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Just to Make Things Right, Chapter 12

By Starlite1

"You know, I could really get used to this…" Ianto murmured as he thoughtfully swirled his drink around the glass.

Tosh gazed at him levelly, "What? Acting as the wedding fairy?"

"There's nothing wrong with it, Tosh. And you have to admit, it's been kind of fun."

Owen nodded, "In the same way that pulling teeth is?"

"In the way that you feel a hell of a lot better afterwards, yes."

"You'd look good in wings…" Ianto pointed out,

"And you'd look smashing in a tiara." Owen retorted.

"So what do we do for the next two weeks?" Tosh interrupted.

"Try and stay out of trouble, that's my advice." Jack drawled, coming up behind him, Gwen tucked firmly under his arm.

Owen snorted, "Yeah, like that's gonna happen."

"At least we'll have a better shot at it with you two out of the country." Ianto commented lightly, "Or at least off the planet."

"We're not that bad!" Gwen moaned, "Are we?"

The group couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"And when you get back?" Tosh asked.

Gwen shrugged, "That's one thing we'll be using our time off to work out."

"And we'll do it. But if we're going to get a house, can we please not have carpets?"

The Doctor came over from where he'd been dancing with Donna, "Oh, come on, Jack! If you're going to go domestic, you might as well go the full nine yards."

"I'll tell Rose you said that!" He threatened.

"Yep" He shot back, popping the 'p' with a cheeky grin, "I wouldn't expect anything less. However, I'm sure I can convince my frankly wonderful ship to come up with a bit of white panelling somewhere near the front door. And as for the carpets…"

Jack put his hands up in surrender, "You've got me, Doc, no need to keep rubbing it in!"

Gwen was nearly doubled up with laughter beside him, "You two…"

"We exist only for the entertainment value." The Doctor explained, "And, come on! You've got to admit we make one hell of a comedy duo."

Owen rolled his eyes, lustfully eyeing the glass Ianto had just discarded on the table, "Yeah, right bag of laughs you two are. Seriously, you'd make a fortune on the West end."

Tosh nearly went to slap him, stopping herself halfway through the swing, "I miss the days when I could slap you and the damages wouldn't be permanent."

"You know you still love me anyways." Owen retorted, his grin growing as she rolled her eyes.

"And that's what worries me." Tosh muttered.

"So what'll you be doing in…Wherever it is you're going?" Donna asked, flopping down beside the Doctor, even as she stole his drink.

"Oi!" He complained, watching in horror as his banana daiquiri disappeared down his companion's throat, eyes widening in horror as she shuddered.

"Never much been a fan of bananas." She muttered.

Jack winced, "Don't say that around the Doctor…"

"Why the hell not?" She retorted.

He chuckled, taking a seat and pulling Gwen down into his lap, "First time I met him, He switches my pistol for a banana, then when we're about to be killed by gas-masked zombies, with only a banana and his ruddy screwdriver to save us, he ends up defending the blasted things!"

The Doctor shrugged, "What can I say, bananas are a good source of potassium."

"And he says that as we're running away from said gas masked zombies." Jack retorted.

Gwen sighed contentedly, leaning back on her new husband's shoulder, "Sounds like fun."

Jack shot her a devilish grin, "I'm gonna show you just how much fun, m'dear." He turned to Donna, "And just to answer your question that got buried beneath a pile of bananas, I believe that Lominda in the Horsehead Nebula are also on the agenda."

"Impressive." Donna commented, "And I was just going to the Med for mine… That was before my fiancé tried to kill me…"

"Don't ask." The Doctor said lightly.

"And on that note," Gwen interrupted, "For the next two weeks, if you need us, call the Doctor. If he thinks it's important enough to ruin the only break we're likely to get for the next god-knows-how-many-years, then he'll feed you onto us. Or else solve it himself."

Jack added, "I don't think either of us can really tell you how grateful we are for this, but to be honest; we hope we don't see you for at least the next month. Our time that is."

"Jack, you still got your key?" The Doctor asked.

The Captain nodded, "Of course. Meet you there?"

The Doctor nodded, watching as the new pair stood up and headed towards the door.

Owen sighed, "And there they go."

"And the party's still in good swing." Tosh noted.

Donna nodded in agreement, "Try not to land a hundred years out when you come back from dropping the dovey-eyed duo off, would you? I'm gonna hang 'round a bit longer…Those daiquiris are kind of addictive…"

The Doctor rolled his eyes, "By day, saviour of the universe, by night, glorified taxi driver." And with that, placed his empty glass back on the table before reluctantly following the happy couple who were in the midst of a snog session in the entry hall.

"The things we do for love." She noted, before grabbing an unsuspecting Daff and dragging him off to the dance floor.

"I think congratulations are due all round." Owen noted, "And I don't care if I have to do a fire hydrant impersonation again, I'm toasting. To our crazy duo."

Tosh nodded in agreement, "To crazy plans."

"To the crazy clean up when the party's over!" Ianto concluded, drawing a giggle from Tosh.

"You just had to say it, didn't you?" Owen grumbled even as he downed the glass of champagne.

Tosh grimaced, "Ah well, now the mood's been tossed into the bay…"

Ianto shrugged, standing, "I'm not saying we have to stop enjoying ourselves, but the least we can do is get the stuff we can in the SUV to take back to the hub."

"Worst idea I've heard all night." Owen grumbled, nevertheless getting up and following the tea boy, "Say, if they have kids, what'll they be called?"

"I've heard that Naomi's a good name…" Tosh supplied, trotting over to walk beside him.

"I was thinking more like the matchettes… You know, coz…Torchwood… torches…"

"You should've stopped that sentence before it began." Ianto dryly noted.

"Or maybe Poppies…Coz Torchwood's incense, and opium…" Tosh eagerly chipped in.

"Or even better," Ianto stated, spinning around to face the two, "how about weevil vending machines?"

"Come off it!" Owen grumbled, "What did we say about you naming things? I didn't need that image in my head…Kinda makes me sorry for Janet…"

"Anyway, we've got all the time in the world to think about it." Tosh interjected, knowing that the boys were itching to keep going, "Now this is supposed to be the time of our lives, so why don't we ditch the gifts, and then keep partying?"

Owen shrugged, "After what we've just pulled off, I think we deserve it."

Ianto smiled, eyeing up one of Gwen's cousins over by the bar, "I think you're right, Owen."

As he jogged ahead, Tosh turned to Owen, "Did we do all right?"

He nodded, "For once, I'd say; yeah we have…"

"Come on, they'll be gone two weeks our time, and that means we've got a world to save."

"One party clean-up at a time." Owen agreed.

And as their gales of laughter flew up through the rafters of the hallway, in a little blue box somewhere near Betelgeuse, another piece of the puzzle clicked, and the universe sighed in relief.


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