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If you've played Threads of Fate before, then you'd notice that the story type seems the same. But this is different I tell you!!!!!! New characters, different locations and events etc. Ok.... maybe it's still the "Bring her back from the dead" bit, but Rue takes it in a different way. This is my first fic, so please be gentle ^_^

By the way, this is PG-13 cause of some violence and gore. If you're underage, you'd better leave before you mom come's a nockin'

Blood.............. It was everywhere. On the soldiers. On Mint. On the walls. To the left and right of her soldiers from the East Heaven Royal Guards fell as they fought back Valen's puppet minions, who relentlessly attacked horde after horde. On the other side of the Ephlesia ruins, Rue and some other soldiers also fought back the puppets. It was only days before that they arrived in the Ephlesia ruins, looking for another [relic]. What they thought was an easy trip in the park, cause there wasn't even a guardian inside, turned out to be one hell of a nightmare. Responding to the crystal on Rue's forehead, the puppets of Valen, asleep for thousands of years, awoke from their slumber. Now they faced practically Impossibe odds.

"Dammit, when will this end?? I hope Maya finishes that spell soon!" Rue said with a distraught face.

5 more soldiers were slain on Mint's side. Now she stands alone facing almost certain doom.

"Crap, hurry up Maya!" Mint uttered.

It was then that Maya's voice came from the outside.

"The spell's done!!!! Hurry and get out!!!" She screamed

With no intentions of ever looking back, Rue, Mint and the remaining soldiers dashed for the ladder to the exit.

"Move it move it Rue!!!!!!!!! Hurry up!!!" Mint shouted

"I Know I know!!!"

Just as they reached the exit, a huge group of those demented things appeared behind them. The soldiers started climbing up first, then Mint and Rue. Seeing the puppets, Mint knew what she had to do.

"Damn. Rue, get up now! I'll try and hold them back!" She said as she jumped down and began fighting.

"Are you crazy?!?!?! I can't leave you here!!" He shouted.

"And i can't have you dead you idiot!"

Rue suddenly felt a newfound fear within him. He wasn't anymore afraid for his own life, but for Mint's.

Mint began shooting out Valiant, dropping many of them. Then she too dropped from exhaustion. Yet more and more the puppets kept on coming.

"Dammit, hang on." Rue said as he tried to climb down and grab Mint.

It was all for naught....... as a giant blade flew through the air and cut the rope ladder underneath Rue, putting a seemingly infinite 8 foot distance between him and the Princess. It was then that Mint got up and, weak and seeing the bind she was in, began too use her powerful legs to good use.

"A little higher Mint!! Don't give up!!"

"R, Rue!! I can't!! You get out before this place blows!!"

"Nooooo!!! I won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It was Mint's next attempt that their hands would almost catch and clasp together. The clasp that would mean her life, and his joy. And yet........... fate makes such cruel jokes that play with lives........ lives of loved ones, of friends, and of whole wotlds. And at this moment for naught.

A light..... a dazzling beam of light came from the innermost sanctums of the slowly collapsing ruins. The beam headed for the exit, for Mint....... through Mint. And as the limping body of the Princess slowly began to fall back to Mother Earth, which would be her final resting place, countless thoughts flashed through Rue's mind.

******** In Rue's Mind ********

It was in Carona.... the place where they first met, the place where she would change his life forever.

It was this same princess who demanded he hand over the diary he found.

The princess who, albeit selfishly, helped him get into the UnderGround ruins.

The princess who went fearlessly into Gamul forest to retreive the earrings they needed.

The princess who constantly supported him when he faced the mighty dragon on Raging Mountain.

The princess who didn't care if he was human or not and stuck with him through thick and thin.

The princess who reminded him not to give up if he wanted to save Claire in Valen's fort.

The princess who saved his and Claire's when the fort began to collapse.

The very same princess...................... who loved him, though he never knew and...... probably never will.

******** Rue's inner voice ********

Mint...... she's a pain in the ass. But, why do I feel so uneasy around her? I never felt like this around Claire. Claire........ no she's like a sister to me, but....... Iv'e only known Mint for a short time, and yet........
No!!!! It cant be that!!!! How can it be??? We're completely opposite!! She's hyper, selfish, arrogant, sly as a fox and somewhat devious. I'm calm, reserved, humble, and honest. Yet...... her spirit, determination, charm, passion and....... looks........... kinda......... attract me...... It sounds silly but.........
Am I in........?

******** Reality ********



to be continued...

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