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A/N: This is my first time writing for Dark Angel. I usually write Supernatural fan fiction and I hope that I don't screw up DA too much. I recently rewatched all of season two. I saw a lot of chemistry between Asha and Alec and I'm a bit saddened that the show didn't follow up on it. This is my take on Alec and Asha. It it set sometime after Hello, Goodbye, and goes AU b/c Freak Nation doesn't take place in this story. I hope you all enjoy it!

Alec woke up feeling cold. He reached out for Asha only to find her side of the bed empty. He got up in search of her, hoping that he would find her in the kitchen making coffee. She would be standing there wearing nothing, but an old t-shirt of his. It would be oversized on her, but he knew she would look sexy as hell in it.

The kitchen was empty, as was the bathroom. A quick scan of the apartment revealed that Alec was alone. A curious sensation washed over him that he couldn't quite explain. It was sadness. He was sad that Asha didn't stay. Alec couldn't understand why he should feel that way. Many times he had spent the night with a girl and she didn't stay the night. He was always relieved when he woke up alone. A relief spread through him that he didn't have to make any awkward small talk and false promises that he would call in a day or two. Why then should it bother him that Asha ducked out on him? Because she's not just any girl is she? That was a question that he refused to answer right then.

Previous Night

Alec was standing at the bar in Crash bored out of his mind. Usually he was never bored when he was at his favorite hang out. He would be having drinks with the Jam Pony gang and winning half of Sketchy's paycheck playing pool. But tonight Alec was alone. Max and Cindy were visiting Joshua. Logan was working on some Eyes Only stuff and shock of all shocks Sketchy actually had a date. So Alec found himself all alone. He was thinking about heading over to Joshua's place when Asha walked in the door. Maybe tonight won't be a bust after all he thought. He wouldn't mind spending some time flirting with the pretty blonde. Alec knew he had told her to leave him alone, but they ran around in some of the same circles and they found themselves around each other a lot. They couldn't help, but flirt with one another. It was like second nature to them

"Hey Asha," Alec called out.

"Hi Alec," Asha was surprised to see him alone. "Where is everybody?"

"Not here."

"I can see that. I just never thought of you as the drink alone kind of guy."

"Yeah well I just needed some one on one time with my favorite beer."

Asha gave a small chuckle. Maybe tonight wouldn't turn out so boring after all.

"So what about you? Nothing big going down with the S1W tonight."



After sharing a couple of beers Alec and Asha went for a walk. It was a nice evening out weather wise and after strolling for a while they ended up at Alec's apartment, sitting on the sofa, sharing a beer.

Alec stared at Asha for a few moments. She's beautiful he thought. Unlike some girls Asha didn't cover her face with heaps of makeup or wearing clothes that looked more trashy than sexy. In her low rise jeans and her t-shirt that rose slightly to show off a couple of inches of creamy skin, she looked incredibly sexy to Alec. After taking a sip of beer she licked her lips. It was an innocent gesture, but it drove Alec wild. He had this sudden urge to pull her into his arms and kiss her. He wanted to kiss her until she returned the kiss and it became their whole world. Instead he took a long swig of his beer.

Asha sat on the sofa trying not to feel self-conscious. She could feel Alec's eyes on her. There was a longing in his gaze. Part of her wanted to scoot across the sofa and plant one on him. She had thought about kissing Alec many times, but she had remembered what he told her before that it wasn't a good idea to get involved with him. There was a small voice in the back of her head that also told her this wasn't a good idea. Part of her wanted to listen to voice and run from Alec's apartment as fast and as far as she could. Another part of her wanted to tell the voice to shut the hell up. Which part would she listen to?

"So Asha…"


"Uh what's new with you?" What's new with you? They had already spent a couple of hours talking and the best Alec could come up with was what's new with you. Usually he never had a hard time making small talk with woman. Give a him a few minutes and he could charm them right out of their pants. But with Asha he found himself wanting more than just small talk and a romp in the sack. However right now being this close to her it was as if his brain left his head.

"Not much really, the S1W and helping out Eyes Only take up a lot of my time." Asha took a sip of her of beer and licked her lips.

Watching Asha lick her lips again had Alec losing it. He leaned over and pulled her close. Not giving her a chance to protest he placed his lips over hers in a kiss that started out gentle, but quickly became heated. The voice in the back of Asha's head that said this might not be such a good idea shut up all together as she became completely lost in the kiss.

In his wildest fantasies, Alec never thought kissing Asha would feel this good. He deepened kissed and pushed his tongue against her lips seeking entrance. She opened up and their tongues intertwined in a mock duel for control.

After a few intense minutes of kissing, Alec and Asha managed to get up off the sofa and make it into the bedroom. Pretty soon their clothes were in a heap on the floor. Asha moved towards the bed, but Alec stopped her for a moment. He had thought he was she was beautiful with her clothes on, but without them she was absolutely breathtaking. Alec stared so long that she started to blush and he found it totally adorable.

Asha felt so exposed standing naked in front of Alec. His eyes were raking over her body slowly and it nearly caused to her flee the room. Asha reminded herself that she wanted and needed this. All rational thoughts left her the moment that Alec pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Her body eagerly responded to his and they tumbled into bed together.

When it was over Alec and Asha lay sated arms wrapped around each other. Alec surprised himself when he whispered stay as Asha tried to slip out of bed. He drifted off to slip sleep with his arms wrapped tightly around her.

Once Alec was asleep the little voice in Asha's head returned full force. She had to get out of there. Being as quiet as she could slipped out of bed and quickly got dressed. Before she exited the room she turned to take one last look at Alec. He lay on his back with the sheet pooled around his waist. He looked so peaceful laying there with a smile gracing his lips. For a moment Asha was tempted to slip back under the covers, but the voice in her head won out and she fled Alec's apartment.

End Previous Night

Sitting down on the sofa, Alec let out a loud sigh. He didn't know what he was going to do about Asha. They had crossed a line last night and there was no going back from there. He didn't want to go back. Now he could only hope that Asha felt the same way.

More to Come

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