Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens
James D. Fawkes

Chapter Two: Storm Center
— o.0.O.O.0.o —

It had taken him a while and more than a little bit of asking and eavesdropping, but Naruto had finally come upon the information he'd been looking for. When he'd set out in the morning, he hadn't figured it'd be so hard to find two very special people amongst the shinobi populace. He figured it wouldn't have taken him more than a half an hour, tops.

Unfortunately, it had wound up taking him nearly three hours just to come across the information he'd been seeking. He probably would have had better luck just sending clones to search the village. He probably would have cut the time it took for him to search in half. All he'd had to do was listen to his instincts.

If he had listened to what his mind was telling him to do instead of what he figured Sakura would tell him to do, he would have accomplished his set goal much earlier. Things would have been much easier on him and he would have finished his task at eight o'clock instead of the current time, ten forty-six.

Finally, after searching for the location of Hinata and Sasuke, Naruto walked through the glass doors of the hospital. He walked up to the receptionist's desk, asking for the room numbers belonging to the two people he that wanted to visit.

The reception he got wasn't what he was expecting.

"What?" he demanded angrily. "What do you mean? Why not?"

"I'm sorry," she told him, only sounding half apologetic, "but Hyuga-sama is still unconscious and Sasuke-sama has been forbidden from having any visitors at all."

"Fine! I can't visit Sasuke-teme! At least let me visit…" his voice softened. "At least let me visit Hinata-chan."

The nurse blinked, then sighed, "Look, kid, I'd like to let you see her, but I'm not allowed."

"Why not?" Naruto demanded vehemently. "Why can't I visit Hinata-chan?"

The nurse opened her mouth to reply, but Naruto didn't give her the chance, "Are you one of those people? The kind that spits at my feet when my back's turned? The kind that would drive a wooden stake through my heart just to see if I bleed?"

He slammed his fists down on the desk, his voice loud, "Well, I'm not going to sit here and take this! I'm going to find Hinata-chan even if I have to spend the whole day just looking for—!"

"Naruto-kun," a voice called calmly, "this is a hospital. You're supposed to be quiet."

"Oh!" Naruto spun around, instantly brightening. "Kakashi-sensei! Listen, there's something I wanted to ask you…"

"Maa maa," Kakashi held up a hand, stopping whatever Naruto had been about to say. "I know what you're going to ask and I'm sorry, but I can't train you."

Naruto froze, his eyes wide and a disappointed frown on his face, his lips parted in mid word. Kakashi recognized the symptoms immediately and knew that, were he not as old as he was, Naruto would be tearing up right now and ready to pout. He sighed.

"Look, Naruto-kun," Kakashi started, dreading the upcoming conversation, "were things so easy, I'd love to spend the next month training you. Unfortunately, not only am I completely inept at kenjutsu, I have to prepare Sasuke for his match against Gaara."

"You're training Sasuke-teme?" Naruto asked, his voice suddenly frigid. "Why the hell can't you train me?"

"I'd love to, Naruto-kun," Kakashi stated, trying to placate the blonde. "Now that you have such a powerful ice-type ability, I could show you some really awesome Suiton Jutsu. The only problem is…your opponent is a calm leaf ninja. Win or lose, nobody's dying."

Kakashi sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Gaara, though, is totally unstable. I have to prepare Sasuke for a fight against that maniac and, even then, I'm not sure he'd win. You, on the other hand, would be a perfect match up."

"Why?" Naruto asked, honestly curious. Kakashi thought he could take down Gaara?

"Hyôrinmaru," Kakashi stated, as if that explained everything. "Since he is a water and ice type ability, he'll make it much harder on Gaara to manipulate his sand. That would give you an amazing advantage and I have very few doubts that you'd fail to capitalize on it."

"Then why can't you—?" Naruto began, his voice something of a whine.

"Look, Naruto-kun," Kakashi interrupted, holding out a scroll, "this is a Jutsu scroll. On it is Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu. I've found you an instructor to be my replacement and he's going to teach you chakra control. Whenever he feels you've gained enough control, he'll give you another, much more powerful Suiton Jutsu scroll."

Naruto nodded, his eyes wide. It wasn't exactly the training he'd been looking for, but considering the options Kakashi had left him with, Hyôrinmaru was urging him to take the offer. His control sucked horribly, he knew that, and it had become much worse after Orochimaru had sealed off the demon fox.

Yet, he was stronger because of Orochimaru's little trick. Had the snake Sennin not blocked him off from the Kyubi, he doubted he would have found Hyôrinmaru any time soon. If there was one thing good to come of that meeting, Hyôrinmaru was it.

"Kakashi-san," Naruto looked towards the voice, only to find a man he easily recognized. A bit of dread filled him as her realized just who Kakashi's replacement was going to be.

"Ah, Ebisu-san," Kakashi nodded. "I was just explaining things to Naruto. Listen, did you get those scrolls…?"

"Hai," Ebisu nodded, adjusting his sunglasses slightly. "As per your instructions, I'll give him one Suiton scroll whenever I feel he has enough control to perform the Jutsu inside effectively."

"He's going to teach me?" Naruto asked numbly, disbelief tainting his voice. "The closet pervert?"

"Oh!" Kakashi smiled at him. "So you know each other? This makes things easier!"

"Know each other?" Naruto echoed hollowly. "I beat this guy in five seconds, with two Jutsu!"

"Really?" Kakashi asked, feigning interest. Ebisu was the only one, besides perhaps himself, Jiraiya of the Sannin, and the Sandaime Hokage, that could properly teach Naruto. Since Ebisu was the only one available, it had to be Ebisu that taught Naruto.

"Ah, ah!" Ebisu seemed to teleport next to Naruto, clasping his hand over the boy's mouth. "He's just kidding, right, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto glared.

"I may not be a great fighter," the man hissed at his blond captive, "but I'm an elite tutor. Teaching is my specialty. I can teach you things that'd make Sasuke-san's head spin."

Naruto's eyes seemed to widen, then he nodded enthusiastically. Ebisu smiled in a disarming way, "We'll be fine, Kakashi-san! See you later!"

In a swirl of leaves, Ebisu and Naruto disappeared, leaving Kakashi to blink at their strange antics. Shrugging, he pulled out his little orange book and headed towards Sasuke's room.

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

Naruto couldn't help but stare.

