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Dumbledore sat behind his desk with a pensive expression, the four heads of house, sat in front of him, looking grim, while Madam Pomfrey watched the scene from her fireplace in the hospital wing. The headmaster sighed,

"Pomona, you first."

Professor Sprout shifted in her seat, her hands grasping her sleeves until her knuckles were white

"A few Slytherins cursed four of my students this week. They're still in the infirmary because of blood loss." She said in a somber voice

"The same with Ravenclaw!" Professor Flitwick squeaked "We've had six in the infirmary within the last four days." Dumbledore nodded gravely

"Yes, I've heard, Miss Lovegood is still unconscious is she not?" He asked, glancing at Madam Pomfrey's face in the fire, she nodded slightly, causing sparks to rise up the chimney

"Yes, but she's stable and shows signs of waking."

Albus sighed

"Minerva, you next." He said in a tone that was steadily growing more wary. Minerva cleared her throat and adjusted her glasses.

"Messrs. Potter, Weasley, Finnegan, Thomas, Miss Granger, and Miss Weasley were in a rather brutal fight with several Slytherins," She paused and glanced at Severus, who looked to the Headmaster, Dumbledore perked a brow slowly, waiting.

"Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Millicent Bullstrode and Vincent Crabbe." Severus listed, not looking phased, Albus blinked and looked back to Minerva

"It happened only an hour ago. It was horrible." She stated, her tone steady, Dumbledore snuck a glance at Severus, who nodded slowly in agreement. He looked back to the fire,

"How are the aforementioned 12?" He asked slowly, Madam Pomfrey made a face and glanced behind her

"Well...Miss Granger and Mr. Nott seem to be well enough, just a few minor cuts and bruises, Mr. Finnegan, Mr. Thomas, Miss Bullstrode, Miss Parkinson, Miss Weasley and Mr. Crabbe are a little worse off, Mr. Weasley has a broken nose, and Mr. Zabini has a mild concussion and some side effects from a massive stunning spell. While Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy are still unconscious and show no signs of waking tonight. Albus...this is serious, the hospital wing is half full...this has never happened during a school year." She pleaded. Albus looked to his desk

"I have an idea we should discuss."



I sat on the edge of my bed, my head was pounding and I felt as though someone had poured a tub of boiling water on every inch of my body. I glanced over to my left, to find Pansy curled in her blankets, wide awake and staring out the dark window. I blinked

"What the bloody hell happened Pansy?" I asked her, squinting through the darkness, I could tell her gaze had fallen upon me. She started to sit up, but winced and seemed to think better of it.

"Well, Draco and Potter were dueling and one of Potter's stunners went awry and hit you, sending you into the wall." She stated quietly. I felt myself tense and looked around the room. Vince was sleeping in the corner, next to Draco. Millie and Teddy were no where to be seen. I started to panic slightly and looked to Pansy. She answered before I asked the question.

"Millie and Theo are fine, in fact, so much so that Pomfrey sent them back to the dungeons. Vincent has a few broken ribs and Draco...well..." She paused and looked out the window, I narrowed my eyes

"Draco...?" I asked, she sighed

"He hasn't woken up. Potter'n him had quite the duel. Draco had cast a stunner and Potter cast another back at him. The two spells met and sent off a wave of red magic...I don't think Pomfrey knows whats going on." She muttered, looking away again. I sighed and slipped onto her bed, pulling her into the gentlest hug I could muster. She curled up tighter.

"God...what I wouldn't give to fall asleep and forget this war even existed." She muttered, I glanced down and noticed she was almost in tears. I frowned and hugged a little tighter, leaning back against her pillow

"I know Pansy...me too..."


It had been two weeks, and the fighting had only gotten worse. Albus Dumbledore was once again meeting with the four heads of house. They were currently staring at the headmaster with their mouths hanging open. Minerva was the first to get over the shock

"Albus...are you sure thats such a good idea?" She asked in a shocked voice, Albus smiled at her

"Minerva, my dear, I'm sure if you think about it, you'll find its quite an intelligent answer to our recent problems."

"But Albus...how will we even begin to decide--" Severus started with a bemused voice

"Its really quite simple Severus." Filius stated, glancing at him, then back to Dumbledore, who smiled at the people in front of him

"Well. Lets get started."



Hermione and Ron walked with me. We were silent, on the ready for another attack or fight. Ron pushed the door to the great hall open and we all blinked in unison. The four house tables were gone, in their place were hundreds of smaller tables with settings for two. Hermione's eyes scrunched in thought

"Something must be going on..." Ron mused, looking around at the rest of the school standing along the edge of the hall. A few more students filtered in behind us, stopping short with the same predicament on their mind as was on ours.

Dumbledore stood and looked across the hall with a stern face.

"Students of Hogwarts. Due to the extreme amount of violence in the past weeks, the heads of house and I have come up with a new plan. From this point on. Things will be different." He stated, looking around the room.

Ron snorted quietly

"Yeah. Right." He muttered, looking over the Slytherins, who were huddled together, one hand on their wands, their eyes on the Headmaster. Hermione looked at Ron in irritation and elbowed him.


Ron frowned and rubbed his side, the headmaster began again.

"So, as Professor McGonagall reads your name and table number, please sit."

