A grape rolls out of the lunchroom. Naruto stared after it, wondering how it got there. He turned his head and saw a black-haired kid, sitting with a tray full of grapes. Grapes. Nothing but grapes.

What kind of weirdo is this? Naruto thought as a red haired kid, whom he recognized as Gaara, walked up to the hen head (Sasuke) and handed him a piece of bread.

"Here, you can't just eat grapes the whole day," Gaara said and walked off. Man, that redhead is acting strange… Naruto sighed and stood up; lunch was over.

Naruto's next period was Science, and he was terrified because Neji was in it. Neji was a brainiac, and he always showed off. Naruto walked into the classroom and suddenly stopped. The kid with the grape obsession was back, sitting a few desks away from his seat. He sat down, looking a little confused. Class started and Iruka-sensei asked for a volunteer to explain they have learned a day before. Of course, Neji's hand shot up first. He stood up and winked at Sasuke, who was sitting next to him.

"Wish me luck, Sasuke-kun!" Neji smiled. Sasuke glared. WHAT?? HE'S GAY?? Naruto stared, shocked. So his name's Sasuke… Naruto noticed that Gaara was glaring at Neji. He looked like he wanted to throw knives at him. Neji was rambling about some scientifical procedure or something... Suddenly, Gaara rose out of his seat.

"That's wrong," he said, glaring.

"W-What?!" Neji stuttered looking taken aback.

"I said it's wrong, your explanation," Gaara remained calm.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S WRONG??? I'M NOT WRONG!!!" Neji fumed, launching himself at Gaara. Iruka-sensei caught Neji by his shoulders.

"Neji, Gaara is right. Your explanation was a little off, it's nothing to get angry about," Iruka-sensei explained and everyone calmed down a little. Neji cried inwardly. I've failed you, Sasuke!! He sat there banging his head on the table while Gaara coolly explained the whole thing. Perfectly. Time for pay back!

Naruto glanced at Sasuke, who was engaged in a glaring contest with a wandering ant, as if he were trying to burn a hole in the creature. He obviously doesn't show any interest in either of them. Naruto was somewhat pleased with this whole situation, it was amusing. Maybe he'll sir things up a bit…

The bell rang, school was now over and Lee was the first person out the door… as always. Shino sighed as the long girly-haired man pulled away the protesting Uchiha.

"To the candy store, Sasu-chan!!" Neji sang while his haired billowed in the wind.

"Nng.." They skipped away happily (well, Neji did).Wonder where Gaara is at this moment? Naruto wondered. Hmm... Might as well follow along. Neji waltzed into the candy store, still dragging the annoyed Sasuke (who now has given up protesting). Naruto walked in and looked around. He has never been here before; it was considered a girly store. He looked around and suddenly felt very awkward. Neji and Sasuke were eating lollipops... and Neji was acting strange. After 10 more minutes of Neji prancing about, they finally neared the cash register to pay for the candy.

"Okay, we would like to buy- GAARA??!!" Neji retreated and hid behind Sasuke.

"Since when do you work here, Gaara," Sasuke calmly asked, looking at Gaara who was wearing a cashier tag that said the wrong name on it.

"Since two seconds ago," Gaara said and scanned the candy. "That would be $19.95" (omg 20 dollars of candy) As the two guys fiddled with the sweets, Naruto also stood in line, waiting to buy ramen flavored gummy bears. He leaned on the shelf of multi-coloured jelly beans, which was not a good idea. The back of the shelf wasn't supported by anything, and Naruto was heavy. It started to tip forward as Naruto turned his head around Oh, crap… he thought as the shelf started to fall forward in slow motion. Containers of the bright jelly beans spilled out, sending drops of candy rain upon the four bystanders.


"What the--?"

"Oh, pretty colours!"

"Gaara, that's coming out of your paycheck!"

Oh, so he does work here! Neji thought while still getting hammered with the sweet beans. Naruto jumped out of the way just in time to narrowly miss the giant jelly bean storage device, but in the process slipped on a few pieces. "Gah!!" He waved his arms around, but failed to keep his balance and fell. Just where Sasuke happened to be standing. Sasuke turned wide-eyed and tried to block Naruto. In the huge jumble of people flying everywhere, Naruto ended up lying on top of Sasuke, who looked very annoyed.

"Uh…ha…" Naruto grinned, "So your name's Sasuke, eh?"

"Get off me," Sasuke gasped and rolled Naruto to the side. Naruto stood up, a little disappointed, but then suddenly tripped again (--') and almost killed Sasuke. Neji and Gaara were throwing candy at each other and yelling, but then both of them stopped and stared.

