Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens
By: James D. Fawkes

The Rewrite: The Azure Sky

o.0.O.O.0.o —

As some of you are probably aware, I have posted the beginning of a rewrite of this story called "The Azure Sky" and would like to note that there will be a number of differences to the story that make it far more interesting than this one. The result of the rewrite will be a more balanced Naruto with a far fuller, more complete story. To start, I will be rehashing Ryûjin no Torai and a number of other abilities, adding scenes that weren't there before, and editing the original text to turn the story entirely to Naruto's point of view. That means no more confusing changes of POV mid paragraph. There will, however, be moments of insight into other characters as needed to explain instances of the plot, particularly from the Big Bad.

"The Azure Sky" will also feature a longer storyline with stronger bad guys and a much more extensive plot, (though those who pulled the strings during the original will still be pulling the strings here). There will be more stuff added from current canon, even though we'll veer way off course probably around the same time as before (maybe even a bit sooner). Another note is that it will be HAREM FREE for reasons I will not go into. So it will be strictly NaruHina.

Oh, yes, and Sasuke won't be getting a Zanpakuto. Hinata still will and Tenten might (not sure yet), but the reason Hinata gets hers is not simply "because I said so." Rather, those of you who have read the sequel to SUTFH will understand, to some extent, who or what caused Hinata to get a Zanpakuto (some of you, anyway). That said, I doubt I will ever explicitly state why Hinata gets one. She will not, however, be getting a Bankai in TAS.

I will ask you all to remember that there are several things to keep in mind while reading TAS. First, Anyone Can Die. Second, the Chessmaster Aizen. Third, Dangerous Forbidden Techniques (with techniques that are actually physically debilitating for more than Rock Lee). Fourth, some extent of Explaining Your Power to the Enemy (though this will be far more toned down since it will be almost entirely from Naruto's POV). Five, the distinct possibility of Refuge in Audacity. Six, Conservation of Ninjutsu.

And any others I might have missed.

— o.0.O.O.0.o —

Note: I realize that FFN would rather I not do this sort of thing, but, as I suspect that a number of you are either unaware of the rewrite or do not think it would be sufficiently enhanced, I must post this notice. An author's greatest ambitions are being noticed for his or her works and sharing the beauty of the worlds that they've created with others.