Steam rose into the air as tiny wisps of vapor, slowly disappearing into the atmosphere. Water sloshed gently against rocks that contained it, but not one drop escaped the confines of the natural pool. Even several feet away, Naruto could feel the heat radiating from the pond.

Despite the inviting atmosphere, Naruto had to wonder why he was there. He was supposed to be training, wasn't he? That had been the impression he'd gotten when Ebisu had promised to teach him things that would wow even Sasuke. And the first thing the elite teacher had done was make him read Kakashi's scroll.

So why were they here, standing in front of a hot spring, an onsen, next to a wall? A wall behind which he could hear many giggling girls as they bathed away their daily worries?

"Why?" Naruto asked, confused. "Why are we here?"

"The first thing we're going to do is test you, Naruto-kun," Ebisu told him. "Since you are learning Suiton Jutsu, you are going to need a source of water. What I want you to do, Naruto-kun, is produce exactly five Mizu Bunshin. You have two tries."

Nodding, Naruto stepped next to the hot spring and focused his chakra, his hands in a seal. He cried, "Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Around him, seven water clones sprung into existence, each an identical copy of the original. Frowning, he dispersed them all, watching as they splashed back into water and made several puddles on the ground. Focusing again, he added less chakra than the first time, "Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Two water clones appeared this time, Naruto's frustrated frown growing as he realized just how horrible his chakra control had to be. As his two doppelgangers splashed to the ground, Ebisu walked towards him.

"Since it seems that your control is severely lacking," Ebisu said in a lecturing tone, "we'll have to rectify the problem. What you're going to be doing, Naruto-kun, is walking on water."

Naruto stared at him for a second, momentarily speechless, "…what?"

"Kakashi-san has told me that you already know the tree climbing exercise," Ebisu stated, proudly walking out onto the hot spring. "This is the next step up. Try it for yourself."

Tentatively, with Hyôrinmaru hissing instructions into his ear, Naruto channeled Chakra to his feet and walked out onto the surface of the heated pond…only to plummet straight to the bottom. Yowling painfully, Naruto jumped from the pool faster than Ebisu could see and landed straight up on the ground.

As he got over the burning sensation on his flesh, he set his sword down, mumbling an apology to the dragon for letting that happen. Steel and water didn't mix very well and, though Naruto was aware that Hyôrinmaru was no ordinary blade, he didn't want to risk letting his precious weapon rust.

Taking off his orange jacket, Naruto channeled chakra again and took a slow step out onto the surface. It stayed and he smiled, confidently putting his other foot forward as he began to walk atop the water. On that second step, however, he once more fell straight into the water.

Screaming in pain as the water burned him, he leapt up from it and landed once more on dry land. He hissed as the cool air rubbed roughly against his sensitive skin, waiting for it to turn back to its pale pink. It only took a few seconds, but during that time, Hyôrinmaru took the opportunity to chastise him for being so hasty.

"Take it slowly," the dragon told him. "Speed will earn you nothing in the end. Patience is the driving force behind success. Remember, Naruto, think like a dragon."

Calming his frustration, Naruto focused his chakra once again and stepped out onto the water. His feet held as he walked steadily towards his temporary tutor, confident that he had this new skill down. Barely a second later, he fell into the hot water again, crying his anger and pain to the sky.

Shaking his head in amusement, Ebisu looked past the boy at the fence opposite their section. His eyes widened; there was an old man with long white hair staring through a small hole in the fence, giggling like a schoolgirl. Ebisu fixed his glasses, scowling.

"I don't know who you are," he said, quietly at first, "BUT I WILL NOT ALLOW SUCH SHAMEFUL AND DISHONORABLE BEHAVIOUR!"

Ebisu rushed forward, his gaze stony as he focused on the indecent man in front of him. He glared at the pervert who simply ignored him in favor giggling, raising his fist to teach the man a lesson.

There was a poof of smoke and, before he could react, a long tongue shot out and hit him, knocking him away. He was unconscious before he hit the ground.

"Be quiet," the older man said sternly, perched atop a large toad, "you don't want me to get caught, do you?"

Naruto stared for a second, then felt anger bubbling up inside his chest, "You idiot! Now what am I supposed to do?"

He threw his hands up in exasperation, "It was bad enough that the snake freak messed up my chakra with some sealing Jutsu, but you had to come along and knock out my instructor!"

"Snake freak?" the old man echoed curiously. "What do you mean? Where did he hit you?"

"Some guy in the second exam," Naruto sighed. "He did this weird thing with his fingers then hit me in the stomach."

"I see," the old man said pensively, rubbing his chin. "Lift your shirt and channel some chakra. I think I have a solution."

"Whatever," Naruto mumbled, lifting his shirt as the man's fingers began to glow. He was hit by surprise, then the old man's fingers, when the five digits slammed into his stomach.

"Gogyo Kain!" the old man called. After a second, he pulled his hand back to look at his work. The five-pronged seal that had overlapped the original seal faded away into nothingness. "There. Now try the water walking skill."

Listening to the old man, Naruto took a delicate step onto the water. When it held, he took another step, then another and he didn't fall in. Confident from his success, he walked at a faster speed until he was running around the small spring. He nearly yelled excitedly when he didn't fall in at all.

The old man started to walk away, thinking he would slip past the boy's notice. He had no such luck as Naruto shouted, "Hey, don't think you're off the hook! This guy was supposed to be my teacher! Now you're going to have to fill that role!"

"No way!" the old man yelled back. "I, Jiraiya the Gama Sennin, don't have time to baby-sit a brat like you! Besides, you already learned what he was teaching you!"

"Nuh uh!" Naruto called back, forming a hand seal. Five Mizu Bunshin stood around him, "He was supposed to teach me some really cool Suiton Jutsu whenever my control was good enough!"

"Fine!" Jiraiya said angrily. "You want a Suiton Jutsu? Suiton: Suiryuudan!"

A dragon rose up from the hot spring behind Naruto, who panicked as it leered at him. He rushed to the shore, unsheathing his sword as the water dragon barreled towards him. He stabbed his sword forwards, into the dragon's mouth as he cried, "Sôten ni zase, Hyôrinmaru!"

Instantly, before Jiraiya's surprised eyes, the dragon of water froze into a solid mass. Naruto twisted his sword and the dragon cracked and splintered before it shattered into thousands of pieces. With flourish, Naruto sheathed his sword.

