Chapter 17: Monster Within

While Luffy was busy facing off against his friend, Inuyasha carried Sakura on his back as they fled from the giant Nine-Tailed Fox that trailed behind them.

"It's gaining on us!" Sakura cried as she placed a hand on Luffy's hat, keeping it on top of her head.

"You don't think I know that!?" Inuyasha yelled back to her.

The Nine-Tailed Fox roared as it tore at them, shaking the ground with every step it took towards them. As they ran, Inuyasha got an idea.

"Sakura!" He called to her. "Your gonna have to trust me for a second, okay??"


Before she could react, Inuyasha suddenly grabbed her by her arm and flung her straight up into the air with all his might. Sakura screamed as she shot straight up and vanished from sight.

Inuyasha then skidded to a stop and took out his sword.

"Excellent, now that my hands are free…"

Inuyasha brought his blade back as the Nine-Tailed Fox came at him, ready to strike.


A massive wave of energy shot out of the Tetsusaiga and tore across the ground, striking the Nine-Tailed Fox and sending it skidding backwards before it tumbled and collapsed on the ground.

"Heh, serves you right…" Inuyasha smirked.

Inuyasha then heard the faint sound of screaming from above. He looked up and saw Sakura fall from the sky and towards him. He held his arms out and caught her in his arms.

"Well, gravity works…" He said.

Sakura was in a dazed state, hanging limply in Inuyasha's arms.

"….Inuyasha?" She suddenly said. "Come…closer…"

Inuyasha blinked in confusion before leaning closer….only to get smashed in the head by her staff.

"DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!" Sakura screamed angrily.

Inuyasha just glared and purposely dropped her on the ground.

"Hey! I needed my hands free okay?!" He yelled.

"But that doesn't give you the right to throw me up in the air like that!!" Sakura yelled back.

As the two argued, they didn't noticed the Nine-Tailed Fox getting back up again and heading back towards them. By the time they noticed, it was standing right over them.

"MOVE!!!" Inuyasha yelled.

The two dove out of the way as the Nine-Tailed Fox tried to flatten them with one of its paws.

Sakura took out a Clow Card and slammed her staff down on it.


A pair of wings appeared on her heels as she suddenly jumped way up high, landing on the Nine-Tailed Foxes head.

The Nine-Tailed Fox roared and shook its head, trying to shake Sakura off. Sakura grabbed a bit of the fur on its head and held on for dear life.

Inuyasha dove at the Nine-Tailed Fox and swung his sword at one of its knees. A large slash appeared on its knee as blood shot out and the fox roared. It lifted its wounded leg and it fell down, smashing it's head on the ground.

Sakura jumped off the foxes head and landed to the side. Inuyasha smirked wickedly. With its head down on the ground, he had a clear shot.

"Time for me to end this!!"

He brought his sword up over his head and prepared to bring it down on the foxes head. But as he went to swing, he found that his sword wouldn't move at all! He turned around and his eyes widened when he saw Krad right behind him and holding his blade back.


Inuyasha ripped his sword from Krad's grasp and swung it at him. Krad warped away and re-appeared a few feet away.

"GET BACK HERE YOU COWARD!!!" Inuyasha yelled as he ran to fight Krad.

What he was unaware of, was the Nine-Tailed Fox slowly rising back up.

"INUYASHAAAA!!!" Sakura cried. "Get back here!!"

She then turned and watched the fox rise up slowly. She gripped her staff tightly as she watched it stand back up and turn its attention to her. She took out another card and slammed her staff down on it.


A new energy welled up inside her body as the Nine-Tailed Fox lifted its paw and tried to bring it down on her. She managed to barely dodge and ran underneath its giant body and into a clear area.

The giant beast turned to face her as she punched the ground, making a huge crack that ran along the ground. With the power card giving her super-strength, she reached into the hole she made grabbed its edges and pulled.

The fox watched curiously as Sakura pulled before she ripped out a large piece of the earth. She then yelled as she threw it at the fox. The chunk of earth smashed into the Nine-Tailed Foxes face and shattered. The fox roared in pain before it ran at Sakura, ready for the kill.


Inuyasha held up the blade of his sword and blocked a barrage of incoming feathers from Krad. Krad smirked as he ran at him. Inuyasha swung his sword but Krad jumped and flipped over his head. He then threw a feather and the tip slammed into Inuyasha back, with the tip imbedding itself in his skin. The whole feather then exploded, which blew the half-demon forward.

Inuyasha skidded across the ground but flipped himself and got on all fours.

"Damn you…."

He tore at him on all fours before swinging his claws at him.


Waves of energy came from his claws as he swung. Krad's wings came forward and covered his body, shielding him from the blast. Krad then plucked a feather from his wings and held it by its end. The feather itself then grew to a large side and the soft feather became hard as steel and extremely sharp. Krad then lunged and swung the feather, swinging it like a sword.

