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Now, to pop the beginning of the year here already, I bring you my first fic work for 2008; Rainy Season, a KiGo fic that I dedicate to my dearest beloved Rugsrat. I got to admit I'm a bit rusty, but I'll be working twice as hard for this work; one since it's my first shot at Kim Possible and I don't want to ruin it; and two, because I want it to be long run; lots of chapters, it's about time I do something long...

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It just started raining… Again.

I hate the rainy season; it ruins any possible activity to be done during it; except for a nice snuggle-a-ton with your beloved one or a cup of cocoa with the one you love. But that's off the point, so forget about it.

I'm standing under the small roof outside of the school building, sighing softly as the rain keeps pouring before me; I swear it's teasing me, after fooling us all making believe it was done, on the day I leave my umbrella at home, it comes by with extra strength.

Grumbling under my breath, I lean on the wall behind me; there's no way I'm getting myself wet so might as well complain while I wait. Crossing my arms in front of my chest, I close my eyes in slight annoyance, tapping my foot on the floor slightly…

Could you just stop already?!? She thought at the surely non-hearing skies.

She just wanted to get back to her dorm. Watching the rain fall all afternoon long was NOT her ideal time wasting activity. Sighing in resignation, she opened her eyes again and looked at the rainy scenario before her as she started to consider running back to her dorm.

Just then, the movement of the opening door next to her caught her sight; from the inside, a redhead came out. She carried half of the library in her arms, not to mention the surely full backpack behind her. As soon as she noticed the umbrella the girl hardly managed to hold, she knew a potentially ugly rainy day disaster was about to happen.

And so it did, as the redhead tried to balance the books while opening the umbrella, the thick books wobbled and fell straight to the ground…

Fortunately, she had intervened just in time, grabbing the falling books for the girl.

"Thanks..." The redhead told her as she handed her the books back, she hadn't noticed the other girl there as she had come out, but she was glad she had been there to save those books from the wet floor.

"No problem, be more careful next time." the other girl answered with a still voice as she turned back towards the front and looked out into the rain, letting the redhead to mind her own business again.

This time, the redhead managed to open the umbrella without letting the books fall and giving a few steps out into the rain under the big umbrella, she stopped and turned around again after a moment.

"Would you like a lift?" the redhead offered, meaning her umbrella; it was the best she could do for the girl for saving her to pay a surely huge fine for those books.

The black haired girl accepted with a slight shrug; anything to get out of that never ending rain. She stood under the umbrella next to the redhead, whom smiled at her as they started walking down the soaked road.

"You want help with that?" the black haired girl offered as she noticed how the other one struggled slightly to keep balance between the books and the umbrella while they walked. She took the books off her hands, so she would only mind about keeping the umbrella steady atop their heads.

"Thanks again." the redhead said, she was being a real klutz that day...

The other girl sharing the umbrella shrugged again, meaning it wasn't that much of a big deal for her. Looking at the books swiftly, she noticed they were all on law wise subjects.

"My building is just ahead." The raven haired girl announced after a while walking.

As she got dry and safe to her building, the redhead smiled at her slightly as a goodbye after she turned to look at her again this time under the dorm building's roof; making sure the books weren't going to fall this time, the redhead started to keep her way again.

"I think I didn't hear your name to thank you." The black haired girl's voice sounded behind her above the sound of the falling rain before she gave any steps away.

"I'm Kim; Kimberly, but everyone calls me Kim." The redhead answered with a smile as she turned around again.

"Well, thanks for the ride Kim." the pale girl said with a soft smirk.

"No problem… Ummm…" Kim staggered for a moment.

"Shego." The other girl rectified her.

Flashing another smile, Kim nodded and finally kept her way after a moment. Shego stood there for a while until Kim was a bit farther and then went inside, directly to her room.