"SASU-KUN!!!" Neji flew to where Naruto and Sasuke were lying and shoved Naruto off. Sasuke got up, slightly red, and brushed off his shirt. Neji furiously turned around at Naruto, who started apologizing.

"I-I'm sorry! I wasn't looking where I was stepping, I swear!"

"It's fine, Neji." Everyone froze and stared at Sasuke.

Wait, was that even the real Sasuke? The one who normally, normally, hates everyone else?! How then, is he so… accepting of this… this… Blond-haired idiot that he's barely met, when Gaara and I have known him much longer? Neji gasped. Was it…? No way! Sasuke liked Naruto's melon cucumber conditioner better than his strawberry splash one! Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. Doomsday has seemed to come early this year.

Neji ran out crying. Gaara looked a little worried. He uses melon cucumber conditioner? Sasuke thought to himself, remembering the smell of Naruto's hair. Didn't Neji used to use that shampoo? Sasuke chuckled to himself a little and followed Neji out of the door. Gaara looked like he wanted to leave, too, but his manager (Kabuto heheh) was yelling something about a guest of honor coming to the candy store (Orochimaru obviously). Naruto decided to go to eat ramen, he was getting hungry. He took a deep breath and tugged his neon orange jacket tighter around his torso. It was still in the beginning of February, one of the few months Naruto hated. Summer suited him better. He rounded the corner, swearing he could have heard Rock Lee in the distance shouting, "My stapleeeeeeerr!"

Naruto plopped down on one of the stool chairs in the front of Ichiraku, slapping down a 5000 yen bill shouting to the old man, "Two bowls of miso ramen, please!"

"Ah, Naruto, you've come again? When do you ever tire of these noodles?" Naruto flashed a cheeky grin.

"Never!" and promptly began shoveling the miso flavoured squiggles.

Even though he only ordered two bowls to begin with, he must have ended up with about 12! The old man thought while sweat dropping. Ah, well. More money for us.

Naruto leaned back in his seat to groan and pat his stomach, but realized a little too late that stools don't have back support.

"Ow…" the fox boy moaned as he rubbed the soon-to-be bruise on the back of his head. He growled as he heard someone chuckling behind him, and turned to see the inconsiderate son of a turkey.

The girl was tall, blond-headed, and waved around a slightly oversized purple fan. The blond part known as hair was sectioned off into four ponytail puffs.

Naruto crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue, still lying flat on his back. "What do you want, Temari?"

"Oh, nothing. Just passing by…" She smirked into her fan, a mischievous glint in her eye. "Say, Naruto… Do you happen to know a guy named Sasuke?"

"Yeah, what of it?" Temari giggled.

"You two would make a cute couple!"

"Wait, what? Eww, no," Naruto waved his arms around frantically. "I'm not gay!"

"Oh really now," Temari grinned evilly. "What about that time when you and Kiba where in the park and--"

"WHAT? HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT, YOU… YOU… YOU STALKER!!!" Naruto scrambled up and pointed at Temari gaping.

"Oh, I know everything. I'm a fangirl," Temari proudly announced, patting Naruto on the head.

Weather it was coincidence or someone out there just really hated him, Naruto will never know, because at just that moment Kiba walked into the scene.

"Hey, Naruto! What's u--"

"KIBA!!! Kiba, she knows!!! Temari what happened at the park that… one time."

"NOOES!" KIba dove behind the counter.

"Hey, you're not allowed back here --'" The old man said, looking very annoyed.

"Well duh, I'm a fan girl. Fan girl," Temari pointed at her fan.

"Umm… Right…" Naruto looked deeply disturbed.

"ANYWAYS, come with me," the blond fan girl grabbed Naruto by his arm and dragged him outside.

"HEY NARUTO PAY FOR YOUR RAMEN!!" The old man yelled.

"SORRY!!!" Naruto managed to yell before losing sight of the shop. Kiba, don't kill me, please! He pleaded mentally before looking around to where he was being dragged, which was somewhere outside in the Konoha shopping centre. People came here to hang out after shopping to sip their coffee and admire pretty flowers. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of the same dark-haired person that kept appearing in Naruto's life that day. But he wasn't alone. Oh, no no no, he was very far from alone. In fact, there were so many other girls gathered around him, it looked like he was about to drown in a sea of hearts.

"What'd you bring me here for?" Naruto questioned. The only reason he didn't put up a fight was because he knew what kind of resources Temari had, not to mention she threatened him with posting a picture of him and Kiba making out and cough other things on the school news board.

"Temari didn't answer his question directly. Instead she just grinned evilly and shouted to the ocean, "OMG LOOK! IT'S ZACK EFFRON AND THAT OTHER FAMOUS PERSON!" pointing in the direction of the men's restroom.

