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Brown Hair and Green Eyes

Chapter One – How Do You Know?

About ten miles away from any near by town there was a quaint little log cabin that sat nearly on top of an entire mountain. The hour was late and the moon was high. From the front of the cabin house no light could be seen other than the reflected stars on the glass windows, but once traveling through the surrounding thickness of the trees, a glimmer of a light could be seen peeping out from a hole in a closed curtain. Yet, even before reaching the hole to take a peek, it is easy to hear the growing laughter coming from inside.

Once inside the room, one has the feeling of having stepped back in time. There was no electricity because of the seclusion of the house and even the water had to be pumped, but it was clear that the little family living within were not different from any other loving group of people, even if they were not the "perfect" family.

Returning to the last lit room of the house, one is able to view a room painted light yellow over wood, a few framed photographs, as well as a collection of pop star posters hanging on the walls. To the immediate left of the door was a wall and near the far wall on the left side was a closet. To the right of the door was a dresser and mirror. Across the floor were three black suitcases stacked neatly on top of each other.

The laughter heard from the outside could be found coming from a queen sized bed in the center of the room. Under an old quilt and resting on big cream colored pillows lay two girls. On the left was a tall, fit, redhead with a huge smile on her face. Beside her was a shorter, quieter girl with dark curly brown hair, with even darker brown eyes. The brunette laughed modestly, but it was relevant that there was something deeply upsetting in those eyes.

"Really Christy, I'm having a hard time believing you've never heard of Zack Efron, "said the redhead.

"Oh Meg, you know I can't lie." She said quietly and light heartedly.

"Well, he's only the hottest teen alive. The town should be having a movie night soon. I'll see if I can get them to play High School Musical."

There was a slight pause and the redhead spoke up again. Taking her sisters' hand she spoke quietly, "I'm really glad you could come and stay here. I've missed you a lot. It's been years since the last time you came here. You were ten when Mom and Dad split up."

"I know."

Waiting to see if Christy wanted to continue, Meg when on for her.

"So much has changed since then. Mom changed her name back to Gary, you learned French in Canada… and Mom wouldn't let me see you…"

"And Dad wouldn't let me see you…"

Tears began to form in the both girls' eyes.

"I missed you Meg."

Meg reached to her shy sister and embraced her tightly.

"I've missed my little sissy, too. The bed is so much colder without you and too roomy!"

The girls laughed again.

"Let's make a pact, Christy," said Meg sitting up.

"Oh," she said smiling genuinely.

"Let's swear we'll never lose each other again. Deal?"

She held out her hand.

"Deal!" said Christy meeting her sister's hand and pulling her into a tight hug.

The following morning, the sun could be seen shinning brightly against a clear blue, summer, sky. Christine Day could also be seen sitting up next to a tree over looking a small valley below her mountain. It was spring and there were rich green leaves covering the entire known world. Christine was sure not to make the slightest movement as she listened to the wind whistle through the trees the same way she remembered it. Even if everyone had grown up, and more buildings had been built, this particular spot had not changed the slightest. There was still an old bolder, just large and high enough for her to climb herself, and that old bolder still sat naturally up against an old tall tree. Nothing had seemed to change, so long as she kept herself in that spot.

Closing her eyes she allowed her hair to flow freely around her head. It wasn't long before her mind was blowing around as well.

"Christy?" Meg said gently at the foot of the bolder, "Christy, are you alright?"

"I never want to leave here. This is my home, Meg."

"I know, Christy, but Mom and Dad won't stop fighting."

"I don't care about them Meg! All I care about is you and me now! We don't need them, Meg!"

The older sister shook her head, "Christy, I wish we could…"

"Meg, I heard Daddy talking. He said that he was going to take me with him to Canada, but he said that he was going to leave you here with Mom. Meg, I don't want to go to Canada!"

"Christy, that's not true, you're just hearing things – "

"No I'm serious Meg!"

Losing her full balance, Christine fell from her rock only to be stopped by Meg. Once realizing she was still alive, the little brunette began to sob on the redhead.

"Oh Meg, I don't want to leave you, never, never, never!"

"Thought I'd find you in your old spot!"

Christine was startled at hearing her sister's voice. She noticed that Meg's voice had become deeper, in a mature, womanly way, yet even after so much change, Meg had not seemed to have altered at all.

"Mom was looking for you. She said it was time for lunch."

"Oh, thank you Meg."

"Is PB&J still your favorite lunch dish? That used to be the only thing you ate!"

Looking down Christine laughed softly. In fact, her favorite dishes had taken a French course ever since going to Canada, but it was true that she had not had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in ages.

"I would love some!"

Jumping from the rock, Christine met up with her sister and as if children again, the two took each other's hand with a laugh and skipped back up to the house.

That afternoon, Meg offered to help Christy unpack. Holding up a large brownish purple colored sweater she said nastily, "Christy, you can't be serious."