Professor McGonagall stood and unrolled a parchment, she looked down at it

"Hermione Granger and Theodore Nott, table 39." She droned, glancing up. Hermione had paled and was clutching her books like there was no tomorrow. I frowned, not able to figure what the teachers were thinking when they paired Hermione with a Slytherin. Not to mention Malfoy's friend.

I glanced over at their huddle and found Malfoy staring at McGonagall angrily, while the rest of his friends looked at Nott with a horrified expression. McGonagall frowned as no one moved.

"Hermione Granger and Theodore Nott. Please sit at table 39." She repeated, her tone starting to sound angry. Hermione snapped out of it and stepped forward bravely. She set her chin high and walked with determination to table 39. Nott followed soon after being pushed out of the crowd by Goyle. He clutched his pile of books to his chest and stumbled over to the table, sitting down and staring at the top. McGonagall gave a tight lipped smiled

"Pansy Parkinson and Ginevra Weasley, table 21."

Ron paled in anger and glanced over at Ginny, who was standing with Dean Thomas. She looked rather entertained and flounced over to her table after giving Dean a peck on the cheek. I sighed, Ron would be watching Parkinson's every move for the rest of breakfast. McGonagall waited until Parkinson and Ginny were settled, before looking down at the parchment.

'Luna Lovegood and Parvati Patil, table 13.' Was the last one I heard before I tuned out. I idly noticed Dean being placed with Crabbe, and Seamus with Bullstrode, before Ron's name was called

"Ronald Weasley..." McGonagall started, but she paused to cough. Ron was tense next to me and glaring as if she was doing it on purpose. I smirked a little and McGonagall cleared her throat

"Pardon me. Ronald Weasley and Blaise Zabini, table 36." She stated evenly. Ron blinked and paled even further, before blushing deeply.

"What? With that bastard??" Ron squeaked, perhaps a little louder then he meant to, Zabini looked over and glared

"You're no bed of roses either, you wanker." He called back. McGonagall frowned in irritation

"Gentlemen, that is enough. Table 36, now!" She snapped. Zabini stalked over and pulled his chair out roughly, knocking over the pepper shaker, which immediately righted itself. Ron was frozen next to me, flushed a deep red. I poked him in the shoulder and McGonagall stared at him

"Mr. Weasley! Sit down or it'll be a week's detention!" She shrieked, Ron sighed and his shoulders slumped

"At least its not Malfoy..." I whispered to him, he gave me a half smile before trudging over to his table with his head hung.

"Padma Patil and Justin Finch-Fletchley, Table 28." She stated, looking down at the parchment.

It was about an hour later and there were eight of us still left standing. I was leaning on the wall next to Neville and Ernie MacMillan. Hannah Abbott was a few feet away, and kept glancing at Ernie every few seconds. I chuckled to myself. McGonagall locked her eyes onto me and I blinked, feeling a little bit of dread coiling up my spine. She gave another tight lipped smile. One reserved just for those who knew what was going on.

"Harry Potter..." She started, and before she finished, I knew what was coming "And Draco Malfoy. Table 40."

I knew it, yet I was still shocked. The bored silence in the room slowly grew to one of shock. All eyes were on Professor McGonagall. Except mine. I was staring at Malfoy with what could only could be described as shock. His eyes slowly worked their way to mine. His face was cool and relaxed, but his eyes were declaring silent war. McGonagall cleared her throat impatiently after a few minutes. I jumped, having forgotten what was going on. I blinked and sighed, sulking over to my table and sitting down. Malfoy walked slowly over, sneering at anyone that dared to look at him. He pulled out his chair, quite farther then necessary, immediately turning to Nott and whispering something to him. The black haired boy nodded slightly, looking up from his book. He gave Malfoy a small smirk and looked back to the text. I felt anger at my gut, but I pushed it away. I already had detention for a week and a half. I didn't need it any longer. I sought out Hermione's gaze, she looked at me and gave an apologetic smile.

I sighed and stared at the table top avidly. McGonagall quickly finished without any further incidents and sat down in her seat. Dumbledore looked at the newly paired hall and smiled

"Wonderful. Now, in an hour, I expect you all to go to your second class of the day. Enjoy your breakfast." He grinned at the room and sat down, immediately starting a conversation with Remus, who sat at his left.

Malfoy scrunched his nose

"Bloody unlikely." He snapped to himself, staring at the plate in front of himself. I rolled my eyes and touched my empty plate, which immediately filled with eggs, sausage and toast smothered in butter. My mouth would have watered if it hadn't been for my company. Malfoy sniffed disapprovingly as yogurt with granola appeared in front of him. I kept my self from staring.

I couldn't really imagine Draco Malfoy eating like a regular human being...and suspiciously like Ginny. Who was a few tables away already digging into her sugar topped grapefruit.

The hall slowly descending into conversation. Hermione was even exchanging a few, well placed, polite words with Nott.

And Ron...well. He was sitting at his table, stuffing his face. Zabini looked at him for a few minutes, then caught Malfoy's eyes. Malfoy scrunched his nose in disgust as Zabini perked an eyebrow and smirked.

It seemed to me that they were communicating silently.

Zabini finally shrugged and dove into a slight downplay of Ron's vacuum power, but still impressive in any rate. Malfoy looked at him in cool disgust and turned back to his food. Something in my chest sighed in relief.

He might eat like a human. But nothing had changed.

Draco Malfoy was still irrepressible Satan spawn.

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