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Chapter 26: Seize the Day

Billy's hands were on top of his head as he paced back and forth in the waiting room. His boots dragging back and forth against the white speckled tile. Bodie and Baggy were slumped in the orange plastic chairs, their eyes staring down at the ground. Nurses were rushing from room to room, doctors whizzing by with clipboards, scribbling down in them. Voices filling the air, people being called to rooms, doctors being paged. He didn't even feel like he was in the hospital anymore. Instead his mind kept replying the very last moment he had with her.

He stared down at her, brushing a few strands of hair out of her face. She gazed up at him, a smile spreading, as she tilted her head up and kissed his lips. The white sheet was draped across both of their bodies, his hand placed on the curve of her back. Pulling back from the kiss he gazed down at her again.

"What?" she asked lightly with a tiny smirk on her face. He slightly smiled back at her as his eyes scanned her face. She was so beautiful, so perfect in every way. Her smile, her laugh, the way she showed nothing but love for her daughter. Even the way her eye twitched when she grew nervous. He could never understand how someone with such a pure heart could ever want to be with someone like him. And not just how they were at this moment. Not just sharing her bed, but her truly wanting to be with him. Sticking by him through all the hell that had been put between them. Her always caring for him, his thoughts, his worries, and his happiness.

His fingers lightly touched her cheek as he brought his eyes up to her. He looked deeply into them, not wanting to lose this moment with her. He didn't feel like the Billy Darley everyone feared when he was with her. He felt like a man, a man with so much to live for. If he could stay like this, here with her, loving her, holding her, having her love him back - he would stay this way forever.

"Do you love me?" he asked, his voice deep but soft. She smirked at him again, pulling her face to his. Their lips just barely touching as she looked into his eyes.

"I've never loved anyone the way I love you," she whispered back, her eyes scanning his as he looked back at her. "Question is, do you love me?" She left her lips in front of his, waiting for him to answer.

"I love you Celes," he said before he pushed his lips on hers. It was a deep meaningful kiss. The words he spoke meant more then she would ever know. He did love her, and he would do anything for her. He would die for her if that meant protecting her and the family that they had built together.

Billy's happy memory was jolted from his mind when he felt a harsh shove hit his back. His head snapped around, his eyes wide, as he did a quick scan. For a moment, he had completely forgot that he was still standing in the waiting room, pacing back and forth. His eyes started to focus, the image of Celes staring back at him leaving his mind, as his eyes fell on Evie who was standing right in front of him. Mascara streaks covered her beat red face as she lurched forward slamming her hands into his chest.

"You selfish son of a bitch!" she screamed. Bodie jumped out of his chair, his arms wrapping around her, trying to pull her away from Billy. He knew his girl and his best friend better than anyone, and putting these two hotheads together would not have a good outcome. Evie wasn't having it, as she shoved him back, shooting a harsh glare. "Don't fucking touch me! Don't ever touch me again!" her voice screeched, tears forming in her eyes. Bodie took one step back, a shocked look painted across his face. Evie didn't care now, she didn't care about anything besides the obvious. Her head snapped back towards Billy's direction. Celes was her best friend, and she had always been there for her through thick and thin. Through all the good times, like when they would have slumber parties, gossiping over the guys living down the road, school prom, all of them. Then there were the times when things got bad for Celes at home with her mother. But she was there, every time, from the moment Celes found out she pregnant, from the delivery, and right when Keaton had died that tragic night. That's what best friends were suppose to do. Be there for one another, no matter what. She hadn't been there for Celes this time. Because she knew the moment Celes fell for Billy that it wasn't a good idea. Instead she didn't listen to her gut feeling, and now look what had happened. Billy's chest was heaving, his eyes dancing wildly as he stared down at her. But she wasn't intimated by that look on his face. "Tell me! Was it worth it! Was going after Marcus worth all of this? First Joe, and now you let him take her too!" Evie shoved him back again, making him stumble against the wall. He was a giant towering over her. "Answer me you piece of shit!" Her fists started pounding against his hard chest, tears pouring down her face. "Why did you let this happen!" She was sobbing now, her words becoming complete blubber. "You're fault," she choked out. "It's all your fault!"

Billy's neck was tightening, veins popping out one by one on his neck. Reaching down he ceased Evie's wrist making the pounding on his chest stop. He stared down at her coolly, not knowing whether he wanted to rip her head off because of what she was doing or because every word of it was the truth.