When he had used the Suiryuudan, Jiraiya hadn't intended to harm the boy — far from it. The Jutsu had only been pumped with enough chakra to soak the blond and knock him off his feet. He didn't think the kid could counter it, or that if he could, he would be too shocked to do so in time.

The moment he'd seen the boy, Jiraiya knew who he was. It was hard not to. He would have had to be blind not to recognize the kid with the nine-tails stuck in his stomach. He would have had to be blind not to recognize his prized student's only child. The boy had spiky blond hair and blue eyes. No matter who you were, if you were from Konoha, you would recognize those traits.

At first glance, Jiraiya had considered training the boy, as he had the kid's father. He'd decided against it in the end. It would bring back too many happy memories that would just end up making him sad and depressed. Even now, nearly thirteen years after the Yondaime's death, it was still an open and sore wound.

Any part of him that had wanted to train the boy had died as soon as the blonde had used Mizu Bunshin and told him he was learning Suiton. Learning Suiton Jutsu meant that the kid's chakra had an affinity for water. The problem with that is that Jiraiya's didn't, so he couldn't teach him as much about Suiton as Sarutobi.

But now…the dragon had turned to ice after being struck by Naruto's sword. To turn something to ice, you needed both a water and wind affinity in your chakra. The sword just seemed to be a tool; a chakra blade used to cast techniques without hand seals and at a short distance.

Jiraiya grinned. This kid was pretty interesting.

"Okay, kid," he said, a cocky grin on his lips, "I think I'll train you after all."

"You will?" Naruto asked excitedly, eyes shining with hope.

"Yeah," he said, crossing his arms. "After all, as one of the Sannin, I know more about Suiton than anyone in this village — save the Hokage."

"You do?" Naruto's face split into a large grin and Jiraiya immediately knew he had a disciple in the arts of ninjutsu.

"Yeah," he said confidently. "Now, come on. Let's take this to a more appropriate place; one with lots more water."

Secretly, to himself, Jiraiya smirked. Hook, line, sinker.

"Come on, Ero-sennin!" Jiraiya almost froze at the nickname, watching as Naruto ran down the road. This brat…he might be more trouble than he was worth.

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

The sound of rushing water flowed past his senses, the smell of the liquid permeating his nostrils. The grass, taller than normal, tickled his bare toes incessantly. The wind blew gently, tousling his spiky hair. He grinned, excitement flowing through him.

They had traveled to a river, one that Naruto hadn't even known existed. It was atop a waterfall that emptied into a pond that girls seemed to like to swim in, so Naruto could guess why Jiraiya had chosen this particular river. Still, the old man was going to teach him, so he wasn't going to complain.

"Right!" Jiraiya clapped his hands together. "I've already showed you the hand seals, so let's see how good you are at Suiryuudan."

"Un!" Naruto nodded, flashing through hand signs numbering in the dozens. He stopped on bird, watching as the river churned unnaturally. A beast's head began to form, sucking the water from its surroundings, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!"

A winding dragon leapt from the water, twisting and turning in the air before it crashed back into its source. The river returned to normal, as if nothing had even happened. Jiraiya nodded, satisfied, "Good. Good. Now, let's try it while you're walking on the river."

Nodding, Naruto took a step out onto the water, standing atop it without trouble. The river around his feet rippled slightly, but showed no sign of letting him fall through. Slowly, he walked to the center, making sure that the current wouldn't push him downstream. With a great deal more concentration, he went through the hand seals again, calling, "Suiton: Suiryuudan!"

Much more slowly than it initially had, the dragon of water formed in front of him, it's gaping maw snarling. It jumped from the river surface towards an imaginary enemy standing a good distance away from the blonde, then sunk back into the water as it hit its nonexistent target.

"Alright," the elder man muttered. It had taken him longer the second time than it had the first. "Again."

Naruto went through the hand seals once more, much faster than the second time. The dragon rose for a third time, marginally faster than either the first or second attempt. With a silent roar, the dragon dove into the river again a great distance away. It collided with a loud splash, throwing water up and out several feet.

Jiraiya couldn't help but marvel at the power the kid had, mentally whistling as the third dragon dissolved back to its base element. Even elite Jônin from the Hidden Mist Village could only manage one or two before the chakra consumption started to affect them. But Naruto had pulled off three without even breathing heavily.

"Good," Jiraiya nodded. "Now we're ready to move on to the next thing I have to teach you: Kuchiyose no Jutsu."

In a blur, Naruto was at Jiraiya's side, grinning eagerly. Clearing his throat, Jiraiya continued, his voice lecturing, "For this technique, however, you're going to need more than your normal amount of chakra. You've felt your secondary chakra, right? That's what you're going to have to use."

Naruto shook his head, "Sorry, Ero-sennin, but I'm not going to use Fluffy's power. If I use it like you're suggesting, then I'll become dependent on it, and my own power will grow weak. I'm not going to call on Kyubi's chakra."

"What?" Jiraiya asked incredulously, his expression surprised. "Who taught you that? It's ridiculous! Why have all that power locked away if you're not going to use it?"

Naruto's eyes grew cold, "That is the Way of the Dragon, Ero-sennin. Rely on your own power and the power of your friends, get stronger through hard work, and take no shortcuts. Be wise both in life and in battle and use force only when necessary. That is the Way of the Dragon. It's the principle I've dedicated my life to."

"Good, child," Hyôrinmaru cooed, whispering in his ear. "You are learning well what I have taught to you. This is the path you walk: the path of wisdom, the path of the protector. Do not let any sway you from its course."

"Alright," Jiraiya sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "If you're that serious about it, I guess we can just use your normal chakra. If we can build it up high enough, you won't need the fox's chakra."

Naruto nodded, his expression suddenly cheery again. Jiraiya scratched his head, wondering if the boy was bipolar. Shrugging, he bit his thumb and went through hand seals, "Right. First, I'll show you how."

He thrust his palm to the ground, several chains of kanji spreading over the rocks beneath his feet. There was a puff of smoke and standing beneath Jiraiya was a large toad slightly taller than the man himself. In its mouth was a scroll, the toad's tongue unrolling to drop it on the ground.

"Write your name in blood, like those written before you," Jiraiya commanded as Naruto unraveled the scroll. "The seals are boar, dog, bird, monkey, and ram. In order to summon, you must spread a little blood on the hand you used to sign your name on the scroll."

