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Part 3:

Nonetheless, Clint did wake up before Nancy returned, and found the note. Upon reading 'Love, Nancy', he sighed. If only… Well, he'd best get showered and dressed. He didn't know when she had written the note, but judging from the time, it probably hadn't been that long ago.

He had just stepped out of the bathroom, when he heard his front door being opened.

"Be there in a moment," Clint called, and received a confirming shout back. He walked into the living room, leaving the buttons of his shirt open, wearing a white t-shirt underneath. Hearing familiar sounds coming from the kitchen, he walked towards it, almost bumping into Nancy. Quickly adjusting the balance of the two mugs of coffee, additional showers were prevented.

"Good morning," Clint said with a smile, which Nancy returned brightly.

"Morning. Here, could you take these? Food's coming up."

"Sure." Clint took over the coffee mugs, and watched from the table as Nancy was efficiently getting their breakfast prepared. Sometimes he wondered who was more at home in his kitchen… or her kitchen for that matter, seeing as they often had dinner together. Although, breakfast wasn't something they often shared. He found he kind of liked it – both having dinner and breakfast together.

"Thanks for breakfast," Clint said. "You didn't need to do that."

"Well," Nancy shrugged. "It seems like the least I could do to thank you for a good night's rest. Besides, it is your food." She winked.

"So you slept well then?" Clint asked. Nancy nodded.

"Yes. Better than the last couple of nights, come to think of it. Thanks, by the way, for letting me sleep in your bed," she said, looking up with a grateful smile, taking the last sip of her coffee. Clint shrugged.

"No problem. I tried waking you at first, but you were fast asleep." He looked up, and added teasingly, "Besides, it isn't everyday I can say a beautiful woman slept in my bed." He winked.

Nancy blushed a little, but replied, "Well, just too bad the owner of the bed had to sleep on the couch," before she realised just how her words could be interpreted, and she blushed even harder. "Not in the way that… well, you know what I meant."

'Did he?' she couldn't help but wonder. ''cause I'm not even sure I know what I meant.'

She hadn't meant to imply sharing a bed. At least, not without being married. Oh, what was she thinking?! All she knew was that she had growing feelings for this man, but she hadn't quite meant to say it that way… at all, really. Besides, she didn't even know if he even thought of her as anything more than a friend and co-worker. Oy, she had to stop thinking about this. 't Wasn't as if it was going to happen anyway.

Clint was quiet for a moment, silently amused at how Nancy was trying to sort out her words, although there was a thought tickling at the back of his mind, that seemed to suggest that perhaps Nancy wouldn't be quite so averse against the idea of dating… He pushed the thought away again. Time to make this conversation more comfortable.

"Yeah, I know what you meant. Sleeping on the couch can be a real back-killer sometimes. But for one night it's fine." He looked at his watch, and noticed they'd have to make a run for it to be on time.

"Ok. Good. So, ehm, guess we should be going huh?" Nancy said.

"Yeah, definitely. Can't be late for Ms. DeWitt's meeting. Let's go."

They rose, and quickly brought the breakfast dishes to the kitchen. The ride to the clinic passed mostly in silence, and talking about some random things. When they arrived, they hurried to the conference room, and sat down. Just in time.

Oliver raised a disproving eyebrow at their almost late arrival, and they got some peculiar looks from the others, but they ignored it. Clint just muttered, "Fell asleep on the couch. Didn't set my alarm." Nancy had to stifle a laugh, since it was true. Except he never set his alarm, usually waking up all by himself. Or so he'd told her once.

The meeting passed mercifully swift, and they went to Clint's office. Nancy had just realised that, even though she'd made breakfast, she hadn't actually apologised for falling asleep on him while she was supposed to help.

Nancy sat down on one of the visitor's chairs, while Clint settled behind his desk, sorting through some files.

"Listen, I know I thanked you earlier, but I'm sorry I drifted off last night." (2)

"That's ok. You were very helpful for the first twenty-two pages."

"Did you find anything that could help Lacy?"

"I've been getting some ideas."

Nancy nodded, and was about to pick up a file, when Clint's phone rang. A few minutes later, the doctor and the nurse were on their way to help Lacy Sanders. (3)

As they left the clinic, and Nancy waited as Clint unlocked the car door, she quietly thought to herself that she could get used to falling asleep in his company, and waking up to his scent. As long as she didn't make a fool of herself again during breakfast. She smiled at him when he looked at her from the driver's seat, and thanked her for coming along. "No problem."

Being on the receiving end of her brilliant smile, Clint couldn't help but think, he wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch, if it meant he'd spend more time with Nancy.

For now though, he should concentrate on his patient, and figure out what was wrong with her, and how to cure her. And if that meant he'd be seeing more of Nancy, who was he to object?

The End

(2) The part from "Sorry I drifted off last night" to (3) is from the actual episode, "Searching for Bonnie Fisher".