"Where's my mommy?" a tiny voice whimpered as Evie and Billy both looked over seeing Brayden holding Savannah. "Is mommy sick?" Evie choked out a sob, Billy letting go of her wrist as she walked towards them. "Why are you crying Aunt Evie?" Savannah's yes were growing now as she glanced at everyone around the room. "Why were you hitting Billy?" But no one could answer the little girl's questions. "Uncle Brayden?" Savannah asked staring at him. Brayden swallowed hard, his eyes bloodshot red. How do you explain to a child what has happened? A child that has already lost one parent that she never got a chance to know. She was too young to have this much tragedy in her life. Brayden cleared his throat and used his free hand to wipe his eyes.

"Mommy had an accident," Brayden explained all eyes on him. Billy pushed himself off the wall studying Savannah's tiny face. Her bottom lip was starting to quiver, her bright blue eyes quickly filling with tears.

"Can I see her?" her tiny voice squeaked.

"Not right now sweetie," Evie said smoothing out her pony tail and pulling her out of Brayden's arms. She eased them both down on a plastic chair, a few spots down from the rest of the guys.

"When can I see her?"

"When the doctors tell us we can," Evie said trying to give her a smile. Savannah's chest started to rise as she squirmed in Evie's lap. "Savannah honey-"

"No!" Savannah yelled scrambling out of her lap and darting towards Billy. "I want to see my mommy right now!" Standing in front of Billy she looked up, her eyes pleading. "Billy, take me to my mommy!" Billy drew in a deep breath before reaching down and picking her up. "Please Billy." Her arms tightly around his neck as Billy cringed.

"Give me her," Evie said standing next to Billy. She didn't want her goddaughter anywhere near him right now. "I said give me her Billy." Billy's eyes glazed over now were burning into hers.

"Evie stop it," Brayden said trying to pull her back. A security guard was already standing near them since the commotion Evie had caused when she first walked in. "Not in front of her." Billy took a step back, not even willing to hand Savannah over to her. Evie's face was turning every shade of red as she reached out one more time.

"Excuse me," a voice cut in making everyone snapped their heads. Detective Wallis was standing a few feet away, two officers right beside her. "I know this is a difficult time-"

"You don't know shit," Billy breathed his eyes now glaring towards her. Savannah wiggled around slanting her head towards the Detective. Evie quickly grabbed Savannah out of Billy's arms walking back towards her seat.

"So who would like to tell me what happened first?" Detective Wallis asked staring straight at Billy.

"Think this can wait?" Billy asked harshly his eyes falling towards Savannah. She followed his gaze seeing the little girl staring at her.

"Fine," she replied. "But don't plan on leaving." She took a few steps walking towards the nurses station as she leaned over talking quietly with the woman behind the counter. Billy could feel Evie pulling Savannah out of his arms as he reluctantly let go, not wanting to make a further scene. He was still pacing back and forth, the minutes ticking by slowly. The only thing the nurse would tell them was that Celes was still in surgery. There was no telling whether or not she would make it.

It would only be a matter of time before Detective Wallis started sparking off her questions. Billy's mind was getting caught between what he needed to do and he should be doing to save his own ass. There were two officers standing guard down by the ext and two security guards at the other end of the hallway. If he wanted to go anywhere, they would surely follow, watching his every move like a hawk. Evie was sitting guard next to Savannah, her eyes narrowed never leaving Billy's direction. The ring of his cell phone ripped through the hallway as he glanced down to see Heco's number pop up on the screen. He darted his eyes towards Bodie who nodded his head as Billy took a few steps away from the sitting area and turned his back towards everyone.

"Yea?" he said his voice low and steady.

"We got the motherfucker Billy," Heco said enthusiastically. Billy's eyes bulged out. Although Marcus was the only reason why Celes was laying in the hospital bed, for a mere moment, the thought of killing him had slipped his mind. "We're taking his bitch ass down to the Office. What do you want us to do?"

"Wait," he said seeing Detective Wallis pop her head around him. Baggy was standing a few feet away from her staring hard at Billy.

"Can't you read the sign Mr. Darley?" she asked pointing to the plastic sign embedded on the wall that read 'No Cell Phones Allowed'. Billy narrowed his eyes as he tossed the phone towards Baggy.

"You heard her," Billy said giving a look as Baggy quickly mumbled something on the other end. Detective Wallis shifted her eyes between the two before she cleared her throat.

