"Prowl?" Jazz's voice once again interrupted my musings. "Yes Jazz?"

"Are you okay? You've been staring at that same data pad for a long time." I looked at Jazz and realized I have done nothing all day. "Doorwings."

He made a sympathetic noise in my direction and stood. I shut off my optics and audios as I tried to focus on the part that was sending the most pain. Maybe I should just shut off the receptors in that one area. I might be able to work. My optics onlined suddenly when Jazz's hand fell on my back in between the wings.

"Jazz?" My thought process disappeared when the mech sent magnetic pluses across my door wings. My systems were purring in pleasure. "Jazz…." The massage stopped suddenly and Jazz left my office quickly. I looked up wondering if I had done something wrong.

"Jazz?" I think I was hurt when he left so quickly.

I left my office after a little bit to go see if I could find him and I needed some energon as well. I walked into the rec room where Jazz was sitting holding a whispered conversation with Wheeljack. I backtracked quickly and trained my audios onto the conversation.

"I don't know Jack. I mean it's been so long. He couldn't be that dense."

"Yes. Yes he could."

"What do I do?"

"I don't know Jazz." Suddenly a hand fell on my shoulder. "What are you doing, Prowl?" I turned and saw Sideswipe and Sunstreaker next to me. "Revenge."

The two looked at each other and ran in the other direction just as I knew they would. Unfortunately when I looked back into the room Jazz and Jack had finished their conversation and where sitting quietly. I walked over to the energon dispenser and felt both of their optics follow me across the room. I turned and left determined not to look at Jazz.


The silence from Jazz lasted about a week when, finally Optimus sent us out on a mission together. I overheard Jazz arguing with Prime about it and felt oddly hurt. I didn't think it was that bad.

We drove in silence all the way out to the location Prime gave us but there was nothing there. Jazz sat down on the ground and dropped his head into his hands sighing. "What are you doing?" My voice was sharp but I was angry with him for ignoring me.

"Thinking." I did not say anything. Instead I watched him. I felt a myriad of emotion as I stared at his beaten form. I was sad that he was sad, angry I could do nothing, and I felt disgruntled that he would not talk to me about it.

"Jazz." He looked up at me and something was different. Off. I walked up to him and looked at him sitting there. "Prowl?" I was worrying him but I didn't care. Something I wasn't seeing and hadn't seen before. It was a puzzle. I reached my head out to his face and he flinched away.

"Jazz." He looked at me and I touched the corner of his visor. He stood up.

"What are you doing?" His body screamed his anger with me but, I did not stop this time. I needed Jazz and he couldn't push me away anymore. I had depended on him for some time now. "Take off your visor Jazz." He looked at me.

"Are you crazy? No."

I stared at him frustrated. The solution to my puzzle was under that visor and in his optics I knew it. I just didn't know what I would find. Or what question I was trying to answer. I was struck by the unfairness of it all.

"I can't see what you're trying to tell me if you keep hiding from me!" My outburst scared both of us. His lips raised in sort of a grimace. "Alright." He lifted his hand to his visor but dropped it. "You take it off, Prowl."

I walked towards him knowing everything was going to change. My hand lifted up and hesitated at his visor. I didn't know if I really wanted to know. I removed the visor and there in golden optics I saw Jazz's love for me.

"Why didn't you say anything?" My voice was soft and small in awe of all of his emotion locked into his optics.

"You never asked." His voice was husky and deep and I shivered from the sound. He pulled me close. "Who else but you my little Prowl ? Who else could I love my brave Prowl? Who other would I have followed my beautiful Prowl?" He held my head in his hands and I blushed. I look deep into his golden optics and saw myself reflected in them. I remember every late night, every time he held me, every time he was there and I knew I would never be alone again. He kissed me and I knew what home felt like.