I don't write anything for a month, then I come back with a poem… Seesh… Oh well. This is a poem for one of my favourite InuYasha characters, Abi-hime, or Princess Abi. There is a lack of fics for her, and she needed love.

Sadly, InuYasha and Abi-hime belong to Rumiko Takahashi, not me.

They gathered in the darkness
Those birds on wings of white

They attacked the mortals
Seeking their blood

Death is in the air
Painting it black
Blood stains the earth
Crimson as the deepest embers
Fire consumes all who dare oppose her

With hair the colour of ashes
Eyes as red as the fire she commands
She directs her birds
Her falcon heart cannot be tamed

She rides towards the fight
In the chariot of Hell
It's flames streak the sky
As the cries of the humans
Resound in the night

All hail the Princess!
Ruler of Darkened Skies

All hail Princess Abi!
Fury of the Skies

To all those that would fight her
Let their souls wander
In this darkness
For eternity

All hail Abi-hime!
Princess of the Darkened Skies!

All beings of the air must bow before her!

What do you think? I didn't really like it, but I do know some people that would kill for anything dedicated to Abi-hime… Quite a few of the lines are from icons I've found around the web, and do not belong to me.

Please tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed, flames are not.