Author: Sparta666



Rating: R


Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Het



Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No



Chapter Summery:

Authors Note:

This is just a total and complete work of my really sad and overactive mind. This is my Torchwood dream team sort of made up of past charters I though should have stayed.

Robin – The real Captain Jack Harkness

Beth – alien for Sleeper series 2

Martha Jones – who wouldn't want her to stay and keep jack in line.

I will explain in the chapters why and how they came to be with Torchwood so bare with me and enjoy.

Bound in blood

A normal day in the life of Torchwood

It was a normal everyday Cardiff day, the people past by never knowing that underneath them their normal day meant that the Torchwood team where bored to tears.

Jack was in his office playing chess with Ianto or more to the point cheating at chess by trying and failing to distract his lover with sexual innuendos. Tosh and Owen where arguing over some strange alien gooey – blob shaped thing or creature that had landed on Owens car earlier that morning.

Beth was sat with Gwen in the kitchen with a mug of coffee, discussing Jack and Ianto's relationship and how Robin so needed a boyfriend to get over his gun obsession. Robin was down in the gun range practising before he headed to the gym to work out. Martha was sat at her desk listening to her MP3 while she attempted to learn Welsh, unlike Jack who was reluctant to learn his lover native language Martha had jumped at the chance to plot and scheme with her new best friend behind his lovers back.

It had been hard for Robin or former Captain Jack Harkness and Beth to adjust to their new lives. It had only been a day after he'd met James Harper and had his life turned round when he arrived in the 21st century. Luckily Jack had gotten to him before the others and after much talking and arguing he'd joined them.

Though it had been easier for him to change his name to his middle name Robin and except his sexuality, then it had to earn the trust of Ianto Jones who he'd learnt was Jack's lover. Beth on the other hand had found it harder, as she had held Gwen hostage it had been Ianto who had convinced her to help. when he had been sorting the archive he had discovered away to keep her true self from taking over her body, even Jack had been surprised at what Ianto had found.

Ianto just smiled as he remembered the hot aerologist, and USA Colonel who'd passed it over to them from Area 52 out of Colorado Springs. Martha on the other hand had just decided that UNIT was ok without him, she decided that Jack needed her help and that she'd stick around to back Ianto up.