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Chapter 5

Lily stretched sleepily, further tangling herself in her Egyptian cotton bed spread.

She came awake with a start as she realized where she was. Turning her head she glanced at her dorm room door. Her magically-locked dorm room door.

Ever since her first year at Hogwarts she had been incredibly grateful for the Slytherin power-play that had enabled each and every Slytherin to have his/her own dorm room, unlike any other house in Hogwarts. It had helped her a lot during the first few years. Later, after her cousin Rosie had taught her a few lock-charms and how to use them in combinations, it had become her sanctuary.

As she got up from bed, she again thanked whichever snotty, spoiled brat who had pulled the strings for this arrangement.


Scorpius Malfoy cursed himself silently for falling asleep as he yanked on his clothes swiftly. A Malfoy did not rush, after all. As he glanced over fleetingly at the girl lying tangled among her spread, for the most part, completely nude, he recalled the strenuous activity that had expended all of his strength and left him so tired, that he had fallen asleep on Eliza's bed.

This would not do.

Scorpius never allowed any sexual liaison to extend throughout the night. No manner of commitment was permissible.

Without looking back, he left Eliza's room, making a mental note to send her a fare-well bauble.

As he walked out, he checked his watch and congratulated himself on getting out undetected and before any decent waking hour. His triumph was short lived as he spotted someone lounging on one of the plush, dragon leather settees that were decked out in the common-room.


He looked up as he heard the sound of a dorm room door opening.

Damping down his frustration that it wasn't her, he looked at the figure who had emerged from Eliza Rookwoods room. Smirking, he took in his best friends' disheveled appearance.

Who else would it be?

"Well, well, what have we here," he drawled as a scowling Scorpius came towards him.

"And just what are you doing up at this hour, Zabini," Scorpius questioned in annoyance.

"How did Eliza manage to keep you the entire night, Malfoy," Andreas threw back.

"Fell asleep," Scorpius grumbled almost inaudibly.

"What was that old chum," Andreas quirked, his grin widening.

"I fell asleep, you dolt," Scorpius all but snarled.

"Well, I deduced that much," Andreas said, rolling his eyes. "Question is: did you do it on purpose or not?"

"Not a word Zabini," Scorpius glowered threateningly as he disappeared into his room.

Chuckling to himself, Andreas re-settled himself on the settee, as he waited for his quarry to emerge from her room.

He didn't hear the soft swoosh of the closing portrait that served as the entrance.


Lily Potter maneuvered her broom through once last round of the Quidditch field. The crisp morning air nipped at her skin and left it flushed and rosy.

As she landed gracefully on the pitch, she couldn't suppress a small content smile. Flying never failed to pull up her spirits and set a smile on her face.

However, her euphoria never lasted long. Already, as she walked across the pitch towards the changing rooms she could feel reality boring her down. As she walked past stalls, that had once been the location of various rags, she felt the familiar shiver of apprehension. Though she had moved past them, she had never managed to suppress all of the horrid memories.

Deciding to leave the past, she thought back to this morning. She had nearly given herself away as she'd been about ready to leave her dorm room.

After 3rd year, Lily made it a rule to leave the common room before anyone awoke, in order to avoid the snide conversation and housemates itching for a dual. She was caught quite off guard when she heard Andreas Zabini's quiet drawl, as she had been about to leave her room.


"Well, well, what have we here," a familiar voice drawled.

Lily instinctively stifled a gasp as she jerked back into her room.

What in the name of Merlin was Andreas Zabini doing up at this hour?

"And just what are you doing up at this hour, Zabini?" She started again as Scorpius Malfoy voiced her thoughts.

She didn't bother to wait to hear his reply. Quickly stepping back into her room, Lily racked her mind ruthlessly for a way out.

The Invisibility Cloak.

Of course!

Stealthy, she crossed over to her bedside table and eased the drawer open. Flicking the false bottom open, she removed the silky cloth from its space.

Throwing it around herself, she caste a silent lock charm on her door before slipping out and quietly shutting it behind her.

"Question is: did you do it on purpose or not," Andreas's voice drawled.

"Not a word Zabini," Scorpius snarled as Lily reached the entrance portrait.


Andreas's low chuckle echoed in Lily's mind as she shrunk her sweaty clothes and stuffed them into a pocket of her shoulder bag.

Shaking her head to get rid of his sexy voice, she peered into the mirror, to access her appearance.

Sexy? A small voice in her head queried.

Shrugging, she admitted that he wasn't without sex-appeal. How could he not be? He was a Slytherin after all.

Sex-appeal was one of the common traits among the Slytherin echelon, along with intellect, ruthlessness, deviousness, self-centeredness and greed.

She wondered how many of those traits were in her personality. The sorting hat had, after all, sorted her into the house.

Frowning slightly, she absent-mindedly took in her appearance. The green silk, trimmed black robes fell flatteringly around her feet. She had dried and braided her hair in its usual style. The warm from the shower made her rosy face glow.

Still stuck in her thoughts, Lily left the locker room.

She walked out the door and into a wall; and was knocked flat on her butt.


Scorpius was seething.

When he has emerged from his room later, he found Eliza smiling intimately at him from her spot on one of the settees. From the way her posse erupted into small delicate giggles, he deduced that something was the matter. But only when Henry nudged him slyly about his supposed "fixation" on Eliza did he understand what was going on.

One look at Andreas' grim expression, confirmed his suspicions.

That little bitch.

Blindly, he stalked out of the common room. He needed to do something in order to work off his anger.

Revenge, after all, never tasted good unless served cold. And he intended on teaching Miss Rookwood just that.

Scorpius Malfoy was not someone to be toyed with.

He stalked towards the Quiddich locker room, and nearly got run down.

Looking down, he saw red hair.

What IS it with these red heads, he mumbled to himself as he stepped back to deride the clumsy oaf who had collided into him.

Indigo blue eyes glared up at him.

Scorpius felt his breath catch as recognition hit him.

It was her.

The demented, red-headed witch………………..the one with the nice bum.

"You!" he exclaimed in shock.

"Shit," muttered the demented, red-headed witch with the nice bum.