Christine was on the far side of the room holding up a comb and some deodorant when she looked back to Meg.

"What's wrong? I wear that all the time." Walking over to Meg to survey the material she added, "is there a hole or something?"

"Christy, it's disgusting. I can't believe you actually wore that."

Sitting on the bed Christine said to herself, "I never really noticed."

Meg looked back at her sister and frowned.

"Hey, I didn't mean it like that. I mean, what do I know? Canada could have a different kind of fashion sense! It's not like we have to throw it away or anything."

Seeing that her sister was in distress Meg went to sit by Christine. A small hand came into Christine's vision as it took a light hold of one of her own.

"How about we unpack later? We can go down to the town like we used to and get candy at the general store. You need to meet everyone again. It'll be great. Just like old times."

Placing a half smile on her face Christine spoke softly to her sister, "would it be alright if I had a few minutes to think?"

Smiling faintly Meg replied, "sure, do you want me to come and get you in an hour?"

"No, that's alright."

With that, Christine walked out of the room and began her trip back to her spot.

Seven years; it had been seven, long, merciless years since Christine had last been to this place. Everything used to be so perfect for her and her sister Meg, but in one day, everything began to change for their entire family.

The sun was setting in the late March sky. Christine was dressed in a light jacket and wore a silly looking pink and purple hat as she skipped up the driveway holding hands with her twelve-year-old sister. Meg chatted never endingly about her new boyfriend at school and Christine smiled widely at her sister's socialite lifestyle. It was then that the door of their cabin was slammed open and light was spread unevenly across the budding trees.

"We can't keep him Meredith!" Charles yelled at his wife.

"Charles, he needs a home. Who do you expect to take him in if we don't?"

Meredith spoke in a calm desperate way. It was obvious to the mature mind that she was deeply hurt by her husbands' reaction to the situation, but to two young girls, now hiding behind an old oak tree, there was only madness in those words.

Walking back to his wife of thirteen years, he took her arms and spoke to her face.

"Meredith, he's almost sixteen, let him go. He can take care of himself. Please don't let this get between us."

"Charles, look at him. How could he ever get a job? Have some compassion for those poorer than yourself, dear."

"But he can't stay here. We don't have the room and he'll scare the girls."

"They need to learn to not be prejudice of those different from themselves."

Looking down to the woman he loved, Charles had to give in just a little.

"Fine, he can stay, but not for long."

"Thank you, Charlie," she said softly, standing on her toes to give him a peck.

It was then that Meg tugged harshly on Christine's hand to pull her out from behind the tree.

"Hi Daddy!"

Charles adjusted his attention to his daughters and smiled.

"Hello my flowers, did you have a fun time at the general store?"

"Oh yes, Daddy! We both got candy!"

"Not too much I hope? I don't want you spoiling your dinner." Meredith asked caringly.

"Oh no! Just a little, right Christy?" Meg asked nudging Christine's arm making her nod quickly to Meg's lie.

"Good, because we're going to have a guest at dinner tonight, girls." Meredith said sweetly.

"Really? Who is it? Where are they?" Meg asked excitedly.

"He, well, he's currently in our room freshening up a little."

"How do we know him?"

"We don't." Charles said somewhat darkly silencing them all.

"Um, girls," Meredith said breaking the awkwardness of the moment, "why don't you two go get ready? I want you to look nice for him."

"Him?" Meg was now even more excited at hearing it was a man, "is he cute? What's his name Mom?"

Meredith took an uneasy look at her husband and said to the girls before her, "his name, girls, is Erik."

Meg sat in front of the mirror in her shared room running her brush through her long red hair that she inherited from her mother.

"I wonder what he looks like. I wonder if he's cuter than Matt. If he's cuter than Matt, I'll break up with Matt and go out with him. What do you think, Christy?"

"I don't know." She said simply rocking her feet up against the bed that was too tall for her to reach the floor with her feet.

"I wonder who he is. Maybe he's a new neighbor or something? I hope he's not like the last neighbors that were over at the house. They ate all the orange cake and I hardly got any of it! There!" Meg sat up and turned to her little sister, "how does my hair look?"

"Beautiful!" Christine exclaimed. She really did believe that Meg was the most beautiful woman in the world next to their mother.

"Good! Do you want me to do your hair for dinner, Christy?"


"Well I'll try. I love your hair because it's so pretty and thick and curly, but I can never do anything with it!"

This left the girls to giggle again. From outside the door, Charles stood, listening.

"Oh he looks interesting, that's for sure, Meg." He said silently to himself as he walked back to the old dining room that was once Meredith's mother's before she passed on. Looking across the dining room to his wife, he saw her listening at their room's door. She then met her husband in the dining room.

"Is he ready?" Charles asked digging his aging hands into his pockets.

