Jim noticed the envelope when came back to his desk

Jim noticed the envelope when came back to his desk. He looked over at Pam who was holding a paper smack in front of her face, obviously hiding. He smiled as he sat down and opened it. Leaning back in his chair, he read her letter.

A Love Letter to Jim,

Hi handsome. I've done a grand total of zero things today, thanks to you (no really, thanks).

The most perfect weekend of my life was only over something like twelve hours ago and the cause of it is only a mere five feet away. If you keep staring at me we're going to have to leave early. We might claim mutual food poisoning since we ate lunch together.

Thank you for this weekend. I've never laughed so much or felt so much in my entire life. You were more perfect than I'd even dreamed…and I can dream pretty good. I feel like I want to tell the world about how wonderful you are, but then I don't, 'cause then every girl would want a Jim for her very own.

And I'm not sharing.

Come to my place for dinner tonight. I started missing the taste and the feel of you the moment you dropped me off last night. Bring a change of clothes for work tomorrow and coffee if you need it (only have tea, sorry). You're going to be tired tomorrow morning;-)

I miss you. I'm lonely for you, you being aaall the way over there where I can't touch you and whisper naughty things in your ear.

I love you, Jim.

- Pam

Jim scooted his desk chair further under his desk to hide his lap. He looked over at her, like he'd done all day. She lowered the paper and winked.

He smiled and stood up, quickly schooling his face to one of worry as he put a hand to his stomach. "Michael!" He said, hearing Pam's soft snicker as he turned and went into Michael's office.