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Onto the good stuff:

I was just sent to be transferred here. Sentinel Prime was no more and I was put under the authority of Optimus Prime. I stood at the door staring at the mechanism trying to decide if I really wanted to go in. It was highly illogical of me but I didn't want to enter because it would mean that Sentinel Prime was really offlined. I hated the thought but there was almost no escaping it now. I glared at the door knowing that this would change everything. Sentinel Prime was my mentor because of everything he did for me. He gave me all of these chances and now I was standing at this new Prime's door because he took on Megatron. A voice came from behind me.

"It's just a door you know." I turned and faced the new comer. It was a black and white mech wearing a blue lighted visor. "Come on." I looked at the door and watched it open. It was illogical but I can't help but thinking this was the future and I could do nothing about it. The mech entered first and I followed. Illogical or not there was a new Prime in there that I had to meet.

"I see you have convinced our new tactician to enter."

The other mech smiled brightly. "Yeah Optimus I convinced him to enter the poor fool." The new Prime laughed slightly and I thought of how different they were. "You are Prowl are you not?" I looked at my new commanding officer.

"Yes sir." His optics flickered slightly in surprise. "Jazz here is our local saboteur and will show you around the base and introduce you to some of the other 'bots roaming the halls. I would like you both to meet me in here at the start of the next shift, understood?" Jazz snapped into attention and I followed suit. We both saluted and spoke at the same time.

"Yes sir."

Jazz turned and lead me out the door. "So Prowl right?" I nodded at him. "How did you get to be involved?" Jazz looked at me and smiled after he asked the questions. "I was with Sentinel Prime until he returned to the Allspark." Jazz looked at me questioningly. "What were you doing there?"

I looked at the questioning mech. "Learning." I followed the mech into a large room. "This is the main hall/ rec room/ dining hall/ whatever else we need at the time room." There were a few 'bots lounging in the hall and Jazz introduced me to all of them. It seemed that he was on good terms with all of them.

"Hey 'Sides and Sunny come meet Prowl." Two large looking twin mechs walked away from the door and looked at the smaller Jazz. "Hey. He's Sunstreaker and I'm Sideswipe."

"Prowl." Jazz smiled at the three of us. "He's a real chatterbox this one." Sideswipe laughed slightly. "Where did you find this one Jazzy?" My host smiled back. "Optimus. He's our new logic guy. " I looked at Jazz confused. "I am a tactician not a logic guy." The twins laughed at my remark. "When you get bored of him send him to us. We'll make sure he has a good time."

Jazz pulled me close to his frame carefully. "Yeah right. He's mine." I did not understand the conversation happening so I just let it be.


Jazz was sitting in my office on the floor with his back up against the wall when I walked into my office. "What are you doing in here?" Jazz looked up from the data pad he had in his hands.

"Working." He entered some more information on the pad. "In my office?" The 'bot looked up at me.


"Why" He looked back down at his pad and entered some more data. "I want to?" His voice held a question as if he wasn't sure why I was asking. I shook my head and sat down at my desk. "Okay then." I knew not to argue with the odd mech.


"Sing Jazz." Sunstreaker's voice came from the other side of the med ward. Jazz was sitting in a chair next to my berth keeping me company until Ratchet had a chance t look at me. The ward was filled with injured mechs. This was the worst battle that we had fought yet here on earth and a large majority of us were injured. Jazz looked up at Sunstreaker laying curled up around his injured twin.

"I don't sing anymore. Not since the war started you know that Sunny."

"Please Jazz for Sides. He always loved your singing. Maybe it will wake him up. Please." Sunstreaker's tone surprised me.

"Alright." I did not know Jazz could sing until today. I let my optics close as I listened to his voice drift over my audios for the first time. He had a rich and sultry voice that caressed whoever heard it. He sang a haunted melody in ancient Cybertronian. When the last note hung out over the med ward, Sideswipe onlined his optics.



The two injured mechs embraced each other sobbing. Jazz turned away and headed out of the ward.

"Jazz. Keep singing please. Maybe we won't lose so many through the night." Ratchet's voice came from the corner where he was covered in fluids and dents. "Sing about tomorrow. About the sun. Please."

Jazz turned around and I watched tears fall from under his visor.

"Alright." He sang until dawn and I did not leave his side even when Ratchet released me.


"Ratchet is he going to be okay?" Jazz's voice was the first thing my processors picked up. "Jazz he will be fine." I struggled to say something, tell them I'd be okay but then I was hit with a sharp unyielding pain. I couldn't stop my vocals and I cried out.