"Yes," she spoke quietly, "he is very anxious about meeting the girls. It's surprising that he fits into your clothes so well. I always knew it was impossible for you to loose that dashing shape you had in high school."

She smiled nervously to her husband. It was apparent of how he disapproved of her taking a homeless wonderer into their house. There was a squeak of their doorknob as a tall, young man stepped out. He was wearing a pair of Charles' old blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt with some old tennis shoes. His dark brown hair was freshly cut to rest just above his eyes while being parted down the center. His body alone would have been very attractive to any woman, but his face from his lower cheeks to his forehead was completely covered by a white mask.

"Don't you look splendid, Erik? Look at him Charles, he's all cleaned up for us." Meredith clapped her hands together and took a step from her husband to the young man.

Charles nodded lightly and narrowed his eyes at the one who wore his clothes. The young man looked at him, than quickly turned his eyes to the floor in submission.

Walking back to her husband, Meredith said softly, "Should we get the girls?"

"I'll get them, Mary." He said walking back to the girl's room, "Meg, Christine, dinner is ready."

"Yay!' Meg yelled opening the door immediately and running to the dining room.

Christine walked out more slowly and took her father's hand.

"Daddy, who is he?" she asked in her little voice.

Charles smiled and looked down to the head of hair that he owned himself.

"You'll find out, angel, you'll find out."

'Mama, why is he wearing a mask?" Meg yelped as she pulled on Meredith's skirt to gain attention.

"Meg, don't say that, it's rude!"

"But how can I see if he's cute if he's wearing a mask?"

"You'll have to learn him from his personality first. That's what really matters dear."

"But Mom!"

"That's enough, Meg. Go sit down in your chair."

With a huff Meg went to go sit down in her usual seat, except that this time, her seat next to Christine was now moved by the young man's that split them apart.

"Daddy," Christine asked motioning with her finger for him to come down to her level, "can I sit on your lap? I don't know him."

"Sorry, baby, but you're getting a bit too old to be doing that."

With that Charles led Christine to her normal chair across the table from him and Meredith. Erik sat with his hands folded in his lap as he waited patiently for a sign.

"Let us pray, girls." Charles said deeply, "Dear God, I pray that you will bless us with a good meal. I pray that you will bless the girls and my wife Meredith and that you will give us guidance for the road ahead. Amen."

"Amen," the girls chanted in unison once he had finished.

Meredith looked to her husband in an odd way. He had never prayed for 'the road ahead' before. Meg was the first to pick up the chicken pie and dig in. Christine was then given the dish as Meg passed it directly in front of Erik without offering him any.

"Christine, would you like some?" she asked with her nose in the air.

"Meg, that's rude, you need to offer Erik some."

Sighing dramatically Meg took the dish back, "sorry Erik, would you like some?"

"No thank you," he said softly to himself.

"See, Mom? He doesn't even want some. Everyone knows you make the best chicken pie in town!"

"Well, he's new to town. He doesn't know, dear."

Charles looked from Meg to Christine. Christine was seen staring wide-eyed at the man beside her while paying no attention to the pie that was now in front of her. This made him squint.

"Is there something wrong, Christine?" he asked quietly.

"Meg!" she said suddenly as if struck, "Meg look! Look!"

"What Christy?" she asked. They were all stunned by this sudden outburst by the quietest girl in town.

"Meg look at his eyes!"

Adjusting her eyes queerly from Christine to Erik, Meg took a quickly glance then returned her sights to Christine.

"What about them, Christy?"

"They're green!"


"Remember what I told you, Meg? Remember you asked me who I was going to…"

It was then that Erik had turned to look directly at Christine. She couldn't help but slow herself to a stop as if mesmerized by the bright green eyes that stared back at her. Her mouth gaped up for moment only until she remembered herself and where she was. This was when she gasped and blood soon rushed to her cheeks.

"Daddy, may I be excused?" she asked timidly looking down to her lap.

"Now Christine, you haven't even started on your dinner –"

"Yes," Charles cut Meredith off making her instantly look at him, "you may leave."

That night Meg sat up with her sister in the bed.

"I just don't understand it. Why would Mom just let him into the house? We don't even know what he looks like!"

"But Meg, he has brown hair and green eyes!"

"What does that have to do with anything, Christy?"

"Do you remember, Meg? When you told me what you thought the perfect guy looked like? And then you asked me? I said that I thought the most perfect guy in the world would have brown hair and green eyes! Did you see his eyes, Meg? It's him! I know it's him!"

Meg sat quietly, almost dumb stuck as she listen to her sister. In her twelve years of life, she had never heard her talk so much in one setting without being forced (and anyone who ever tried to force her would get a beating from her so no one even dared).

"But Christy, you haven't even seen his face. How can you know?"

Christine took her sister's hands and smiled sweetly.

"I just do, Meg. I just do."

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