The blonde looked over the names written in blood on the large scroll, recognizing only a few of them. Jiraiya's was easy to see, written in large and fancy penmanship. To the right were several unfamiliar names, each one older and more archaic than the last. To the left of the Gama Sennin's, though, was a name that Naruto had memorized a long time ago: Namikaze Minato. It was the Fourth Hokage.

That was all the endorsement he needed. Naruto couldn't help the grin that split his face as he bit into his right thumb, going just deep enough to draw blood. Carefully, he signed his name on the scroll using that blood, then dabbed each of his fingers with it. He pressed the tips of the fingers on his right hand against the thick rice paper, knowing that they would leave an impression.

Naruto rolled to scroll back up, watching as the toad pulled it back into its mouth and disappeared. Jiraiya fell back to the ground with a soft clatter, hands on his hips as he looked at the blonde boy expectantly. Nodding, the blond bit his thumb and swiped it over his right palm, flashing through the hand seals required.

Thrusting his hand down, spider web chains of kanji spread from the point of contact. There was a puff of smoke, the wind blowing it away quickly. As it cleared, Jiraiya looked, somewhat shocked, as Naruto appeared from within it, riding atop a toad as tall as himself. Jiraiya scratched his chin absentmindedly, a giddy feeling rising up in his stomach.

A grin stretched across his face as he began to giggle slightly, the prospect before him exciting him beyond belief. Thirteen years after his previous star student had died, he had found a new student, one nearly as capable as the Fourth Hokage. This boy, a no-talent loser according to the Academy records, had so much potential that he almost couldn't believe it.

What seemed even more unbelievable was that no one had noticed. This blond brat had the potential to surpass all of the Hokage to date, even his own father, the Yondaime. The amount of chakra his body held was staggering and he never seemed to tire, despite the strain that normal Jônin level ninja would be suffering under identical conditions.

What was more, the kid already had two affinities, ones that could be combined to create something much more powerful. He was also the perfect match up against the Uchiha Sasuke Jiraiya had heard so much about. While the blonde's wind chakra would be weak against the Uchiha's fire, his water chakra would easily overcome Sasuke's affinity. By combining both, he got rid of the wind's weakness to fire and could turn whole battlefields to his advantage.

The Gama Sennin almost trembled in giddy anticipation. This kid really was interesting.

"Alright," Jiraiya said, watching the toad disappear, "that's enough for today. Go home and get a good night's rest. Meet me here tomorrow after noon. Remember to eat some lunch."

And, with a puff of smoke, Jiraiya vanished.

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

The sun rose over the easterly trees, painting the sky in brilliant tones of red, orange, yellow, and pink. The dark, navy blue sky steadily turned to a delicate azure, puffy white clouds decorating it. The trill of morning birds lilted in the air, singing a serenade of peace to the world. Few were awake, save for those dedicated to their training, despite their questionable sanity.

"Gai-sensei!" a voice called in the distance.

"Lee!" came the answer.

"Focus," Naruto told himself calmly, feeling the dragon's eyes on the back of his head. "Focus the energy. Circulate it to your hand, gathering it within the palm and fingers. Let it grow."

Pure energy spiraled through his body, flowing freely through his limbs. It rose through him, from his toes all the way to the roots of his hair. The feeling was invigorating and left him feeling invincible, as though nothing earthly could touch him. It was as if he was some higher being capable only of being defeated by the stars themselves. He breathed in and the universe was at his beck and call

As the energy rushed through his cells and molecules, he grasped for it, preparing to shape it for its purpose. It slipped from his fingers several times, gliding over his mental palms like sand over the desert. It would not be tamed and Naruto began to feel the slight chill in the air as it took on a mind of its own. Concentrating, Naruto grabbed it, refusing to let go.

It stuck this time and he opened his shining eyes, calmly aiming his hand at a tree. With but a slight push, the energy gathered as he told it to in the palm of his hand. Tonelessly, he said, "Hadô no Sanjuusan: Sôkatsui."

A violent discharge was the only warning that Naruto had before the ball of blue power leapt from his hand, soaring at amazing speeds towards its target. The poor tree had no chance and neither did the six trees beside it or the dozen trees behind it. All nineteen trees were incinerated by the blast, naught but ashes to remain.

"Wow," Naruto grinned, looking down at his normal fingers with excitement. "That was amazing! And it was only number thirty-three!"

Naruto grasped at the energy again, forming it in the tip of his right index finger, saying, "Now for number four!"

The power gathered again, arcing over his body and through his arm, converging at his fingertip. He continued to push it towards that one point, waiting for the right amount to have gathered. He waited as it festered and grew, his finger beginning to glow brightly. Finally, as the power reached an apex, he called, "Hadô no Yon: Byakurai."

A bolt of white lightning leapt from his finger, soaring outward at an amazing speed. It struck the tree he had been pointing at, blowing a wide hole straight through its large and thick trunk. Several trees behind, nearly a dozen by his count, suffered the same fate, creaking dangerously as their support faltered. With a crash, they all fell to the earth, never to bloom again.

"Do you see, Naruto-kun?" Hyôrinmaru asked, locking gazes with him. "The power of Reiryoku?"

"Yeah," he said, awe decorating his voice, "it's awesome! You sure do know quite a bit about this kind of stuff, Hyôrinmaru! At this rate, I'll be Hokage before I know it!"

"Indeed," the dragon commented amusedly. It turned its head away. "That's enough practice for now. Let's move on. Have you finished your little project?"

"I'm close," Naruto said, scratching his head sheepishly. "I've figured most of the stuff out, but I need to find a way to make it summon you. So far, it doesn't summon anything."

"I must congratulate you," Hyôrinmaru said, his voice filled with paternal praise. "This idea was quite crafty and cunning. Many would call it a very fox-like idea. I say it is an idea worthy of a dragon."

"Thanks," Naruto laughed happily. "I took one look at Ero-sennin's summoning scroll and decided to make one for you. Toads are nice and all, but they're just not suited for my abilities. So I'll just summon you. See, the way I figure, since it's a time-space Jutsu, I can summon anything that doesn't fully exist in the realm of reality."

Hyôrinmaru nodded, "To come up with such a thing after seeing it only once is quite admirable. I have no doubt that you will succeed."

