God, who knew that Tokyo was so crowded? It's almost impossible to walk through this sea of people. And a few of them are looking at me like I'm insane. Well, maybe rollerblading on the sidewalks of Tokyo isn't the most normal way to get around, but it's fun and can be faster if there isn't as many people as there are now. It might also be the fact that I'm obviously not from around here. With my pale skin, natural dark red hair and different style of clothing; dark blue jeans with beaded details on the back pockets and a green,long-sleeved, light sweater that looks like two tops, but is really only one, and has a swooping neckline that shows just alittle bit of cleavage. It could also be that I'm carrying around two bags on one shoulder. It could be any of those three.

But I can't wait to see him again. It's been soooooo long. Long enough that I changed a lot about me. Last time he saw me, my hair was about half way up my upper arm, and now it's at my jaw line. And also, I wore glasses because I'm slightly near-sighted, but now, I can see!!! With contacs.

As I'm rollerblading down the sidewalk, I notice that people looking and talking. Though I can't hear what their saying. No, not because of the roar of the crowd, but my large style headphones that cover my entire ear and are pumping out some of my most favorite music, right now it's "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LLCoolJ. I was also too busy looking at street names and building addresses to notice them. I'm looking at a small piece of paper that has a name of a hotel, the address of said hotel, and a room number.

I finally arrived at it and skated my way through the lobby towards the elevators. Apparently the staff doesn't really like that I am rollerblading, because I think they were trying to talk to me. Oh well. As I am going over to the elevators, I see that one of them is about to go up and only one guy is in there.

"Wait!" I yell towards him. Thankfully he holds it open for me and I slide my way into the elevator, and straight into him. Again, thankfully I wasn't going very fast, so he didn't fall down, but he still had to grab ahold of my elbows to stop me properly. "Sorry, and thank you." I say in fluent Japanese as he lets go of me when I regain my balance. I go off to his side and look at the board with all the buttons and see that we are both going up to the eighth floor, so I don't bother to push it again.

After a few seconds of silence, I pause my ipod and pull my headphones so that they are hanging from my neck. I turn towards the guy and stick out my hand to handshake, "Hi, I'm Kari."(Her name is pronounced like Carrie, just spelled differently)

"Hello, I'm Yagami Light." he replies and shakes my hand. Now's a great time. Handshake is firm, but not hard. Hair is out of his face, swooped alittle, but styled nicely that makes him appear fashionable and professional at the same time. Clothes are definitely business. His bag is over his shoulder. He talks in a formal manner, the way to properly greet some complete stranger. Yep, he's a perfectionist. He looks about 5'10", pretty tall compared to my 5'5" height. Looks like he's around seventeen or eighteen, which makes him just out of high school. By his looks, I would say he's smart, genius maybe, and probably goes to Tokyo University if he's in college.

Our handshake ends after only a few seconds, but that was plenty of time for me to see what Yagami Light's about. I go back to grabbing the mid-way molding on the elevator walls with my nails to keep me from falling on my ass and make me look like a bigger idiot than he already thinks I am. He hasn't shown any sign that he thinks I'm weird, but he seems like the type of person that's good at hiding certain emotions.

The little bell dings to let us know that we're at the right floor.

We both step out of the elevator and walk down the same hallway. I'm slightly ahead of him because of my skates, but I can tell that we're heading the same way. This really makes me wonder why he's here.

I look back at the piece of paper to remind myself the room number, 824. I look over to the right side of the hallway, the one that has all the even numbers, and see 818...820...822...824, bingo. I stop by using the molding and start to repeatedly push on the little button that is the doorbell, without taking my finger off of it. I see out of the corner of my eye that Yagami Light has stopped in his tracks with an almost stunned look in his eyes, almost like he is surprised to see me at this door. Why would he?

When the door opened, I took a millisecond to make sure it was the right person before I flung myself towards him and into a hug. "Watari-san!! It's been so long!" I exclaim in happiness.

"It certainly has." he replies with a chuckle and as he's returning the loving embrace. We let go and I move into the room. As I'm going in, I hear Watari-san say, "Ah, Yagami-kun. Please, come in." I guess Light is working on this too. When I walked into the main room, I saw a group of five people, all males, but only one I recognized.

"L!" I yelled as I threw my arms open for a hug.

He got up from his normal sitting posture as he said, "It's Ryuzaki here. And you know that." He walks up to me and stands there.

"I know and I'm sorry." I say in a pouty voice, but then ask in an almost childish voice, "Hug?" He then lets out a long sigh, but returns the gesture. My wheels are tall enough and his posture is bad enough to where I can rest my head on his shoulder. "I've missed you so much Ryuzaki. It's been so long."

"I've missed you too." he replies. I notice that his hair is as messy as it's always been and that there are dark circles under his eyes, like he hasn't slept in a few days. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

We broke off and I spun around so that he could see every angle. "So, see anything different?" I ask him with a smile on my lips.

"You cut off all of your hair and you aren't wearing your glasses." he replies quickly. I sometimes hate it when he does that.

"I didn't cut it all off, just most of it. And I got contacs."

"In any case, go and get yourself freashened up and come back here so that we can tell you everything."

"Got it." I then turn towards the men that are still seated. They looked extremely confused. "I know what you're thinking:" I say, addressing the men, "Who the hell are you? Well, most people know me as Kari; in here, you call me Katie; but you probably know me as K: L's partner. See ya." I then turn towards the hall way that looks like it has my bedroom and bathroom and skate down it. I bet that they weren't expecting me to say that. From what I've heard, most people think that K is a middle-aged man. Man, voice-changers can leave a different impression.