"Care to share what that conversation was about?"

"No, I don't," Billy replied flatly seeing Baggy shoving the phone in his pocket wearing a slight smile.

"Where is he Billy?" Detective Wallis demanded. He sniffed, wiping his mouth and placed his glazed over eyes on her.

"I don't know who you're talking about."

"Marcus," she spat her own eyes glaring at him. "Or should I ask what you have done with him?" Billy's head tilted back as he shrugged his shoulders. "I just got a phone call from the chief of police saying there is a possible homicide down at the dock. Was that were Celes was stabbed at? Did Marcus take her down there?" She kept flying questions at him, Billy's dead set eyes burning into hers as he shrugged his shoulders to every question. "Fine, you want to play games this way Mr. Darley, I can do that. Once the chief calls me back, I'm taking you downtown. Where you're going to sit in a holding cell until I get the time to come back around. And I will find something to put your ass away for a very long time." She walked off, her heels clicking across the floor. Billy drew in a deep breath and popped his neck. There was no way he was going to any damn police station at a time like this. Scanning the room again, he saw the two officers that were guarding the exit now speaking to Detective Wallis. Her phone rang as Billy cursed under his breath. Bodie and Baggy both walked towards him and leaned in.

"Heco's got the fucker down at the Office," he said glancing at Baggy. "Did you tell him to wait for me?" Baggy nodded his head already knowing that there was no way Billy would allow anyone else to take Marcus out. This was something he had to do himself.

"We gotta get the fuck out of here dog," Bodie said glancing back at Evie. "I know it's fucked up to leave at a time like this, but it's either get out now or get out in handcuffs." Billy leaned against the wall, his fingers drumming against it as he tried to think of a plan. He didn't want to leave, not without knowing if she was okay or not. He nudged his head telling his boys to go sit back down. Bodie had only made it a few feet away before the sound of a cell phone started ringing. Billy turned his head seeing Detective Wallis on her phone. Bodie slowly sat back down in the chair and mumbled to Brayden what was going on.

"Billy Darley," Detective Wallis announced loudly snapping her phone together and pointing at him. Brayden's eyebrows shot up as he looked over. He knew that they were going got take Billy in, and he knew that couldn't happen. Evie's eyes were falling on him, knowing exactly what he was thinking, as she slowly starting shaking her head.

"Brayden," she hissed, but it was too late. Brayden clutched his check, letting out a loud groan, as he quickly flung himself on the tile floor of the hospital. His body started shaking, flopping around everywhere like a fish. Evie glanced back over at Billy, seeing him slowly take a couple steps back. Bodie was already on his feet, Baggy backing up in the direction Billy was headed. As much as she blamed him, hell, even all of them, and as much hatred she was feeling, she knew what she had to do. Be Celes's best friend and do what she would have wanted her to do. Save their asses.

"Somebody help!" Evie shouted jumping out of her chair. Detective Wallis and the two officers were coming towards Brayden now shouting for a nurse to come over.

"Go," Evie mouthed as the three men turned and fled down the hallway. Everything happened so fast, Brayden being picked up off the floor and thrown onto a gurney before Detective Wallis could even realize that Billy and his two boys had disappeared. The air whooshed around them as they broke out into a run across the hospital parking lot towards the mustang. While Billy ran, his heart pounding, his mind so lost and confused, he wasn't able to see the surgeon that had been desperately working on Celes walk out into the waiting room. He wasn't able to see Brayden shooing up from the gurney or Evie grabbing Savannah from the chair as the surgeon approached them. And he wasn't able to hear the words that were slowly coming from the doctor's mouth, or see the look on everyone's face, as he gave them the verdict of Celes's life.


It's funny how it only felt like a punch. Like she had just gotten into a fight with someone, more like she had just been sucker punched really. It didn't feel like a knife had plunged through her at all. Although she could hear Billy's voice loud trying to keep her awake, something was pulling her. Everything was happening so fast. The swarm of people cutting off her clothes, everything coming in and out. Things were fading, shallow breaths escaping her mouth before she saw the darkness. It was cold there, no light, and she felt herself being drawn away. She didn't want to go there, because she could still feel her heart beating, giving her that sign that she was still alive. That she was still in her own body, but everything else was numb. Suddenly there was a flash and it all became very real to her. Memories flooding her mind, but none of it felt like it was the end. More like a dream, a crazy dream, doors opening as she stepped in to see what was like a movie being played in front of her. The better days before her mother became an addict, pushing her on the rope swing outside their tiny house. Her grandmother's warm caring smiling face she held anytime something went wrong. The moments of Evie and her sneaking out of the house, Keaton kissing her for the first time, her having to pick Brayden up from a party, all of them were there.