Inuyasha held up his blade and blocked. The two then began to clash as they swung their weapons at each other, each trying to slice the other in two.

"You look like an angel…but think like the DEVIL!!" Inuyasha spat as their weapons clashed.

"And you look like a demon, but act like a worthless MUTT…" Krad retorted.

Krad then slid his sharp feather across Inuyasha's blade before he spun it and smashed it into the side of the Tetsusaiga, causing it to fly from Inuyasha's hands.


He watched his sword fly through the air and imbed itself in the ground a good distance away. He suddenly turned and slammed his shoulder into Krad's chest before he made a mad dash for the sword.

Krad quickly recovered and threw a feather at Inuyasha, which flew through the air and stuck to his back.

"Geh!" Inuyasha winced before he kept running for his sword.

With a snap of his fingers the feather electrocuted Inuyasha, causing him to fall to the ground.

He slowly stood back up and turned, only to see 30 feathers, all with razor sharp tips flying at him. He held up his arms to shield his face as he took the hit and multiple feathers all hit him head on.


He yelled in pain as they all pierced his skin and blood splurted out of his wounds. He weakly lowered his arms from his face, only to be greeted by the sight of Krads fist flying towards his face. Inuyasha was knocked back down as Krad punched him. Krad then jumped back and snapped his fingers.

The feathers stuck to Inuyasha all suddenly exploded, earning another scream of pain from the half-demon. When the smoke cleared, Inuyasha laid there motionless. Krad smirked and placed a foot on his neck.

"Worthless demon…." He smirked. "You're nothing… Taking care of the rest of your friend should be child's play…"

Suddenly, Inuyasha's hand grabbed Krad by his ankle. He looked down and tried to move his foot, but found that he couldn't. Inuyasha's eyes then snapped open, only they were now glowing a fierce red.

"…What's this power flowing from him?" Krad thought.

Inuyasha then without hesitation squeezed Krad's ankle before he effortlessly lifted him and slammed him into the ground. Inuyasha then leapt back to his feet, growling.

His fangs grew and so did his claws as purple streaks appeared on his face. He let out a demonic roar fueled by pure primal instinct as he stared down Krad.

Krad slowly got back up again.

"He's much stronger now…" Krad mused. "Fascinating…"

Inuyasha roared before he ran at him on all fours like a dog. Krad hovered in the air before he flew backwards while facing Inuyasha. Inuyasha continued to run at him, despite Krad flying faster then he could run.

Krad then began to throw feathers at him to try and slow him down. Each one exploded, but not one of them slowed him down. Krad was actually worried now, seeing as Inuyasha was starting to catch up.

Sakura ripped a tree out of the ground and hurled it at the giant fox. The beast caught it in its jaws before snapping it in half.

"I can't keep this up…." She panted.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a dust cloud approaching her direction. She had no time to make it out, as she jumped to the side to avoid being crushed by a massive paw. The fox then opened its mouth and a ball of energy began to build up.

Her eyes widened as she began to shuffle through her deck rapidly until she found the card she needed. Soon the energy orb was giant before the fox opened fire and it shot out of its mouth like a beam.

Sakura slammed her staff down on the card as the beam came streaking at her.


The beam blew right through her as the shield came up just in the nick of time. The beam didn't touch Sakura, but it decimated anything and everything in it's path. The beam soon faded and the shield around her dropped.

She then looked and saw the dust cloud was much closer now, and she could see it was Krad and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha was now extremely close to Krad as he flew backwards. Inuyasha roared before he lunged at Krad. Krad then vanished before he could grab him, causing the half-demon to skid across the ground.

Inuyasha's head whipped from side to side, trying to find Krad. The Nine-Tailed Fox saw Inuyasha and decided to change targets. It let out a roar which shook the earth as he charged at him.

Inuyasha turned and saw the fox and crouched down on all fours before he sprang upwards towards the foxes head. He then brought his arm back and swung at it's neck, slicing it with his extended claws.

Dark mist spewed from the wound on it's jugular as the fox roared in pain and fell to the ground. Since the fox was only an illusion, that was all it took to bring it down. The fox then slowly faded away, leaving behind one of Krad's feathers.

Krad had been watching all of this from the top of a nearby tree..

"Incredible…" He thought. "When his life was endangered, he reverted to this primal form…and he took out my fake Kyuubi with one attack…"

Sakura looked on in wonder and fear.

"…I've never seen him act this violent…" She murmured to herself. "He slit it's throat…"

Inuyasha however had heard her and he instantly spun to face her. Sakura took a few steps back when she saw his eyes now red and his claws were much larger.


Inuyasha then let out another roar before he tore towards Sakura with murder in his eyes. Krad just smirked as Sakura screamed in terror.

You didn't actually think this fic would go on without Demon Inuyasha making an apprearence, did you? Anyway, before people say 'How could Inuyasha kill the Kyuubi???' remember, this was a FAKE one, not nearly as strong as the original.

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