Somehow, Naruto could tell that the dragon was looking at him out of the corner of its eye, "When you do, I have quite an interesting skill to teach you."

A shiver of anticipation traveled down Naruto's spine, raising tiny bumps all over his arms. He wasn't sure if the shiver of anticipation was one of eagerness or if it was of an ominous origin. The latter seemed much more plausible because of the icy block that had suddenly lodged itself in his stomach.

Hyôrinmaru rarely called something interesting. Considering how knowledgeable the dragon was, there wasn't much that it could claim was interesting. There were several things that it took an interest in, but it never used such a word to describe those things. He preferred to call it a healthy dose of curiosity.

If it was a technique he was teaching Naruto, he always made it seem insignificant to him, but very important to the blonde boy. He used all sorts of words and phrases to entice him into learning, but interesting had never been one of them. If he was using it to describe something, that something had to be beyond cool.

Naruto called Sasuke's fire Jutsu cool. Hyôrinmaru scoffed at them, claiming that such skills were easily learned and acquired by anyone with an attention span. Naruto called Rock Lee's speed and Taijutsu awesome. Hyôrinmaru chastised him for admiring the boy's abilities when he could be working towards acquiring them for himself. Naruto thought Kakashi was one of the best. Hyôrinmaru assured him that there were better.

So for Hyôrinmaru to call something interesting, it had to be beyond powerful. It had to be even more powerful than the destruction spells the dragon was teaching him to use. It had to be stronger than Kakashi's signature move.

Naruto shivered again. He was either really lucky or in deep shit.

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

Naruto stood shakily, panting as sweat rolled down his cheeks and nose, his blue eyes drooping slightly. The water around him churned as yet another dragon dissolved into it, splashing the riverbanks harshly. He fought to stay atop the surface as the movement of the water body compromised his footing.

"Again!" came the command and Naruto obeyed. He flashed through the hand seals, stopping on bird and watching as the water in front of him swirled and rose to form a dragon. It seemed to roar as it jumped forwards at an invisible target. It crashed back into the river, causing turbulence over the surface. He struggled to stay atop.

After his success at Summoning, Jiraiya had decided that it would be best to hammer out his skills in Suiton by making him practice till he dropped. Along with Suiryuudan, the old man had taught him Daibakufu no Jutsu and Suijinheki and had him practice them alongside it. The old man was determined to make him a Suiton master before the Chûnin Exam Finals. For the three weeks he'd been training under the elder shinobi, he'd become quite proficient in water style techniques.

Jiraiya wasn't the only one training him in Jutsu. After Naruto had perfected several of the spells he'd been teaching the blonde, Hyôrinmaru had started to have Naruto recreate Jutsu he'd seen before. Specifically, he had Naruto recreate techniques that Haku had used during their battle on the bridge.

So far, he'd managed to teach himself Haku's Sensatsu Suisho, something he'd only caught a glimpse of during the fake hunter ninja's skirmish with Sasuke, and how to perform certain Jutsu using one-handed seals. Unfortunately, while Hyôton wasn't something that only Haku could use, the Makyou Hyôshyou was a bloodline limit related skill. He couldn't replicate it beyond forming the mirrors.

That's not to say that training was all Naruto did. He had visited Hinata several times since the Preliminaries, more often than not stopping by the Yamanaka shop to buy some flowers for her. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he took a secret pleasure in seeing the Hyuga princess blush every time he came in her room with a bouquet in his hands.

He'd tried to visit Sasuke once, only to find that the Uchiha prodigy's bed was completely empty, as if no one had ever slept in it. He'd been confused for a second, wondering if maybe Orochimaru had stolen the boy in his sleep, before he'd taken a better look at the scene of the supposed crime. There was no sign of a struggle and no sign of more than one person being involved in his rival's escape. He'd nearly grinned. Sasuke had left on his own.

"Alright," Jiraiya called, halting his training as his fingers moved together almost on reflex, "that's enough. I'd say you've got this down pretty well. You've got five days until the Finals. Take that time to rest."

Nodding, Naruto staggered over to the riverbank, collapsing as soon as his feet hit dry land. His breath came out in short pants, his eyelids drooping as the exhaustion set in. Jiraiya chuckled slightly, amused that he'd finally found the boy's limits.

"I'll be back in half an hour," he told the kid, kneeling next to the blonde's head. "If you're still lying here then, I'll take you home myself."

In a puff of smoke, the man disappeared. Naruto sighed, rolling over onto his back to look up at the bright afternoon sky. He sighed again as his breathing began to even out, his body slowly regenerating the chakra he'd used up during his training. It had been intense, more so than any other training he'd ever done.

"You have progressed well," a familiar voice told him, a smooth, reptilian body lying next to his. "You've even finished that project of yours. Most impressive."

"I suppose," Naruto sighed again. "I just feel like there's something…missing. Like there's something more I need to learn. Something more that can make me stronger."

The dragon lifted its head to look at him, a serious gleam in its eyes, "I guess it's time, then."

Naruto arced his eyebrow, "What? Time for what? What's it time for?"

"You'd best rest up," the dragon evaded his question. "Come back here tomorrow and summon me. I'm going to teach you that technique I promised."

Once more, the block of icy dread dropped into his stomach, churning the acid there uncomfortably. Yeah, he was in deep shit.

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

The roar of rushing water pounded against his ears, the river splashing recklessly against the rocks as it headed for the waterfall. The long grass rose over the sides of his sandals, tickling the callused pads of his toes. The tangy scent of the water stung his nostrils, the smell wafting from the roaring river.

He stepped carefully, almost hesitantly, over the hard stones, gathering his wits and courage about him. He was stepping into the situation blind. He didn't know what was going to happen, but his gut feeling told him it wasn't something good. It was supposed to be a new technique, but something felt wrong about it.

Slowly, he bit his thumb, wiping the thick blood over his left palm. With a methodical pace, he went through each seal at a snail's pace, making sure it was correct. First boar, then dog, then bird, then monkey, then ram. He thrust his palm down, spider web chains of kanji spreading from the point of contact.

There was a large puff of smoke as Naruto felt a bit of vertigo, shooting up into the air. His feet stood atop something hard yet soft and smooth yet scaly, a sea of icy azure invading his vision. He felt his eyes widen to saucers as he realized the truth of the situation. He was standing atop a huge Hyôrinmaru, one at least a hundred times bigger than the one he knew.

