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Chapter 1: Storm on the Grand Line

The Prophecy of the Worlds

Disturb not the harmony of the worlds among the cosmos

For if the balance is broken, evil will be released, and no hero shall prevail

Only four may rise to the call of the hero

"The Mistress of Cards", "The boy who bears nine tails", "The canine hero", and the "Stretching Outlaw"

When the four hero's arise and heed the call

Only then, can evil be banished


The caw of seagulls rang out as a small, odd looking ship, sailed across the sea. This sea was known as "The Grand Line" a special strip of ocean that was said to hold the legendary treasure known only as "One Piece" Which was said to belong to the infamous Pirate King, Gold Roger.

Aboard this odd looking ship (Known as the Going Merry), was another pirate, whose name had also become infamous, "Monkey D. Luffy" During his travels around the world, he managed to rack up a serious ransom on his head of 300,000,000 million Beli. Luffy was no ordinary pirate, gifted with the curse of the "Gum Gum" fruit, he can stretch his body to almost an infinite amount of possible forms. The only other thing Luffy was known for, was his signature straw hat (which he never went anywhere without)

Luffy had himself stretched out (literally) across the crossbeam as he snoozed. Nami, the ships navigator, was not entirely amused by her 'captains' lazy attitude.

"Luffy…Hey…Luffy??" Nami sighed. "WAKE UP YOU LAZY BUM!!!!"

Nami growled as she smacked the mast with her staff, waking Luffy up instantly. Poor Luffy then ended up falling off the crossbeam, and face planting onto the deck hard.

"Ok Nami, you got my attention…" Luffy said, his voice was muffled as he lay on the deck.

Nami just sighed as he orange locks flapped in the wind.

"Look Luffy, You've done nothing but sleep, at least try and do something productive with your time…" Nami scolded.

Luffy looked up at Nami, eyes still a little droopy from sleep. At last Luffy got to his lanky feet and walked over to the railing where the ship's gunner, the long nosed Ussop, sat.

"What's the matter Luffy?" He asked.

"Nami woke me up…" Luffy groaned. "All because I slept for a bit…"

"Luffy, it's already 4:00 in the afternoon!" Ussop pointed out.

Luffy just sighed and took off his straw hat, letting his black hair flap in the wind.

"I can't help it, I'm bored!" Luffy complained. "Nothing ever exciting happens!"

Ussop looked at the Straw Hat Pirate in utter shock.

"Are you kidding!? Two months ago, we just helped liberate the Kingdom of Alabasta! How is that not exciting??" Ussop cried in shock.

Luffy looked at him in confusion before simply shrugging. Ussop just sighed in frustration, Luffy was one of the toughest fighters to sail the seas, though he could be a major airhead at times.

"Look Luffy, I can't help you… Why don't you go and see if you can spot any land…" Ussop suggested.

Luffy gave him in exasperated look. Luffy then sighed and went over to the mast again, he really didn't want to go out and look for land, but it was better than doing nothing.

Luffy stretched his arms out and wrapped them around the crossbeam.

"GUM GUM ROCKET!" Luffy cried.

Luffy's arms acted as a slingshot, pulling Luffy up, and launching him into the air. Luffy landed gracefully in the crows nest and began to his futile search for land.

"Why am I even doing this?" Luffy asked himself.

After a few minutes of searching, Luffy gave up. He was just about to make his way back down, when the sound of thunder rang out. Luffy turned, only to see black clouds moving in fast…too fast.

"Whoa…it was just fine a minuet ago…" Luffy commented to himself.

Back on deck, the rest of the crew had taken notice of the sudden change in weather. Chopper, the ships doctor, was especially worried.

"Th-This doesn't look too good guys…" Chopper stammered.

"I don't get it; it was so nice a second ago, what happened?" Nami said in confusion.

"I'll go tell Sanji, Zorro, and Robin…" Ussop said before disappearing inside the ship.

Luffy jumped down and grabbed onto a crossbeam on the way down. His arms acted as a bungee cord as it slowed down his descent. When Luffy reach the safety of the deck, he let go, and his arms snapped back into place like a whip.

Nami, Luffy, and Chopper looked out into the sea, only to spot that the black clouds began to swirl around fast.

"Is it a cyclone!?" Chopper cried frantically.

"No…there's no wind…which makes this even stranger…" Nami pointed out.

The swirling clouds began to suddenly open up, acting as some kind of portal. Out of the gap in the clouds came a swarm of ravens, which headed straight for the Going Merry! Ussop, Sanji, Zorro, and Robin came out on deck just in time to see the ravens coming at them.

"I hate birds…" Sanji groaned.

Everyone got into a fighting position, ready to fend off the angry birds. As the birds flew at them, they suddenly stopped and landed on the deck. Upon closer inspection, the birds had blood red eyes, and their feathers seemed to be a mix of black and dark purple.

The ravens suddenly bunched together in a group huddle. Suddenly without warning, they suddenly began to melt into a black puddle! The sight made the crew cringe in disgust.

"Ewwww, and I thought bird droppings were bad…" Ussop shuddered/

Suddenly something began to slowly rise out of the puddle. It was a black figure which seemed to have the shape of a man. When the figure was in full view, the puddle vanished, and the darkness on the being faded away, to reveal a tall man standing before them.