"OHGOD WHERE?!" Naruto yelled, getting excited. Until he realized the whole group of girls took off like a mad stampeed of cows to rush to the way Temari pointed, squealing the whole way. Naruto felt like an idiot immediately, and blushed furiously to show it.

"So, Naruto. Zach Effron turns you on??" Temari waved around her fan and poked Naruto laughing.

"GAAH!!! That's not true!!" He shook his head. How could I have let that slip? He thought as his brain got mental kicks.

Before he had time to realize what was going on, Temari shoved Naruto. At Sasuke. Who was also just as confused, having just been freed of the fan-mob, but managed to catch Naruto in mid-fall nonetheless.


Aw tuna fish…

And with that, they both collapsed to the ground. Temari giggled at the sight of the two, as Naruto struggled with his sanity.

"Ngyarghnaac!" Naruto moaned.

"…What?" Temari and Sasuke looked at him strangely.

Naruto cleared his throat. "It's what all the nerds are doing these days!!!"

Sasuke and Temari continued to stare.

"… It's called the Gerten." Sasuke's eye twitched a bit. Oh God, I'm stuck underneath a moron. Naruto stared at Sasuke, who was currently in the state of thinking, and he was thinking about how Naruto was a moron.

Say… I'm on top of Sasuke…

"Hey hen head, I'm on top of you!" Naruto whispered to Sasuke, and Sasuke attempted to shove him off. Strangely enough, Naruto was resisting.

"…Blondie, why the hell are you still on me?" Sasuke tried shoving him off again. Hmm… Sasuke looks kinda hot from this angle, he pondered, getting lost in his thoughts. If I just lean in a little bit more…

Sasuke bewilderedly stared at the silent ape. Did he just get closer? Must be my imagination… Wait, what the hell? Naruto definitely just got closer!!! OHGOD what do I (penis) do what do I do?! He desperately thought. Maybe just a good kick would do the trick… But, alas. Naruto's lips, only centimeters away, abruptly stopped when the passenger underneath resorted to… his last resort.

"T-TEMARI!!! HEY TEMARI HELP ME!" Sasuke cried out to the fan girl.

"Huh?? What did I miss?" The girl questioned while turning away from the ice cream stand nearby, and barely had time to catch a glimpse of Naruto quickly jumping off Sasuke.

"…Geez, Sasuke. You interrupted my ice cream time just because Naruto was on you? I already knew that!" Temari said while sweat-dropping.

Eh?? How could she turn away from us like that? I thought she would be watching the whole thing with a video camera! Sasuke mentally yelled at her. Maybe that whole thing with Naruto getting closer really was just my imagination… He couldn't help but feel disappointed.

Temari waved and got in her car.

"Byes guys, I hope I can wink encourage both of you some time later," she laughed evilly and crashed through the hydrangea bushes.

"HEY!!! I worked for a whole week on those!!" yelled a random gardener wearing overalls.

Naruto and Sasuke stared after Temari's car. Boy, she just destroys everything, doesn't she? Naruto thought.

"So, um…" Sasuke looked in the other direction. "My ride won't be here for another half-hour, probably." He murmured. A sleek-looking car parked nearby, and they both heard music playin.

'You spin me right round, right round baby, like a record player…'

Kakashi-sensei emerged from the vehicle and stared at Sasuke and Naruto.

"Yo, Kakashi what's with the strange music?" Naruto waved.

"NO- you retard don't ask him about that song!!!" Sasuke screamed and dragged Naruto behind a column, hoping Kakashi didn't see them.

"Wait what? Why? What's wrong with it?" Naruto inquired.

"Just… Forget it," Sasuke mumbled and leaned against a wall. They were now in an alley; no one was present at the moment.

"Say, did you by chance try to… kiss me? In the mall?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Like that would happen… (Sasuke has now gotten it into his head that it indeed was his imagination) Naruto turned red.

"Um… well… There was something on your face… In a good way!" Naruto tried to think of a good excuse while flailing his arms.

"Right…" Sasuke looked confused. Why is he blushing? Maybe… It wasn't all in my head after all!!... heheheh. Sasuke thought, getting an idea. He neared Naruto and put his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Why did you try to kiss me?" Sasuke, now confident, asked.

"NO! What… Gave you that idea?" shifty-eyed, Naruto was blushing even more. Sasuke got even closer, teasing Naruto. His lips were almost touching Naruto's.

"Oh really now," Sasuke whispered, then suddenly pulled away. "Well, it was nice talking to you, I have to go." Sasuke walked off, leaving the shocked Naruto standing.