Searching for Bonnie Fisher – missing scene

by zeilfanaat

Category: Romance… sort of.

Ratings: G/K

Warning: episode spoilers

Disclaimer: "Doc" is not mine. It's produced by Dave Alan Johnson & Gary R. Johnson. No infringement intended. Any characters that are not from the series are mine.

Spoilers: "Pilot", "Searching for Bonnie Fisher". The conversation in italics, followed by '1' is literally from the Pilot episode.

Summary: Nancy fell asleep while Clint was reading the book 'Cusp of the Day', and the next day, Nancy apologises for falling asleep on him. I was wondering what happened when either Nancy woke up, or Clint finished reading... here is my take.

A/N: It's a missing scene, so if you have seen the episode, you know how this story ends. I have tried to write it in a way so that even if you haven't seen the episode, you'll still be able to read it. If you have questions, please ask.

Part 1

The fire in the fireplace was slowly dying, when Clint closed the book with a sigh. While he enjoyed the book, he was tired, and bed certainly sounded good. He looked to his right, where Nancy had fallen asleep - her head on a pillow which rested against his side. A tender smile spread across his face.

She always looked so full of life, ready to take on anything the world threw at her. But when she relaxed, and allowed her walls to come down, she looked more vulnerable. Completely at ease. He didn't want to wake her up yet, so he just watched her for a while.

With a smile, he remembered the first time they had met. He'd just finished talking with Donna DeWitt, who had hired him for the clinic, and she had called for nurse Nichol. A couple of minutes later, the door had opened, and a woman with short blond hair had entered, a couple of charts in her arms.

"Alice told me you wanted to see me?" The woman had yet to look up, and when she did, the words just escaped her lips, "Wow, rugged, handsome, tight jeans and boots. I have a recurring dream that starts just like this."

Donna had interrupted her, before the line between personal and professional was already shred to tears before even being established. "Nurse Nichol, would you please give doctor Clint Cassidy a tour of the facilities?"

"Sure," the nurse had said with a wide smile. 1

Clint shook his head in remembrance. Throughout the years, she had occasionally commented on his attractiveness to women, although he wasn't sure whether she meant that as 'attractive in general' or 'attractive to her personally'. What he did know was that, she was definitely an attractive woman, both in general and to him personally.

He gently pushed a stray strand of hair from her face, smiling as he watched her respond to his touch, but she remained asleep. A sudden feeling of belonging washed over him. It felt so... right...

Oh yeah, he was definitely attracted to the nurse lying next to him. Lately he'd started becoming more and more aware of his feelings for Nancy Nichol. He just wondered whether she felt the same - whether he was willing to ask more. Afraid, that if he were to ask her out on a date - a real date - that she would refuse, or that it would turn out for the worse, or that they would end up with an uncomfortable relationship.

Nancy sighed contentedly. She was slowly waking up, but not really there yet, and to be honest, she was hard-pressed to leave this comfortable, relaxed zone. A hand tenderly stroked her arm, and gentle fingers caressed her face. Clint's hand.

Contented, she let herself drift off again, never having fully wakened.

Clint wondered what he should do. He had tried softly calling Nancy, but she hadn't roused. She had let it slip earlier on, that she hadn't slept well for the last few days, and she seemed to be catching up on that now. He didn't want to wake her if he didn't have to; but neither could they stay on the couch like this.

Briefly he considered carrying her to her apartment, and to her own bed, but he quickly disregarded that idea – she may not appreciate his having been in her bedroom.

Instead, he decided to bring her to his bed, and he could sleep on the couch. His mind made up, he cautiously moved, smiling when Nancy seemed to unconsciously complain about him leaving. Of course, reasonably speaking, he knew she was just complaining about the sudden lack of warmth, but it felt nice thinking she would miss him. He sighed. Yeah, very likely. A last look at her relaxed face, then he turned to change the linen on his bed. A few minutes later, he returned to the living room, and gently picked up Nancy's sleeping form.

Automatically, she drew closer to his chest, as he carried her to his bedroom. Gently he lay her on the bed, the blanket already folded to the side. Clint was grateful she had been dressed in loose fitting clothes, and nothing restrictive. When she'd curled up on the couch earlier, she'd taken off her shoes, so he didn't have to worry about that, but he did remove her socks, and left them with her shoes, next to the bed. Her watch was carefully put on the bedside table. He covered her up with the blanket, and watched, once again, mesmerised at how beautiful she looked, especially so completely at ease.

He shook himself awake, and prepared to settle down for the night… whatever was left of it at least.