone. it's been a long time hasn't it?

well, i wanted to collectively thank all of you for your fantastic reviews and appreciation for this story. even after two years it's great to know that people are still reading it.

"there's a feeling" has been nominated in three categories at The Glove Awards (http:/ www . thegloveawards . webs . com)- best story award, best Edward + Bella award and the most tears award. thanks a lot, you guys, for nominating the story. voting begins on august 5th.

i know that i have other stories that i've started and haven't been updated for over a year. i apologize to those who wanted them updated but i really don't have the time anymore. i might post another story up (i don't know when) but i think i'm going to write the whole thing first before posting it. that is, of course, if you guys want another one.

let me know.