"Prowl!" Jazz was right next to me in an instant. Ratchet ran over to me and stared at me. "Prowl can you hear me? Prowl?"

I stared at Jazz's visor and knew if anyone could make it better it would be Jazz. "Hurts…"

Jazz grabbed my hand and I offlined again because of the pain.

"Get him out of here. There's something wrong…


"Hand me that…"

"Damn it I have to see him."

"Don't leave me."

"He's going to be alright." "Thank Primus."

I didn't know what was going on so I booted my optics up. "Jazz?" The mech leaped up from the chair he was sitting in and came closer to me.

"Are you alright?"

"What happened?"

"Blackout attacked you as you were coming back to the base. We almost lost you."

Ratchet came in before I could say anything else and took control of the situation.


Sideswipe and Sunstreaker ran into my office. "You have to come now!" The urgency of their voice convinced me and I stood and followed them. I could hear the screaming before I saw anything. I walked into the common room where Jazz was holding Bluestreak down as he screamed. "Jazz!" I ran to him to help.

"What's happening?" Jazz's face looked grim. "Flashback." Ratchet barreled in the door. "Oh Primus." He looked at the still screaming and thrashing Bluestreak. "What do we do?" Bumblebee's voice was scared and worried.

Jazz took over the situation. "Sunstreaker, Sideswipe clear out the room nearby and make sure everyone stays away from this area. Ratchet if you don't mind help them. There is nothing anyone can do except leave Prowl and I in here alone to help him."

"What about his weapons?" Ratchet's voice was dark. "Disconnected already." Jazz did not even flinch when he said it. Ratchet nodded and the 'bots did as Jazz requested.

"Prowl listen to me. I have to get to Bluestreak's back panel. I need to cut off his movement so, here's what we're gonna do. I'm going to flip him over slightly and you will grab his arms. Got it?" I nodded and Jazz moved.

"Got it." Bluestreak suddenly stopped moving. We sat the mech down forcing his parts until he could be situated. "Now what?" My voice was oddly calm as my processors raced. Jazz did not even look at me. "Now you see why he can't fight yet."

"I'm sorry." Jazz did not look at me but focused on the screaming mech. He started sing soft melodies until Bluestreak stopped screaming. Bluestreak stared at the two of us and broke out with sobs.

"Tell me Bluestreak."

"NO!" His voice was loud and strong.

"Bluestreak I can help you. I know what it is like."

Bluestreak lifted his optics to jazz incredulously. "You have no idea what it is like."

"Oh really? Do you think you are the only one who lost someone viscously and suddenly in this war?"

"We were neutral." Bluestreak's voice had a dangerous edge to it.

"So were we." Bluestreak looked at Jazz closely. "I wasn't programmed to be a fighter Blue. I was a musician before the war with a band of swingers. We went everywhere together and they were my sparkling mates. Lightingflash, Thunderstorm, Harmony, and Melody were my band mates and we were neutral. We traveled all over the neutral zones playing music for anyone who needed a break from fighting. Then, one day, a group of Decepticons were in the audience and they and a few Autobots started fighting and we kicked them both out. The Autobots were ashamed and the Decepticons were furious. After the show was over we left not thinking of the incident when, we were attacked. A group of Decepticons attacked us and shut down Harmony, Thunderstorm, and Lightingflash outright. Melody and I were both severally damaged. Before the Decepticons had a chance to finish us off, the Autobots that we had thrown out earlier came to our rescue. It was too late for Melody though. She had lost her vocal processors and there was nothing anyone could do for her. She offlined herself because the music was gone from her forever. So yes, Blue, I do know what it's like."

I stared at Jazz. I had no idea. Obviously Bluestreak did not either. We stared at him as he looked back at us. "I'm so sorry." Bluestreak's voice was soft and Jazz shrugged. "You didn't know. So tell me what you flashbacked on."

Bluesteak's story took a long time to tell and I now knew why Jazz knew it would be a long time before Bluestreak was completely healed.


Jazz walked into my office. "Hey Prowl." I looked at him. "You look dead. When did you recharge last?" I tried to remember or focus on anything around me. "Prowl?" Jazz walked over to me and pulled my energy readers to him when my emergency warning flashed. "15 Energy Levels. Stasis at 10." Jazz stared at me. "C'mere let's get you to bed."

Jazz picked me up and carried me back to my quarters. "Recharge Prowl, there is nothing to worry about."