But it was all a dream, right? Because she couldn't be dying. No, that couldn't be happening to her. All of it was becoming overwhelming, so many memories making her eyes fill with tears. Another flash came across with Savannah staring at her. Suddenly her heart started to ache, seeing her daughter's face, the wide smile, the bouncing curls, and the bright blue eyes. "Mommy," the tiny voice whispered. Celes could hear herself choking as reached out towards the image in front of her, not wanting to let her life go or her daughter go. Suddenly before her fingertips were even able to come near her, she felt herself being flung back.

"I've got a heart beat!" someone shouted. "Celes, can you hear me? My name is Doctor Todd, you're in the emergency room. You've lost a lot of blood-" As much as she tried to strain to hear him, she could feel it again. Her vision started to blur again, the darkness creeping up on her, sucking her back into the place she had just been.

"She's crashing!"

"Mommy," Savannah said dancing her rag doll across the dash of the truck as they drove along the freeway. "Is Luke going to come stay with us?" Celes looked over at her daughter through her bloodshot eyes. Why her daughter was awake at four in the morning was beyond her. But it was the only way to get out, while Luke was passed out piss drunk.

"No sweetie," she said reaching over and brushing a few curls out of her face. "Luke is going to stay at our old house."

"Good," Savannah stated as Celes raised her eyebrows. "Does Aunt Evie have cartoons on her TV?" Celes let out a laugh seeing the exit sign a few feet up ahead. Actually seeing the sign in front of her made her body feel more at ease. They would be safe here, she could already feel it. A fresh start, a new beginning, that's all she wanted. Not for her though, more importantly for Savannah.

"I think Aunt Evie already has a TV set up in your room," she said turning over in the next lane and getting onto the ramp. There was another moment of silence as Celes let out a yawn. Only twenty more minutes and she would be at her new home.

"Mommy," Savannah said dropping the doll onto the seat. "Will Luke stay away forever?" She slowly turned her head staring at her daughter.

"Honey," she said trying to think of the right words to say. "We're going to start a whole new life here. Just you, me, and Aunt Evie."

"What about Molly Dolly?" Savannah asked dangling her rag doll around.

"We can make room for Molly Dolly too," she said as Savannah smiled widely. Savannah rambled on some more, as Celes laughed at the things her daughter would come up with. This was the right decision, she could feel it. A new life. A new beginning. That's all they needed, and everything would be okay.

That memory started to eat away at her as she felt her body start to tingle. A new life is what she had promised her daughter, and she knew she couldn't leave her without making that promise. Her lungs started to feel with sharp pains as she could hear the doctors again, their voices fading in and out of her ears. Yes, she would fight this, she would come out of the darkness. As she tried to fight, something flashed in front of her again, her body started to ease back to the warmth.

She felt his hand brushing a few strands of hair out of her face as she gazed up at him. His eyes were lightened, not as intense as they had been, as a small smile spread across her face. Tilting her head up she placed her lips on his, feeling that chill. The white sheet was draped across both of them, his hand on the curve of her back. She could feel him pulling back from her, and she didn't want the kiss to end.

"What?" she asked lightly with a tiny smirk on her face. He slightly smiled back at her as she his eyes scan her face. She felt those tiny butterflies in her stomach again, those ones that happened every time he looked at her this way. It always made her wonder what he was thinking. More importantly, these small glimpses, the vulnerable moments, th times she knew he didn't know she was looking, when she saw it. All the bad qualities about him disappeared when moments like this happened. He wasn't the cold hearted ruthless man that he portrayed out on the streets. He wasn't the same man she met at the Diner, which seemed like years ago. There was the other side of him. The side of him he didn' t want to show, but she could still see it. The part of him that did care, that loved not only her, but her daughter. Although his reasonings were sometimes beyond irrational, she knew that he would always be there right by her side. Because she knew him better than anyone did, and she knew he was not or would never be the monster that he was capable of being.

"Do you love me?" he asked his voice deep but soft. She smirked at him again, pulling her face to his. Their lips just barely touching as she looked into his eyes.