"So, you managed," the voice was deeper, but it was still familiar. "I wonder, however, if you can manage the task I have set for you."

"Task?" Naruto asked confusedly. "What's this task?"

"As you know, by calling out the correct command along with my name, you can merge your power with mine," the dragon told him. "However, there is a level of power beyond that where you and I merge our powers much further. To accomplish this task, you must defeat me and claim my power for your own."

"What?" Naruto shouted in alarm. "Defeat you? How?"

"Don't worry, child," Hyôrinmaru placated, chuckling amusedly, "this is not direct combat. All you must do is defeat one challenge I will set for you."

"Challenge?" Naruto asked tentatively, slightly hesitant. He firmed his resolve from rubber to iron. "Okay. What's this challenge?"

"You have four days left before your finals," the dragon said calmly. "To achieve the next level of power, you must stay atop me for the next seventy-two hours straight. Do you accept this challenge?"

"Of course!" Naruto exclaimed, standing shakily. "This is only one step on the road to Hokage! If I can accomplish this, I'll be that much closer to my dream!"

"So be it," the dragon said solemnly.

With a jerk, Hyôrinmaru threw himself to the ground, writhing through the river like giant snake. Naruto let out a yelp as he nearly lost his footing, using chakra to grip tightly to the scales on the beast's back. Water rose up around him, soaking his clothes all the way down to his skin.

The dragon jerked again and Naruto gripped its scales with all his strength, desperate not to fall off. His grasp loosened, but he refused to let go. Gravity tugged on him hard, pulling him as hard as it could. Another wave of vertigo filled him.

"Gaaah!" Naruto cried, his fingers slipping slightly. "I should have known better than to do something like this!"

Hyôrinmaru leapt off the ground, sprouting wings that had previously been invisible. Naruto's eyes widened, "Oh, SHIT!"

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

Gaara walked quietly into the hospital room of Rock Lee, his bloodshot eyes staring intensely at the bleached white walls in front of him. He strode slowly, purposefully towards the bed containing the bandaged, spandex-wearing boy, his intent clear to anyone and anything capable of independent thought.

His open right hand shot outwards as his left jumped upwards, clenching at his head. Sand burst from his gourd, his breathing deep as it crept along the floors with a life of its own. It swirled slowly around Lee's bed, steadily creeping up onto the unconscious boy, attempting to cocoon him in a deadly coffin.

Suddenly, without warning, a fist came out of nowhere and collided solidly with his cheek, sending him sprawling backwards and to the floor. As the shock of being hit slowly wore off, Gaara straightened up, a small bit of his armor of sand flaking from his murderous face.

Naruto stood in front of him, his sword strapped to his back with a green sash. Replacing his jacket and the shirt beneath it was a zip-up, sleeveless, black turtleneck. It blended seamlessly with his new black pants and sandals. His eyes were icy blue and the room temperature seemed to drop, the air around the boy wavering with power.

Shikamaru stood not too far off, rubbing his cheek tentatively, "Ow! Damn it, Naruto, I feel what he feels, remember?"

"What are you doing?" Naruto ignored Shikamaru, a scowl on his face.

"To release so much killing intent," Shikamaru frowned seriously. "Why are you trying to kill Lee-san? Do you have some kind of grudge?"

"No," Gaara said, his voice monotonous. "I do not. It's not something that complicated. I'm going to kill him just because I want to."

"Oh yeah?" said Shikamaru, faking his cocky tone. "Well, we're not going to let you do that. I mean, hey, you're strong, but we were holding back in the prelims, too. Right now, two against one, you don't stand a chance."

"You get in my way and you are dead," Gaara seemed unfazed by Shikamaru's comment, his teal green eyes shining with hate.

"I'd like to see you try!" Naruto shouted, grasping the azure clothed hilt of his sword.

"Naruto," Shikamaru hissed at the blonde. "Shut up! This guy's a monster!"

"So?" Naruto hissed back. "I've got a real monster in me! He's nothing!"

"A real monster, you say?" Gaara seemed slightly intrigued. "I was born a monster. I came into this world by taking the life of the woman I would have called mother. My father created me in order to be Suna's ultimate weapon. I was spoiled and allowed to do whatever I pleased. But starting around the time when I turned six, my father tried countless times to assassinate me."

"Wait," Shikamaru said in consternation. "I thought you said you were spoiled?"

"A being too strong can become an existence of fear," Gaara didn't really specify if that was his answer or if he was just continuing his story. "Everyone hated me and I found myself wondering why I went on with life. Why, then, do I exist? Why do I live? I could find no answer. But everyone needs a reason to live, or else it's the same as being dead. Finally, I came to this conclusion. 'I exist to kill everyone but myself.' As long as there are people for me to kill, I will not vanish."

"The Hell?" Shikamaru was surprised.

"Now," sand rose, gushing at high speed in the direction of Naruto and his companion. "Let me feel alive—!"

The sand suddenly fell to the floor as Gaara made eye contact with the dragon only he could see that was hovering over the blonde's shoulder, his face frozen in shock. Gaara doubled over, clenching his head with his hands and screaming, his sand writhing and twisting on the floor, as if in pain.

Slowly, the demonic sand ninja walked backward, heading towards the window, his sand following him obediently, as though a pathetic slave to him. His pain seemed to have lessened by the time he reached his goal, since he wasn't doubled over anymore, but he still appeared to be struggling with something.

"Regardless," he turned before he left, his right eye shut and his breathing labored. "I will kill you guys."

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

The crowd roared in excitement, eager to see the Chûnin hopefuls tear into one another. The volume in the arena was deafening and the Finals hadn't even started. Several people were making bets and odds continued to change and twist. Many nobles from lands far and wide sat in the stands, patiently awaiting their entertainment.

The Hokage sat up in his private box with the Kazekage from the Land of Wind, watching the entire proceedings with a neutral expression on his face. Several guards were stationed around him protectively, each standing at attention with a serious expression. Likewise, the Kazekage had many guards as well, each willing to give his or her life.

Shiranui Genma frowned as he looked over the competitors, the senbon between his lips twitching incessantly. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven of the candidates for Chûnin had showed up for the Finals. Neji, Naruto, Gaara, Kankuro, Shino, Shikamaru, and Temari were all accounted for. The only one missing was Uchiha Sasuke, the supposed "star" of the show.

