NOTE: If you have not yet read "What Lies Beyond", "Vengeance", And "Transformers: Otherworld – Prologue", I highly suggest you do so, it will help you understand what is going on.


On a small planet in the Xiatronian  system, there lies a records facility, a place where displaced Autobots Jazz and Cliffjumper walk out from. "Well," Jazz said, "We've found out about Cybertron's location, and it's actually not that far away. Let's head out."

         "I couldn't agree more." Cliffjumper replied, "I can't wait to return home."

         "I can't either, buddy."  Jazz said, "Enough talk about home, let's go there!" They boarded their shuttle and took off.

         Meanwhile, on the barren planet of Charr, Shockwave stands with Hook of the Constructicons.

         "How is the job going?" Shockwave asked, "Will we be finished on schedule, Hook?"

         "I believe we will." Hook replied, "Even with the limited amount of supplies we've gathered, we will soon be finished with our new fortress."

         "This will not be any ordinary fortress." Shockwave said, "This shall be Trypticon! And with his power, it shall be only a matter of time before we retake our rightful home… Cybertron!" It was then that Scourge walked up to his two Decepticon comrades.

         "Shockwave," Scourge began, "I believe I have some information that you might find interesting."

         "What is it, Scourge?" Shockwave asked, "This had better be good, I'm very busy with the construction of Trypticon at the moment."

         "Then I shall make this quick." Scourge replied, "A short while ago, a strange craft entered our airspace. Upon further evaluation, Autobot energy was detected aboard, and this was no Autobot ship."

         "Intriguing." Shockwave said, "If the Autobots have advanced their technology since our banishment, I want to know. Have the Sweeps follow this craft, and tell them to give me all the latest details when they become available."

         "As you wish, Shockwave." Scourge replied as he ran off, "I shall inform them immediately."

         "This is an interesting development." Shockwave said to Hook, "I want that new technology for Trypticon. Imagine how much more advanced he will be, how much more devastation he will cause."

         "We could always use more materials." Hook replied, "If we could somehow obtain that craft, we could take the technology and use the rest for the construction of Trypticon."

         "A very logical statement, Hook." Shockwave said, "I shall inform the Sweeps to retrieve that shuttle for us. Make the proper preparations." Just then, Shockwave's intercom rang.

         "I have deployed the Sweeps." Scourge said, "Anything else you need me to do, Shockwave?"

         "One last thing, Scourge," Shockwave replied, "Put me in contact with the Sweeps, there is something I need to inform them of."

         TIME: That very moment. PLACE: Shuttle. Jazz and Cliffjumper pilot their shuttle towards Cybertron, unaware of the plans being built around them.

         "Man," Jazz began, "It'll be great to finally be home! I can't wait to see all our friends again, cruse the streets of Cybertron once again… Man, this is great!"

         "How long has it been since we've seen home, Jazz?" Cliffjumper asked.

         "Too long, buddy," Jazz replied, "Way too long…"

         "We'll sure have some stories to tell, won't we?" Cliffjumper said, "Kup's got nothing on us now!"

         "You said it." Jazz replied, laughing, "We're about to enter Cybertronian air space, I'll radio and see if we're clear for a landing…" Jazz entered radio contact with the planet below. "I think I've got a response." Jazz said.

         "Who's there?" the voice on the other end said.

         "This is Jazz." Jazz replied, "We've returned from our… extended… voyage. We'd like to land."

         "Access denied!" the voice said, "You're not Jazz! We're sending up a team to apprehend you, don't move!"

         "Hold the phone, buddy!" Jazz exclaimed, "How do you know I'm not Jazz?"

         "Because," The voice replied, "I'M Jazz."