"I have never loved anyone the way I love you. Question is, do you love me?" She left her lips in front of his, waiting for him to answer. It wasn't something he shouted from the rooftops or said on a daily basis like a normal couple did. But right, in this moment, she had to hear those words. She had to let that warmth feeling consume her like it did every time.

"I love you Celes," he said before she felt his lips on hers. It was a deep meaningful kiss making her draw him in closer. Their bodies clinging together, her not wanting to let go of him. She never wanted to let go. Once she did, she knew what was going to happen. When they pulled away, they were both out of breath, their eyes locked onto one another again. She placed her hand up, her fingertips tracing along the scars that slashed his face. Funny how they almost seemed invisible to her.

"Are things always going to be like this?" she whispered. He sniffed, his eyes growing intense.

"Celes you know who I am," he said his voice steady and stern.

"I do know who you are," she stated. "And you will never become him. But I just need to know that after this is all said and done, things will get better. That we can have a life together." There was a slight pause before he nodded his head.

"Things will get better," he said kissing her temple.

The memory grew dark, suddenly there was a bright light surrounding her making the tightness in her chest ease. Then she saw it. And a small smile crept across her face as the doors started to close one by one. Something in her heart told her that this wasn't going to be exactly the end.


The car flew up towards the Office as Billy slammed on the brakes. He jumped out of the vehicle not even waiting for Bodie and Baggy to get out. Before he could reach the steps he heard a barreling voice shouting out at him. He stopped, cranking his neck to see Bones storming towards him.

"Well what are we fucking up tonight son?" he belted out shoving Billy back. Billy's face twisted as he stumbled back.

"What the fuck do you want now?" he demanded. He didn't have time for this shit now.

"It looks like you're in some fucking hurry! You wanna explain to me why the fuck no one is covering their corners tonight?" Billy glanced over at Bodie and Baggy nudging his head for them to get inside. Bones didn't even pay attention to the two men that were charging towards the building. His anger was dead set on his son. "How many times do I have to keep wiping your fuckin' nose? You still crying over your baby brother? Is that the fuckin' case? Well let me lay it out for you. He's dead! Good fuckin' riddance!" Billy's mind was gone now, and the only thing he wanted to do was get rid of him. For all the shit he had done to Joe and him when they were kids. For never actually being a father. Most of all for making Billy the person that he had become. "But you're still alive, which means you still fuckin' work for me. So whatever the fuck is so important right now better erase from that head of yours. And get your asses down to your spots! Do I need to give you anymore fucking instructions?!" Pop! The bullet flew through his glasses, making it split into a spiderweb affect as blood came spilling out. Billy didn't even watch his father fall, whatever rational thinking he had was completely gone now. The only thing he could taste was revenge on his tongue as he ran up the stairs of the Office, not even giving what he had just done a second thought.

Billy's face showed the look of a crazed maniac as he stormed through the hallway. His whole entire body was clenched, beat red, as he headed into the main room where they cooked their shit. Heco and Jamie were leaning against the doors that led into the Chapel.

"Tell me that motherfucker is still alive," Billy spat.

"Alive and waiting," Heco smirked as he pushed open the door. He stepped in seeing Marcus tied to a chair, duct tape over his mouth. His breathing was intense as he stared at Marcus. He was already bleeding from the head, a few bruises on his face. His head was dangling low as he slowly lifted it up. Even though he was beaten, he was still giving Billy a smirk through his eyes making Billy furious. Billy charged towards him, ripping the gun from his waistband and stopped abruptly. Extending his arm out, the end of the gun was pointed right at Marcus's forehead. His hands were shaking, his eyes having tunnel vision, his whole body consumed in rage. It would be simple to just shoot him right now, but he didn't want that. He wanted Marcus to feel real pain. The same pain that was consuming his chest. Billy swung his hand up, crashing the butt end of the gun into Marcus's nose. He could hear a muffled groan as Billy started to lash out over and over again. Kicking the chair over, Marcus flew backwards as Billy's foot swung up, kicking him in the side. Taking a step back, Billy nodded his head towards Bodie and Heco who walked over, quickly undoing the rope. Billy sniffed, wiping his mouth, and let out a deep growl. His fist collided with Marcus's face again with such force, Bodie and Heco lost their grip, Marcus flying down to the floor. Billy was clobbering him now, giving him the beat down that no one had ever seen before. Popping noises were made, bones being broken, but Marcus couldn't even fight back if he tried. Each blow to his body was severe, blood spattering from his eyes, mouth, and nose. Billy was breathless by the time he finally took a step back. Marcus laid crumpled up on the floor, not even recognizable now.

