Sonnet: To Eva

All right, let's say you could take a skull and break it
The way you'd crack a clock; you'd crush the bone
Between steel palms of inclination, take it,
Observing the wreck of metal and rare stone.

This was a woman : her loves and stratagems
Betrayed in mute geometry of broken
Cogs and disks, inane mechanic whims,
And idle coils of jargon yet unspoken.

Not man nor demigod could put together
The scraps of rusted reverie, the wheels
Of notched tin platitudes concerning weather,
Perfume, politics, and fixed ideals.

The idiot bird leaps up and drunken leans
To chirp the hour in lunatic thirteens.

"I wish the goblins would come and take you away right now!"

A snap and a pop, the room was suddenly quiet. The lights had gone out, and the cries of the child silenced. She ventured back into the room, tip-toes, and spoke aloud, apparently to no one.

"Hello? Sarah? Are you okay?" The girl's frightened voice echoed across the room, and she jumped at the movement in the corner of her eye. She quivered with fear as she came to see the child was no longer in her bed. Suddenly lightening thrashed, wind railing against the trees, howling through the branches which tapped against the window hastily. She found herself darting this way and that, and fell to her knees, weeping.

The Goblin Queen watched, wincing as the girl invoked the child's name.

"Sarah! Please! I didn't mean it!" Her voice wailed, unable to compete with the wind. Suddenly, she found herself at the hems of the Queen's robe, and looked up, teary-eyed. She gasped, awed by the solemn beauty of the Queen who stood before her. "You are the Goblin Queen."

"Yes." Her voice was a whisper but echoed throughout the room. " I am."

"Please bring Sarah back! Please!" The girl invoked her, begging.

The Goblin Queen breathed out, her eyes closed. "What is said is said..."

"I would do anything!" She cried, "Where is she?"

"She is safe... in the Labyrinth." It was all like a very bad dream, but now she no longer played the protagonist...

"Please bring her back, please!"

The Goblin Queen touched the crown of the girls head, and placed her hand beneath girl's chin, encouraging her to stand. "Beyond the garden there is a castle – you have thirteen hours in which to solve the Labyrinth before the child is lost to this place."

The girl, with tear-stained eyes, gazed in awe at the magnificent vision before her. The Labyrinth gate, made from wood, cut with silver and furnished with living vines, opened unto a vast garden. Within this garden, the girl would face many things. She would likely walk among the tall grasses, decorated trees, strange but beautiful plants and every type of flower one could imagine, with colors beyond the pigments so commonly found in a rainbow. Waterfalls, ravines, cliffs and jungles housed only half-imagined creatures and remnants of nightmares. And behind this facade, the girl might find the part of the Labyrinth that never healed from its neglect. Though small, it would be an infinite wasteland, housing a collection of lost dreams and desires.

The Queen imagined that the girl, like so many others, would be overcome with grief. In the wasteland, she would feel the emptiness and tragic loss that every runner before her had felt, along with the vaccuum created when the cycle did not complete itself. That is were most people felt lost – there was no way out because there was nothing. There was no reason, no hope. The oubliette was a petty torture compared to the wasteland. In an oubliette, there is darkness. The wasteland shows you that there is nothing good and nothing bad waiting. There are no shadows, and there is no mystery. There is only the emptiness that you see around you. It creeps into your very being, all-consuming, until there is nothing left to die for or live for.

This is the dead end that must be overcome for the Labyrinth to be solved, in this Queen's kingdom. There is no obstacle, no creature, no inner grief that could cause as much fear as the nothingness in the wasteland.

The Queen watched the girl walk forward, through the beautiful gate, and disappear, her hair falling past pretty shoulders, wide eyes, set and determined, so much like the Queen's long-remembered past. The Queen herself continued to stare ahead, and watched the sky, as an owl flew toward her in full sunlight. She watched his silhouette, against the sun, like some deity condemned to live among man, and lifted her hand skyward. In moments, and with silent wings, the bird landed, a comforting weight on her glove. She pet his head, scratching the skin beneath the feathers, and kissed his beak. The owl cooed, its mismatched eyes content.

"Jareth... I want this girl to find her sister."

The bird watched her, and blinked. It understood.

"The child's name is Sarah..." The Queen looked on solemnly. "I take that as a sign that my reign is over. And that we can finally be free."

The owl nipped its beak on her finger.

"No one has made it past the wasteland, I know. But she must make it. Please help her, Jareth. There is hope yet."

The bird fluttered its wings and disappeared without a sound.

The Queen made her way to the gate, touching it with tenderness, and kissed the door gently, caressing the materials that made up the gardens. Her creation is sick, and now she has found the key to completing that which she had never finished, that which was neither alive nor dead. The Labyrinth suffered stagnation – a stagnation with permeated her life, her dreams and her womb.

"Goodbye, my love." She kissed the stones gratefully, eyes shining with unshed tears. "We shall meet soon, where we have been waiting for eternity."

A sad farewell to one of the first fanfictions I have ever truly finished. I hope this ending isnt too confusing (or far too obvious) but due to Sylvia Plath's own work, I was unable to bring myself to write a fluffy, happy ending. There is hope here, but it isnt happy-go-lucky hoorah. After all, magic just doesnt work for nothing. (Nothing does!)

A huge thank you to all of my reviewers. I really love you guys, and would probably not do this if it werent for you. So again, thank you!

If anyone has an interest, or cares to know, I plan on writing an Avatar (James Cameron) fanfiction sometime in the next few months (starting one anyways), but likely I will one day return to this fandom, and write something else!

Thanks for reading! Yours truly, Lost2darkness