Psychic Revenge

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Disclaimer- X-Men is the property of Stan Lee, and the Oscar Mayer Wiener song belongs to Oscar Mayer.

//Let's see, how do ya say 'patient rhinoceros' in French? Blast that Cajun. He's never around when ya need 'im.//

Almost immediately, Rogue felt a tug at the front of her brain. It was Jean; she'd probably picked up that Rogue was thinking about Remy.

//Get outta mah head, ya- fahne, if that's the way ya want it.// She took a deep mental breath. //Oooh, mah bologna has a first name, it's o-s-c-a-r!//

Immediately the tug went away. She smiled and resumed thinking of Gambit in peace. That is, until…

"Jean, vhy are you singing ze Oscar Mayer Veiner Song?"