"Get him up!" Billy ordered as Bodie and Heco yanked Marcus's dead weight body off the floor. Billy walked towards him ripping the duct tape off his mouth. They were nose to nose now, Marcus shallow breaths hitting his face.

"You got any last words motherfucker?" Billy seethed.

"Fuck you Darley," Marcus said, his voice more in a cracking whisper. One eye was completely swollen shut, the other one barely even open as he glared towards him. Billy's eyes were wide and dark as he shoved the gun into Marcus's mouth. He wanted to make sure that his face was the last thing Marcus saw before he ended his pathetic life. Words couldn't even describe what Billy wanted to say to him, instead a crazy deep growl escaped his throat. It sounded like a beast charging through the night as Billy's lip pursed together, his eyes exploding as he pulled the trigger. The blood spattered across Billy's face as he watched in slow motion the lights go out in Marcus's eyes. He was falling towards the floor, Billy's heart not even beating as he tilted his head down staring at him. After a few minutes of silence Billy sniffed, taking a step back.

"Get rid of this shit, and take care of that fat fuck outside" he mumbled before slowly walking towards the door. Bodie stared over at his friend knowing what he meant by the last part, almost wanting to ask him to repeat what he had just said. But right now, he knew better. Baggy went towards them helping them drag Marcus's body out. Billy leaned against the wall, his head down as he shoved a cigarette in his mouth. Funny how none of it felt like good. He thought he would get some sort of self satisfaction taking Marcus out. But he didn't. For the first time in his life, Billy didn't feel anything at all. He didn't even feel anger, he was just numb. His cell phone started to ring as he yanked it out of his pocket.

"Yea," he mumbled lighting the cigarette, letting the smoke fill his lungs.

"It's Brayden," the voice said.

"How is she?" Billy asked quickly glancing over seeing his boys dragging Marcus away. Brayden's words came out so fast, telling him what the surgeon had said. Billy didn't respond at all, letting the phone drop to the floor as he stormed out of the building.


Marcus still hadn't been found and maybe one day someone might stumble across his cold dead body at the bottom of the river. Detective Wallis had tried everything her power to pin the deaths of the men at the warehouse and Marcus disappearance on Billy, but nothing stuck. What surprised him more was that Evie had covered his ass. Telling the police that Marcus had called Billy, telling him where he had left Celes to die. An alleyway in the bad side of town where most deaths became quick cold cases. It was the story that everyone had stuck too, leaving Detective Wallis no choice but to file the warehouse shootings as just another gang rival. And that Marcus had simply skipped town.

The black mustang roared, autumn leaves whipping into the air as Billy made a turn on the next street. The car slowly approached the curb, the engine idling, as Billy slowly turned his head. There was a moving van parked in the driveway already completely filled with everything that once belonged in the house. He didn't know how long he sat there, staring at the place that was once his home. It almost seemed like someone else's life, someone he didn't even know.

Brayden stepped out onto the porch, his hands stuffed into his pockets as he leaned back into the door way and yelled for Savannah. He could see Billy stepping out of his car. Dark circles were formed under his dead eyes, his face pale as he walked across the yard.

"You only got a few minutes, Evie's on her way home," Brayden said as Savannah stepped out from the door. She tilted her head back and stared up at Billy.

"Hi Billy," she said, her voice not as chipper as it use to be. Brayden hesitated for a moment before stepping back into the house. He knew Evie would kill him if she found out he allowed Billy to be here. But he knew not only Savannah, but Billy needed this. Today was their last day in Boston before they moved back to their hometown. It had been both of their decision in the end. Everything about this place was just a reminder of what had happened.

Billy eased himself down on the steps as Savannah plopped down next to him. He reached out ruffling her hair a bit, cracking a tiny smile staring at her.

"Aunt Evie says we have to move," she said quietly. "Are you going to come with us?" Billy dropped his hand and shook his head. Savannah's face fell, her eyes falling down on the steps. "Uncle Brayden said mommy is up in Heaven with my daddy now. But I don't want her to be there. I want her to be here with me." Billy inhaled a deep breath and cleared his throat.

