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Anyway, here we are with the third of the trilogy.

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He had tried everything. He had murdered and lied and stolen, he had destroyed entire planets.

He had even altered the TARDIS so that she could go back into Gallifrey's past and tried to get himself executed.

This had to be his last attempt, and he knew it. He had to do it correctly. If he didn't, then he would try again, and he had already damaged the universe beyond recognition.

He started to stalk himself, as the frequent regenerations (not to mention the daily alterations to his timeline) had mucked about with his memories until he forgot what had happened at what point in his life— he had thought for a few hours that his ninth self had worked for UNIT, for Rassilon's sake— so he was stuck here, waiting for that one moment when...

Ah, he thought, as the bruised and battered TARDIS slipped through a crack in the Vortex right behind the younger, healthier TARDIS. Then. Right, he remembered now. Right after he had taken Rose to Barcelona as an attempt at an apology after he had so royally screwed things up with the Reinette incident.

He managed to convince the ship to alter her fall so she landed in Torchwood instead of next to his younger self, and then gave her enough power from his own lifespan (It wasn't as if he was going to use it for much longer, anyway) to let her start to weaken the space between the two universes.

As soon as there was a gap big enough for him to jump through again, he did so. They fell for three years, Cybermen on their tail, but finally they were back in their original universe.

He had to wait for a few hours until the Void sickness wore off, but as soon as he felt he could stand without vomiting all over the TARDIS's circuits (an action which she had patiently explained, in less polite terms than the ones quoted here, would not make her the happiest of space-timeships), he was off on the second part of his mission.

The Master wasn't the only one with hypnotic powers; the Doctor just hadn't used them much. The Valeyard had no such qualms, and utilised the telepathic nudges to allow him to infiltrate Torchwood before quietly, unnoticeably, with hardly a word spoken, convincing Yvonne to try to open the "spacial disturbance". She only cared about the nonexistent British Empire, and as soon as he mentioned that it could produce absolutely phenomenal amounts of power, she jumped at the chance to harness it.

Two months after Torchwood One had started to systematically open and close the breach, slowly working it open until the Cybermen could come through properly, the Doctor and Rose arrived.

The Valeyard slipped out of sight, going to Torchwood Two to wait in safety. He had to pretend to be dead twice to avoid the notice of the Cybermen and Daleks, but managed to escape unscathed.

And then the robot-creatures were suddenly sucked away, flung through the walls and windows as if they were being attacked by a massive vacuum cleaner. The Valeyard managed to grab a door strong enough to keep him from being pulled in as well and glanced around to find a computer within his line of vision.

Finding one, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver and aimed it at the terminal, patching it into Torchwood One's security cameras until he found the Doctor.

Wait... Rose was with him? Why hadn't he sent her back? Or had he? Or... what was going on now?

Rose reached for the lever— a lever which the Valeyard had installed, connected to a system which the Valeyard had designed— and, finding it out of her reach, let go of the clamp she had been holding to catch the lever and push it upright.

But she couldn't get a good grip before the Void started to pull her in again.

The Valeyard forgot to breathe as she was left dangling, and then sucked in a frantic breath as her fingers slipped. His past self's scream of anguish resonated through him and he would have echoed it had he not been so guilty. Had he done so much to ensure her existence only to be her killer?

Quickly focussing, he flung his mind out through the breach, catching on to Rose's father's mind and screaming an order which the pitiful human was helpless to disobey.

As the world faded into darkness from the effort of the command, the Valeyard saw Pete catch her, then vanish.

He wasn't sure how long it was before he awakened, bruised and bleeding from a rough collision with the wall after he had lost his grip on consciousness and, therefore, the door. All he knew was that his plan had succeeded, and his Rose was safe.

But he had to be sure.

He pulled himself to his feet and limped back to the TARDIS, sending the ship back to a place where he had vowed never to go again, stumbling out of the doors, eyes flickering around the stone.

Krynd wandered about, seemingly innocent, never having been killed. The altar was stained with the blood of countless victims, but the blood was old and had faded from black to purple; there wasn't a trace of telltale crimson anywhere. The wood which he himself had used for Rose's pyre sat in the corner, neatly stacked, completely unmoved and untouched by flame. The skulls of past sacrifices lined the walls, but none were human.

He had won.

He smiled at the Krynd, who gave him an odd look, before he turned around and limped back into the TARDIS.

Now what? inquired Ten, hurting from Rose's absence but almost happy because he never had to see her die.

The Valeyard tapped the console, which whirred at him in a forgiving manner.

"Torchwood Two hasn't got a leader any more," he said with an almost-smile— the first such expression which had crossed his face in a time too long for him to want to know.

Years later, he was killed by his own inability to repair explosive objects, and only three people besides himself knew that he was the one responsible for the greatest battle to hit Earth in millennia.

Of those two, only Jack and Gwen Harkness knew the reason why.


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