The man bore a black and purple cloak which covered most of his body. His eyes were hidden by a dark blue, masquerade mask, which seemed to have tentacles that wrapped around his head, keeping it in place. His hair was a mix of red and black, in a spiked design that flowed back like flames in the wind.

After much silence, Zorro finally spoke up.

"Who are you??" Zorro asked angrily.

The man looked at the group and smiled an evil smile.

"My name is of no importance." He said.

"What do you want??" Nami stepped in.

"I seek the one you call 'Monkey D. Luffy'…" He replied calmly. "Relinquish him to me, and your deaths shall be quick and painless"

That was the sign that their visitor wasn't friendly at all. The crew got into fighting position, ready to take on this strange newcomer.

"You'll have to go thru US first!" Zorro glared, taking out his blades.

"And we vastly outnumber you…" Robin pointed out.

The man looked over the pirate crew before up roaring in laughter.

"What's so funny?" Luffy asked.

The man finally stopped laughing and flashed another evil smile.

"While it is true you outnumber me, that is something can easily be remedied…"

With that said, the man snapped his fingers, and the wind began to pick up. A powerful gale of wind blasted across the deck of the Going Merry, which seemed to effect all but Luffy.

The clouds above them began to open up, and a massive swirling vortex was seen. Without warning, the wind increased in strength, and all but Luffy was dragged off the deck and towards the vortex.

"LUFFY!!!!!!!!" The crew screamed as one by one they were sucked inside the vortex.

Luffy gaped in awe and fear as he watched his friends, and the vortex disappear. The man bellowed in laughter as Luffy dropped to his knees, the realization that his friends were gone began to set in. As the man's laughter died down, Luffy's anger began to flair up.

"Well, now that THAT little matter is settled, let's get down to business…" The man smirked.

Luffy stood back up again, and placed his straw hat on his head. He turned to face the man, with an enraged look on his face. One thing to learn when on the Grand Line, was to never. EVER. Get on Monkey D. Luffy's bad side.

"Bring, my friends back, NOW!!!" Luffy ordered angrily.

"Your friends, are in my dominion now. You'll never see them again." The man replied coolly. "But rest assured, you won't feel any sadness, for you will be dead."

Luffy had had enough of listening to him talk. Luffy stretched his fist way far back until it was off the ship completely.


Luffy suddenly launched his fist forward like a rocket as it gained speed thru the air. His fist shot out forward to hit the man, but Luffy was shocked to see that he vanished!

"Brilliantly strong attack, though horribly inaccurate…" The man said from behind.

Luffy snapped his arm back into place and turned, only to see the same man from before grinning at him. Luffy sneered as he stretched both arms back, and balled his hands up into a fist.


Luffy then shot both his fist forwards and slammed into the man's chest at full force. The man simply grinned evilly as Luffy's fists harmlessly bounced off his chest.

"WHAT!? You gotta be kidding me!!" Luffy cried. "What are you invincible!?"

The man smirked and suddenly shot out his hand, grabbing Luffy by his throat and lifting the rubber boy to eye level.

"Precisely…" He hissed.

The man's sleeve rolled down to reveal the hand clutching his throat was a monstrous, claw-like appendage. Luffy tried to stretch his neck and head butt him, but for some reason his powers weren't working.

"This claw here renders any and all magical abilities useless, so long as I'm touching the user…" The man explained.

Luffy gasped for air as he tried to pry the man's claw-like hand off his neck.

"What…do you want…with me?!" Luffy gasped.

"The power of the Gum Gum fruit… One of the most powerful of the devil fruit. Its power needs to be in more capable hands than in the hands of a wannabe pirate, wouldn't you agree?" The man smirked.

With that the man's claw began to glow a vibrant red. Luffy struggled and squirmed as he felt the life being sucked out of his very body. As Luffy lost consciousness due to the lack of air, the clouds opened up again, this time however, from it came a bright and powerful light.

The man saw the light and cringed, dropping Luffy in the process. Luffy dropped do the deck with a THUD and laid there unmoving. His body was then slowly dragged across the deck by an invisible force and towards the light. As Luffy was dragged into the light's path, the man tried to reach in and grab him. But the moment his hand entered the light beam's path, his hand instantly burned and he drew back.

The man only watched as Luffy's knocked out body disappeared into the light. As Luffy vanished from sight, the light faded and the clouds closed up again. The man growled before slamming his claw into the mast.

"DAMN THOSE MEDDLING ANCIENTS!!!" He cursed into the sky.

The man slowly slid his fist off the mast and walked towards the railing of the ship. He held his hand out and a dark portal appeared. Before he entered however, he turned back up at the sky and sneered.

"Hear me oh 'wise' Ancients. You may have gathered the four noble hearts, but this is far from over! I WILL take this universe in the name of "Master Hellclaw"!"

With that the man known as "Hellclaw" sneered up at the sky a final time before disappearing into the portal to regions beyond.

Though neither Luffy nor Hellclaw knew it at the time, this was the start of a grand adventure.