"I know kid," he said reaching over and pulling her towards him. He could see her bottom lip start to quiver as he reached over retying the strings of her cape that were loosely hanging. "Remember what I said about superheros?"

"Yeah," she said a tiny tear streaming down her face. "But I don't feel like a superhero anymore." Billy sniffed tying the knot as he looked down at her.

"Me either" he mumbled. The whole trip to the house he wasn't for sure what he wanted to say to her. Still as he sat there, he didn't know.

"Do you miss mommy?" Billy nodded his head as another tear rolled down her face. He heard Brayden clearing his throat knowing that his time was up.

"I have to leave now," Billy said breathing out another deep breath. Quickly he reached around his neck, his fingers fumbling with the chain as he slipped the silver cross off. He stared down at it for a moment. He could still remember the first time the necklace had become his. He reached over putting it around her neck, hooking the tiny loops together. Savannah picked up the cross balancing it in her tiny hand. "When I was little, my mother gave this to me telling me it would protect me from all the bad things. And I want you to have it, so it can protect you, just like it protected me." Billy sniffed and quickly stood up, placing his sunglasses over his eyes.

"Billy," Savannah's voice squeaked. "Will you come visit me at my new house?" He glanced over at Brayden who was giving him a weary look.

"I'll try kid," he said ruffling her hair one last time knowing that he would never see her again. He knew she would have a better life without him being in it. Because he was not a father, and he didn't know why he ever thought he could be one. He wasn't able to protect the people he loved, the way he had sworn he would. Brayden stepped out from the door, a brown envelope in his hand as he handed it to Billy. He felt Savannah wrap her arms around his legs.

"I'm going to miss you Billy," she said as he leaned down embracing her in a hug.

"I'm going to miss you too Savannah," he said giving her a kiss on her forehead. Brayden was calling Savannah back into the house now. Billy started across the lawn, heading towards his mustang, a cigarette already in hand, when he heard her shout out his name. He turned around seeing her pull the strings off her cape.

"Here," she said handing it to him. He stared down at it.

"No kid, you keep it."

"You're the real superhero," she stated placing it in his hands.

"Savannah, come on!" Brayden yelled from the front door. Billy nodded his head as Savannah gave him one last flash of a her smile before darting towards the front. He climbed back into his car, placing the cape onto the seat and opened up the brown envelope Brayden had given him. Inside there were few pictures. A couple of Celes with Savannah, both of them smiling wide. He grunted staring down at them, but the last one was a picture of all three of them. He could remember that day. They were outside, Billy sitting on the stoop, Celes next to him with Savannah on his lap. He hadn't known the picture was being taken. Evie had snapped it randomly that day. He had a slight smile on his face staring at Celes who was looking back at him. Savannah was blowing bubbles, her eyes wide as stared at them forming from the the wand. Billy placed the pictures back into the envelope and stared up his car. He took one last at the house, taking it all in before he headed back to the life he only knew.


He could still see her. Every second of the day he saw the beautiful smile she held, the way she looked at him when she would brush a few strands of hair from her face. She haunted his dreams, her voice whispering in his ear. Some days he would find himself taking a second glance at a random stranger on the street with a child. But it was never her, and the child was never the little girl he once called his daughter. In the life he had chosen, he knew that the risks were high. He had lost people before, but loosing Joe, and then her, had taken a toll on him. This was a sort of pain he never thought he was capable of feeling. No matter how many lines he snorted or how much Jack he would consume, the pain would not never let up. It was always there, consuming his mind, making him more bitter day in and day out. Months had gone by quickly, some days longer than others, and half the time he didn't even know what day it was anymore. Sometimes things happen in our lives that change us. Make us want to revaluate ourselves, maybe even change for the better, but for him this didn't happen. With Bones dead, he ruled the streets of Boston with no mercy. His boys could see a difference in him, his voice almost as worse as his bite was. If she was still alive, maybe he would have never turned into the monster he was now. But the heart that he once had was no longer there. It didn't matter what happened now. Nothing really did. Because Billy Darley no longer had anything to live for.


Before you start throwing things at me, this is my spill. When I first started this story, I always intended on this ending. Watching the movie, it made me wonder, besides having Bones as a father, what could really drive someone to become a monster like Billy was. Even though I took my own spin on things, this is kind of what I had in mind. I did grow quite attached to my characters and even tried writing a different ending, but it just felt right doing it this way. So now I'm going to go run and hide, but another HUGE thank you for everything!! You guys rock!!