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Ryoma went to school early. It was an anomaly in itself. But, he didn't care because today he had a mission. Today he was going to get revenge. On whom you ask? Well none other that Fuji Syusuke. Why? Well…

"Because that bastard told everybody about my birthday and junked up Valentine's Day!!!!!"

Everyone turned to look at the bishie yelling in the hallway. Ryoma pulled his cap down. 'Note to self- don't do that again…' He continued down the hall until he reached class 3-6, Fuji's classroom. Ryoma put his first plan of revenge on the sadist's desk, a can of laced ponta.

Ryoma snuck around the corner as his prey entered the classroom. Unfortunately instead of drinking the ponta, he put in his backpack.

'Damn well on to plan 2'


Ryoma switched Fuji's lunch with one he made. One filled with very, very sweet things. 'If he likes spicy things like wasabi, so he must not sweet things!' To Ryoma's surprise Fuji ate it all and looked pleased.

'Crap plan 3!'


Ryoma snuck into the club house early and used his flamboyantly pink grip tape on Fuji's racket. He snickered and hid, waiting to see Fuji's reaction. Ryoma was shocked when he grinned at the racket and walked out of the club house.

'Just you watch I'll get you!!'


Ryoma ground his teeth. He had tried everything!

He never hit the rigged balls. (Eiji-senpai did, but hey he gave Ryoma junk too, so it was okay)

He didn't get caught in the tree trap. (Poor Momo never saw it coming…)

He didn't drink the tampered Penal Tea. (Buchou did and actually showed emotion!)

He didn't use the stinky towel. (Kaidoh-senpai really stunk after using it…)

He didn't eat the exploding creampuff. (And Momo gets caught yet again.)

He didn't use the broken shower. (Wow Taka-senpai didn't ever do anything…)

He dodged the springy snakes that sprang from his locker. (Which hit Buchou. Boy, did he twitch!)

He even knew about the tacks Ryoma put in his shoes! Nothing seemed to work! Finally Ryoma was fed up and went to confront Fuji. Only to be pinned to a wall. 'Holy crap!'

Ryoma looked up into Fuji's sapphire eyes, "Ano Fuji-senpai…can you, you know, let me go."

Fuji just smiled, "Demo you spent all day to day showering me with attention. The least I can do is repay you for spending so much time for little old me…"

Ryoma's eye's widened, "Wha? No! I-I didn't mean it like that at al-"

"Come on Ryo-chan you made me lunch. It's okay if you're just shy…" Fuji's smile turned into a smirk, "We'll just have to fix that now won't we."

The poor tennis prince used his twelfth and final plan. He kissed him. With the momentary shock of Ryoma's lips on his own, Fuji loosened his grip on Ryoma. Needless to day Ryoma got out of there, fast.

Ryoma sighed once he got back home. He finally shocked the tensai which was good enough revenge for him, but he couldn't help but feel like somehow he'd actuall done something nice for his sadistic senpai.

'Oh well, I got up too early this morning, I need sleep.'


Later that evening Fuji made a call, "He kissed me before you. Take that Yukimura!" All in all the day had gone well. Nobody found out about his birthday. (The Ryoma Incident warned Fuji to never release his birthday to the public.) But, even so he got the only thing he really wanted. For Ryoma to focus on him and only on him. Plus the kiss wasn't half bad!

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