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1. New Comers

RPOV (Rebecca)

Ian and I walked side by side onto the campus of Kadic Academy in Paris, France. We have been to more schools than they could count due to the fact that we have been alive for a more than a few centuries. Try about two thousand years to be exact.

All the other students at Kadic were just getting out from lunch. Everyone talking and hanging out, not even noticing as two complete strangers tried to find their way to the principal's office to get their classes. Man, people could be oblivious sometimes. We both wore jeans and t-shirts, to blend in. If Ian wore a kilt, everyone would most likely stare.

"So…where to now?" I muttered. My shoulder bag started to slip, but I readjusted it before it could fall.

"I have no idea," Ian replied.

A black haired girl bounced up to the lost couple. "Hi. I'm Sissi Delmas. My dad's the principal and he said that I was supposed to bring you two to the principals office."

"Umm…okay," I said and we followed Sissi down a hallway to a door. I didn't like Sissi. She was too…perky; I guess would be the right word.

"I still don't know your names'," Sissi started.

"Rebecca Draganesti," I said.

"Ian MacPhie," Ian replied.

Sissi looked back and forth between us. "Are you guys like a couple?"

We looked at each other. "Yeah. I guess ye say that," Ian said staring deeply into my green eyes.

I loved the way that Ian's eyes would get darker when he was angry and lighter when he was happy. No matter what the shade, they were always sexy.

The door behind them opened and a blond head poked out. "Please come in," she said.

We walked through a little waiting room into the principals office.

J-PPOV (Jean-Pierre)

I sat at my desk sorting though countless papers. My secretary, Yvette, poked her blond head in.

"The two new students are here, sir," she said.

"Send them in." I grabbed the new students' schedules and set them in the center of my desk.

The boy walked in followed by the girl. They stood in the center of the room, side by side; looking at me.

"Hello and welcome to Kadic Academy." I stood and walked around my desk. "I'm Jean-Pierre Delmas, the principal."

"I'm Ian MacPhie." Ian shook hands with me.

Very confident grip.

The girl smiled an enchanting smile. "And I'm Rebecca Draganesti." We shook hands. Her grip was confident, too. "I'm very sorry our parents couldn't be here, but they were tired up." She spoke so confidently. Everything about both of them was radiating of confidence. Not at all like thirteen-year-olds.

"Rebecca," Ian said in a warning tone.

She shrugged. "I wasn't going to do anything. You know that."

"Still," he muttered.

Rebecca just shrugged again.

I didn't know what they were talking about and decided not to try and figure it out.

"Here are your schedules." I handed each of them a slip of paper. "Ian, you will be rooming with Jeremie Belpois in room 213, and Rebecca, you will be rooming with Aelita Stones in room 122."


Rooming? We hadn't planned on rooming with other people. We just thought we would have our own rooms.

We were standing at the base of the stairs that lead up to the boys' dorm.

"I guess this is where we part," Ian said.

"I guess it is," I replied.

"See ye at dinner?" Ian asked.

"I don't know," I said uncertainly.

"Ye need the food."

"You're not my mom."

"But I am your bodyguard. I'm supposed to keep you safe and alive."

"Well, la dee da. Is that all you think about?" I snapped.

"No. I also think about ye as my wife and if anything happened to ye I wouldn't be able to survive.

I blushed.

"I think about ye as my hot…" He kissed my forehead. "sexy…" He kissed the tip of my nose. "wife." He kissed my lips and I kissed right back. We broke apart and few seconds later.

"So, dinner?" Ian asked.

"Only if you promise to kiss me like that again later tonight."

"I promise."

"Then see you at dinner."

Ian kissed my forehead and walked upstairs.

I turned around and looked at the sheet of paper. Room 122. I walked down the hallway looking at the room numbers as they counted up.

I knocked on the door and waited until it opened.

"Uh…hi," a girl with pink hair said.

"Hi. I'm Rebecca Draganesti. I think I'm your new roommate. Are you Aelita?"

"Oh. Yes, come in." Aelita held the door open and I walked inside the tiny room that was covered head to toe in pink. "Did you get a key?" Aelita asked.

"Yes, but I didn't want to just walk in and scare you." I set her bag down on the empty bed.

Aelita's phone beeped. "Damn. I'm sorry. I have to go." She ran from the room.

She's probably late for a date or something, I thought.

IPOV (Ian)

I climbed the stairs and reached room 213 and knocked twice.

No answer.

I used my key and opened the door. Nobody was there.

"Oh well. I guess I'll have to meet him later."

I looked around the room at the massive computer and the Einstein poster above the occupied bed.

I sat down on the empty bed and took out a bottle of synthetic blood. Taking advantage of the alone time. I popped the top and the bottle was halfway empty when there was a white flash and I was standing in front of the stairs next to Rebecca again.

"What the fuck was that?"

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