For the most part, as far as Genma knew, the majority of the examinees hadn't changed at all appearance wise since the preliminaries. Neji still wore his pale, short sleeved jacket and black shorts, Gaara looked like he had several sets of that uniform he wore, Kankuro still wore his strange black jumpsuit with the cat-eared hood, Temari had her revealing dress-like thing on, and Shino and Shikamaru might as well have just come from the preliminaries.

Except Naruto. Naruto's appearance had changed drastically from his original orange jumpsuit, especially concerning the color. His sword was strapped to his back with a green sash, a bright golden lotus shaped clasp positioned on it just below his xyphoid process. Replacing his jacket and the shirt beneath it was a zip-up, sleeveless, black turtleneck. It blended seamlessly with his new black pants and sandals. His blond hair was longer as well.

Several strands of sun-kissed yellow fell over top of his hitai-ate, just long enough to cover the majority of the metal plate. The rest was even wilder and spikier than before, seemingly untamable by conventional means. Two locks of blonde fell on each side of his face right in front of his ears, reaching down to his lobes, if barely.

Genma had to hide his shock from the rest of the world and he had no doubt that many others did too. The boy in front of him, with that serious scowl on his face and his analyzing blue eyes narrowed, looked like the reincarnation of the late Fourth Hokage. Kakashi, Genma thought absently, was in for quite the surprise when he got back.

"Hey, Mr. Examiner," Genma blinked himself out of his thoughts, looking up to see Naruto's hand raised.

"Yeah?" he asked, trying to regain his composure.

"What happens if Sasuke's not here in time for his match?" came the question, still with that serious look on his face.

"Well," Genma's senbon twitched as he spoke, which Naruto thought was very dangerous, "if he's not here by the time his match is scheduled to begin, he'll lose by default and be disqualified."

Genma opened a pocket watch, looking at the time as Naruto nodded in understanding. He flipped it closed, "It's time to begin the Chûnin Selection Exam Finals. If everyone but Hyuga-san and Uzumaki-san would proceed to the stands, we can begin."

The other Genin nodded and left, Naruto and Neji the only ones standing in the arena. Genma nodded, "Alright."

He stepped up between the two boys, glancing at each of them for a few seconds, "You guys are up first, so make sure to put on a good show."

He made a motion with is hand, "Begin!"

Neji sneered at the blonde, dropping into the stance of the Hyuga's famous Juken, "I'll rejoice as I watch you fall to pieces when you discover reality."

Naruto scowled, his right hand reaching up to the hilt of his sword, "I'm ten times stronger than I was during the preliminaries."

Neji's upper lip curled, the veins around his eyes bulging as the Byakugan activated, "Ten times nothing is still nothing. You were fated to lose the moment I was chosen as your opponent."

Up in the stands, Kurenai was thinking, "This match will decide the threat level Naruto-san poses to enemy ninja. If he can defeat Neji-san…he might just be able to defeat Shino-kun as well."

"You say that now," Naruto said, his sword's sheath dissolving as he pulled out Hyôrinmaru, dashing for his enemy, "try saying it again after I've beaten you!"

Neji pulled out a kunai, blocking the strike with it. He was surprised as he struggled to keep up the block, his hand shaking under the pressure. Naruto's expression was serious, his blue eyes glinting icily.

"The fight's just started and I already have two advantages," Naruto told him, bringing his left hand up in a seal. "The first is the water vapor in the air. The second is that I've occupied one of your hands, preventing you from using Jutsu."

Slowly, the water in the air began to condense into several vague forms that slightly resembled senbon. They formed a sort of cage around him, surrounding him from all sides in a death trap. Calmly, Naruto named his technique, "Sensatsu Suisho."

The water needles rushed in, embedding themselves deeply in his body. Blood oozed and dripped, a small rivulet of it traveling down his chin. He looked up at the blonde in front of him, one eye half lidded, then vanished in a puff of smoke, replaced by a heavily skewered log.

Naruto twisted, bring his left arm up to block near his shoulder. A glowing palm soared past him, mere inches from his face, but Naruto didn't even flinch. The inside of Neji's elbow pressed lightly against his forearm. A smirk curled on Naruto's lips, "Try again, idiot!"

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise as four glowing fingers sunk into his back painfully, not enough to break the skin but enough to feel as though they had. Foreign chakra flooded his body, threatening to shut down his kidneys. Then, with a splash of liquid, Naruto fell apart into a thick but shallow puddle of water, obviously not the real one.

Neji's own eyes went wide as the implications sunk in, forcing him to reevaluate his opponent's abilities. He'd been surprised when the blonde had pulled off a water technique using the vapor in the air, but to have a water clone, which was one tenth as strong as the original, do so was amazing. And he hadn't even been able to tell it was a water clone either.

This brought about many questions. When and where had the blond learned to use a foreign technique like Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu and from whom? How did he form a Mizu Bunshin using vapor in the air? How did he learn to do something like that and from whom? What other foreign Jutsu did he know?

Neji jumped to the side as a blue dragon soared towards him, its red eyes gleaming. It twisted around to follow him at the last second, but collided with ground, creating a large and long snake-like line of ice. He had seen the boy use this skill in the preliminaries, but that in no way prepared one to have it used on him or her. Above them, the sky darkened with black clouds.

That just brought even more questions, questions he should have asked the first time he had seen this beast. How did the blonde boy create a massive water dragon without any water around and then make it freeze on contact with something solid? Where did he learn to do something so complex and complicated with one technique? If it had been taught, who had taught him? Who even knew how to do something like that?

This blond boy should be simple. He was an orphan that had joined the Academy to become a ninja. He took the graduation exam three times before he passed and he passed in an unorthodox method. He had no exceptional skills and had passed at the bottom of his class. He was a loser who had just barely graduated from the Academy. He should have been easy to beat.

The Uzumaki boy, however, was anything but simple and ordinary. He was adept at kenjutsu, even though no one had ever taught him to use a sword. That implied many different things, but it confirmed none of them for sure. He could also do something that only the Nidaime Hokage had been able to do and he had taken that ability farther as well.

That begged a question that many had thought they could answer easily. It raised a query that most hadn't even thought existed, simply because of who the blonde was. Surely, his personality disarmed any opinions that would think of him as powerful. But now, the question was, 'Who is Uzumaki Naruto?'

