Why did Alice follow

The white rabbit?

Was it just curiosity,

Or was it because

She knew a sense of

Adventure would ensue?

She always wondered

And pondered

Kind of like a

Philosopher and yet

She was just a learner.

Oh I wonder, I wonder

Why did she go

To a land unknown?

Why would anyone

Go beyond the conformity

To reach their destiny?

Is it pure desire,

A need for fulfillment,

Or is it to find merriment

Instead of aiding others?

How is it one can step on another

Without regard to see if it's his brother?

Yet it is all for nothing

While when dreaming

You can achieve something.

A/N: This is just amateur poetry so please don't judge it too harshly. Also instead of just telling me whats wrong with it, its better to tell me how to improve it. Because thats what reviewing is all about and a real critic would know that.