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Blood Lust

"What are you saying?" Lucius yelled, "Are you saying this is going to be here for the rest of my life?"

The healer stepped back from Lucius and sighed, "Lucius, you were bitten by a vampire, there is nothing you can do about it." he tried to reason.

"Bullshit, there has to be something I can do."

"The only thing I can tell you, and I'm only telling you because I know you can keep quiet, is that the best way for you to live now is to find a female that is young and untainted, one you will have for the rest of your life and can feed from."

"How do I find that? Take out an ad in the prophet, ' wanted, young woman who is pure of sexual sin for vampire to feed off of.'

The healer chuckled, " you will be able to smell the purest, her blood will call to you like a thirst calls for water."

"How is that going to work, aren't vampires allergic to sunlight?"

"Some, but not you. You were actually lucky to be bitten by an eastern Vampire, they can survive in the light and live a relatively normal life."

"How is sucking someones blood normal?" he spat

"It will be for you and the girl you pick out. After the first bite, she will have a calling for you, like a binding where she will willingly give her body and blood."

"So my task is to find a young pure blooded woman who's blood will call to me because she is pure and free of sexual sin?"

"Ahh, glad you brought that up. A pure blood would not be good for you. You will need blood from someone who is not related in anyway and the way pure blood society is, there is no telling who your related to and who your not. I would actually suggest you find a muggleborn."

"A mud blood? To live a normal life I need to drink blood for a MUD BLOOD?" he yelled.

"I'm afraid so Lucius, and as terrible as this sounds, its probably a good thing Narcissa isn't around any longer. The woman you choose will become attached and will become slightly possessive of you, possibly harming and other woman that comes near you."

"Well lets just hope Narcissa is happy with her lover in France then, we wouldn't want my mudblood protector to kill her now do we?" He replied sarcastically "Just kill me now" Lucius sighed.

"It's not that bad Lucius, everything will work out for you." the healer said as he patted him on the shoulder. "But I suggest you start looking for your blood mate soon or you will become to weak."

"I'll start looking tomorrow, I just hope it wont be to hard."

The healer gave his final goodbye and left the manor, leaving Lucius to his thoughts.


The next morning, Lucius woke early and had already started to crave the blood he would need to survive. He dressed quickly and made his way into Diagon Alley, knowing that there would be plenty of young women walking around.

He walked for hours, realizing he could tell by smell who was pure and who wasn't, the blood of the pure smelled sweet and clean, but he soon found that most of the sweetest blood was coming from children, something he would die before partaking in. He decided he would get something to eat, normal food, and look a little longer afterwards, if he didn't find her, he would come back the next day and try again.

Lucius ate his lunch, finding himself full but far from satisfied, his craving for blood was getting stronger by the minute. He made his way back out and started walking again, his body growing desperate for what it needed.

Four hours later, he had still not found a single witch that met his needs and decided to just go home for the day...he would try again tomorrow and the day after that until he found her.

The next day he found his body growing weaker and his craving getting stronger. The thought of finally finding a suitable mate was enough to send his body into shivers and anticipation. He started his walk and continued for hours. He again repeated the lunch ritual, finding the food tasting bland with every bite. He eventually gave up on his lunch and started the search again. The sun was setting high in the sky above, making him feel sluggish in his already weakened state. The healers words were practically ringing in his ears about needing to find a blood mate soon, so he continued, no matter how bad his body wanted to rest, he refused to allow himself to get to weak to operate properly.

Two hours later he was ready to give up and go home, hoping he would have the strength to return the next day and search again. He walked slowly to the apparation point, moving slower and slower with each step until he smelt it, the sweet smell of pure, untainted blood. He looked around, thinking he would find another child but his eyes landed on a girl he knew to well, Mudblood Granger.

He knew of the girl through Draco, he had seen her only a few times but his son would rant about her for hours when he would go home for the summer, complaining about her hand waving and always making sure she had the right answers, "It's annoying" he would say.

His energy seemed to pick up as he walked behind her, the smell growing stronger and sweeter as he got closer. She was alone and not paying attention to anything around her...perfect.

He waited and watched patiently, looking for the perfect spot where he could grab her, feed, and take her back to the manor with out causing a huge scene, something he wanted no part of. He followed her for another hour until the perfect opportunity came, she had stopped by a little alley way and bent down to tie her shoe. He looked around and noticed no one was paying the slightest bit of attention to him or Granger. He walked silently behind her, casting a silencing spell on her before quickly grabbing her and dragging the fighting witch into the alley way.

His urge was strong, uncontrollable even, giving him strength he didn't know he had. He pushed her against the wall, pinning her body with his while using one hand to hold hers to prevent her from hitting him.

"You are mine Granger, always mine" he growled before lowering his mouth to her neck, and piercing her soft flesh with his teeth, drinking the blood he so desperately needed...her blood.