The blonde reappeared behind the large wall of ice, already going through hand seals. He stopped at tiger, pursing his lips as he raised his fingers to them. He blew and Neji could immediately place a name to the Jutsu, "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu."

A giant fireball was released, roaring towards Neji and easily three times the size of any other that the Hyuga prodigy had seen. It soared toward him and Neji could do nothing but watch as it came closer. Its form seemed to grow as it came nearer and the brunette half expected his life to flash before his eyes.

The fireball stopped short, colliding with the wall of ice. It pushed roughly for several seconds, before fizzing out into nothing. Neji was tempted to palm his face at the stupidity of the blonde, wondering himself why he'd thought the kid had any ability. That is, until the complexity of his opponent's plan was revealed.

The ice had melted but not evaporated, lying on the arena floor like a large puddle. The blonde went through more hand seals, which numbered somewhere in the dozens, before stopping on bird. The water on the ground churned and swirled, twisting into a terrible beast as Naruto called out the name of his Jutsu, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!"

A giant dragon of water roared to life, twisting upwards from the puddle the blond had just made. It locked its menacing gaze on him, baring its liquid fangs in a twisted and evil snarl as it leered at him. With a jerk of movement, it rushed for him in a torrent of water. Water that Neji had no doubt was boiling hot and painful.

"Tch," he scoffed, gathering chakra around himself. "I guess it has come to this."

He spun on his heel, creating a twister of himself. A dome of chakra formed around him, swirling to the time of his own spin, following his movements. The dragon crashed down on it, trying to break in to attack him. It splashed around his shield, splattering into nothing as his defense broke its form into nothing.

As both the dragon and his dome disappeared, a crater was left behind with Neji in the center, calmly declaring, "Kaiten."

"Hadô no Sanjuusan," the blonde's voice called, prompting Neji to look up. His opponent was gathering a large amount of energy in his palm, pointing at him, "Sôkatsui."

A burst of energy came at him faster than Neji could think to block, throwing his arms up in a makeshift defense. The blast collided with the ground in front of him, kicking up a cloud that would easily obscure anyone's vision. Neji nearly smirked as he caught onto the blonde's plan.

"That won't work," he called, scanning the arena. "My eyes are able see through even the densest of fogs. This cheap parlor trick doesn't give you any advantage."

Neji received no answer, so he continued, hoping to irk his opponent, "You should have targeted me with that blast. You'll regret not doing so. After all, you only get one miracle per battle and you just used yours up."

"You like to talk a lot, don't you?" a familiar voice asked from behind him. Neji turned around, barely dodging a stab aimed at his head. A shallow cut carved itself into his cheek, bleeding sluggishly. He jumped back, Naruto not moving at all.

"But how?" Neji asked, dumbfounded. "How did you get behind me without—?"

"—you seeing me?" Naruto finished for him. He smirked in a vulpine manner, "That first attack was merely a distraction to grab your attention. While you were busy blocking it and 'seeing through my trick', you failed to realize that I had fired a second attack at the ground the second the dust cloud had formed."

Neji's eyes went wide as Naruto continued, "That second attack was used to dig a hole for myself. From there, I had my shadow clones dig a tunnel until I was right beneath you. After that, I dug myself out and attacked you from behind faster than you would see me. It's called 'Shûnpo'. Now…"

The boy in front of him puffed away into smoke, leaving nothing behind as the voice of another Naruto called over to him, "What was that about one miracle per battle?"

Another dragon rushed toward Neji, who knew he couldn't dodge in time to avoid the brunt of the attack. He spun on his heel once more, turning himself into a twister of motion. He threw chakra from his entire body, watching as it spread out to create a large, impenetrable fortress. The dome spread, defending him from the attack.

The dragon crashed against his defense, splashing around the dome as it was torn to pieces by Neji's chakra shield. What was different about this time, however, was that the dragon didn't just fall apart into water. No, its entirety spread around the dome of energy, freezing in place as it was blocked by the Hyuga's Kaiten. Eventually, a dome of thick ice, trapping the boy inside of it replaced the dome of chakra.

"Now!" Naruto called, going through hand seals. The dome melted as he stopped, turning into thousands of water needles, "Sensatsu Suisho no Daikeimusho!"

"Shit!" Neji swore, spinning again as he gathered more chakra desperately. "Kaiten!"

With his last second defense, Neji managed to block the needles and prevent his demise, escaping from the attack without a scratch. As he tried to regain his breath, however, a blur flitted in front of his eyes, landing next to him with its back turned. A cold sensation ran down his spine as his hands snapped together in front of him.

"So, Neji," Naruto started lowly, "if I only get one miracle per battle, what's this?"

Neji looked down, still panting as his eyes widened to saucers. A chain tied his arms together at the wrists, too tight for him to do hand seals. They were also encased from the fingertips up to his elbows in ice, restricting his movements severely. He was also out of chakra. He'd…lost.

"You're out of chakra, Neji," Naruto said, looking at him out of the corner of his eye, "do you give up?"

Neji sighed.

"Mr. Examiner," he called, the veins around his eyes receding, "I must forfeit."

"Winner," Genma called as the ice around Neji's hands melted, the chain retracting into Hyôrinmaru's hilt, "Uzumaki Naruto!"

The arena was silent for a moment, as though they had trouble believing the outcome of the spectacular battle. Naruto shifted uncomfortably under their gaze, waiting hesitantly for their reaction. Then, he heard a noise, a noise he hadn't thought he'd hear from a crowd of Konoha villagers and shinobi.

It started out low and soft, as though the crowd didn't know how to react to his victory, then it grew. It grew louder and louder as more people joined in, some standing to make themselves known. The cheer rose in volume steadily, growing and growing until it became a deafening roar. They cheered…for him.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, grinning broadly like an idiot. His eyes searched the crowd, looking at each and every person calling out excitedly, until he found one particular person that made his heart soar.

There, in the crowd, sitting next to her teammate Kiba, was Hyuga Hinata. Her eyes were shining with pride and excitement as she smiled down at him warmly. That, Naruto thought, made all of it worth it.

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

To be continued

Sensatsu Suisho no Daikeimusho roughly means "Great Prison of a Thousand Murdering Flying Water Needles".

Whew! The Naruto vs. Neji fight was seven pages long!

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