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Kim rushed out her dorm and out into campus as she checked on some papers in the last minutes; she was late and her work was a mess, but at least it was done. After finishing it, she had fallen asleep on the spot and got the sleep she hardly had time to enjoy.

She was still late though and if she didn't get to her class before the bell, her work would go to waste… But at least it stopped raining overnight…

The rain…

The redhead hit her forehead against her desk slightly; she'd forgotten her umbrella in her room.

It was too late to even think about that now as the bell rang and her day started.

At least she managed to stay awake during all her classes and three and a half hours later, her lunch break finally arrived…

Unfortunately, she was the one stuck under the rain this time.

"Great…" Kim said under her breath as she sighed softly, she was sure by the time the rain was over; her next class would be starting already.

The sound of the rain falling against an umbrella interrupted Kim's scolding to herself and as she looked next to her, she saw the black haired girl from the day before; Shego.

"Well, look who's the damsel in peril today…" Shego commented with a still tone as she noticed the redhead on her way out.

Kim laughed sheepishly at the remark; for what it seemed, campus wasn't all that big as everyone said if two complete strangers met twice in a row without intentions to.

"At least today you aren't as cluttered." The tall girl added with a small smile as she noticed all Kim carried today was a middle sized messenger bag.

Looking up at the sky for a moment she invited the redhead to come along. "I owe you the favor, so why don't we go grab some lunch together?" she offered.

The redhead nodded with a thankful smile as she placed herself under the umbrella as well. As they walked, Kim looked around the rainy scenario; she personally loved rain and watching it fall was the most relaxing thing for her.

Looking to the girl that walked next to her, it was obvious Shego didn't like those days' rainy weather on the contrary to her as she noticed the scarf and sweater the girl was wearing, her milky pale skin emphasized by the green tones on her clothes, completely different from herself who was wearing a casual jacket, t-shirt and baggy pants as usual.

By the time they reached the dinner hall, the rain was starting to pipe down.

Shego shook the closed umbrella to get rid of as much water as possible, Kim stood near waiting for her to be done so they could go inside.

Once inside, they made the line and each got something; Kim chose a sandwich and a juice while Shego settled for just tea.

"You sure you are not hungry?" Kim asked her companion for like a third time after they had sat down.

"Yes, I'm fine; what's up with you worrying about my eating habits anyways?" Shego answered, her tone denoting she was starting to get annoyed at the repeated questioning.

Kim shrugged as she sat back on her chair. "Sorry for worrying about a friend." She said softly.

"Friends? You just met me yesterday, we hardly know about each other so far." The pale girl answered back, putting her cup down and not really meaning anything with the nickname.

"Still, I know you, so you are my friend." Kim said.

"Tsk, what a way to decide your friendships…" Shego added slightly.

"It's working well so far, I've got some great friendships." The redhead answered with a smile.

Shrugging slightly, the pale girl left it at that and took another sip of her tea.

"So, I'm pretty much bound to be your friend now, care to tell me more about you?" she asked after a moment.

"Uummm, well I'm in pre-law, first semester… Oh and my last name is Possible, I don't think I told you yesterday." Kim answered, as she leaned against the table again.

Shego almost spilled the mouthful of tea she had as she heard the name, but she managed to swallow on time. "Possible? As in the scientist and the surgeon?" she asked almost unbelievably.

"Uh, yes, they are my parents." The redhead rectified with a smile, sometimes she forgot how known they were.

"Very nice." Shego commented slightly, taking another sip of her tea.

"What about you?" she asked back, looking at her companion who left her empty cup aside and looked at her again from across the table.

"Third semester, history." the dark haired answered her new friend's curiosity.

"Oh? That's interesting." Kim answered with a nod.

They talked a little longer about life, simple subjects and kept it not too deep to avoid anything that might rub the other the wrong way since they still didn't know where to step and where not to cross with each other. Shego was the first one to check her wrist clock for the time, looking at the door behind them for a moment; it was still raining a bit out.

"I vote we get you back to your building for the next class." she proposed to which the redhead nodded, standing up with her companion.

Walking under Shego's umbrella again, they headed over to the building where Kim's next class was, getting there before the pouring rain started again though the clouds predicted they could start again anytime soon.

"Hopefully next time we see each other, each one has an umbrella." Kim said with a warm smile as they were saying their goodbyes.

"Definitely, I'll see you around Kim." Shego answered waving her good bye before she turned around to take her way.

Kim waved to her friend's back with a broad smile, a moment passing by before she actually headed inside to her next class. A sly smile had drawn itself in Shego's face as well after she'd turned away from the redhead.