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         On Cybertron, Cliffjumper finishes his report from his time on Charr to Swipeamus Prime and Prowl. "And that's what happened." he began, "We set the explosive, got past Shockwave, and got out of there as fast as the shuttle craft could take us."

         "As far as I could tell," the other Jazz added, "The explosion took out a good portion of Trypticon. That should set back their plans for a little while at least."

         "Giving us enough time to prepare and get our defenses strait." Jazz said.

         "Good job, you three." Swipeamus began, "The information you gathered has helped us immensely, and your actions on Charr were the stuff of legends. I would be honored to have the two of you join up with us."

         "Thank you, Swipeamus," the other Jazz replied, "We're honored, but I'm afraid we'll have to turn your offer down, we're not going to give up on finding our way home. We want to head back to Demicron. Perhaps Nightwatch and the others can help us find our way."

         "Alright then." Swipeamus said, "We can provide you with a shuttlecraft for your journey. Jazz, go help them prepare s shuttle for their departure."

         Time passes, Cliffjumper goes of to get more supplies, leaving the two Jazzes alone. "You trust me now?" the other Jazz asked.

         "You just don't give up, do you?" Jazz replied.

         "Nope." The other Jazz answered, "I strive to make everybody like me. Just like you used to do."

         "We might be the same being," Jazz began, "But that doesn't mean we're alike in every fashion. You have your way of handling things, just like I have mine."

         "I've already figured that out." the other Jazz said, "But you still did not answer my question. Do you trust me now?"

         "Sure do." Jazz relied, "Because if you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?"

         "Man," the other Jazz thought to himself, "He's already beginning to lighten up a little. It's not much, but it's a start." It was then that Cliffjumper returned.

         "I've got everything we need Jazz," he began, "Are you ready to go?

         "I'm as ready as I'll ever be." the other Jazz replied, "Let's go try to find our way home." It was then that Swipeamus and the other Autobots walked up to them.

         "We all just wanted to send you off properly." Swipeamus said, "We wish you luck in your quest to return home."

         "Thanks Swipeamus," the other Jazz began, "Thanks everyone."

         "No problem." Ironhide replied, "And I'm sorry for not believing you earlier."

         "Don't worry about that," the other Jazz began, "That was all in the past. All that matters is right here and now."

         Cliffjumper  walked up to the other Cliffjumper. "Damn," he began, "This guy really is me, isn't he?"

         "Sure am!" the other Cliffjumper answered, "Too bad we did not have a little more time to get know each other a little better."

         "Yeah." Cliffjumper said, "But that doesn't really matter. Good luck on your way home."

         "Thanks." the other Cliffjumper replied, "Ready to leave, Jazz?"

         "Sure am." the other Jazz replied, "Let's roll out!" The two displaced Autobots entered the shuttlecraft and took off. After the shuttlecraft left, all the Autobots left,  all except Swipeamus and Prowl.

"They gave us good information we can build on." Prowl said.

         "That they did, my friend," Swipeamus began, "But they also gave us something far more important."

         "Really?" Prowl asked, "What's that?"

         "Hope." Swipeamus replied, "For the first time since the Decepticon attack on Autobot City, I feel the hope rising within our fellow Autobots, and that just might be our greatest weapon of all."

         Time passes, and Jazz and Cliffjumper are near Demicron. "Do you really think Nightwatch can help us find our way home?" Cliffjumper asked.

         "I hope so…" Jazz started, but before he could finish, he saw something. "Look over there, Cliffjumper!" Jazz shouted as he pointed towards a wormhole.

         "Well I'll be." Cliffjumper said, "That's just like the one that brought us here, and it's in the same exact position as the other one, too."

         "I say we go for it." Jazz began, "What else have we got to loose?"

         "Nothing." Cliffjumper replied, "Let's do it!" The Autobots drive their shuttlecraft through the wormhole, which promptly closes.

         On Demicron, Nightwatch saw both the wormhole and the shuttle go through it, and he knew that it was Jazz and Cliffjumper were in that shuttle. "Hopefully their long voyage has ended." he thought to himself, "Farewell, my friends, may your find your way home.

         TIME: Hours later. PLACE: ??? Jazz and Cliffjumper lost consciousness right after they passed through the wormhole. They regain consciousness after they here a familiar voice.

         "Well, you guys are a sight for sore eyes!" the voice said. The two of them looked up to see Rodimus Prime standing before them.

         "Rodimus!" Jazz exclaimed, "Does this mean we're back home?!?"

         "Yeah, you guys are home." Rodimus answered, "When you guys disappeared, we spent weeks trying to fin a way to bring you back."

         "Where are we?" Cliffjumper asked, "And how did we get here?"

         "We're on an abandoned planet some distance from Cybertron." Rodimus answered, "And how? Perceptor found a way to open another wormhole by using the remaining energies of the dissipated wormhole, so we did that and hoped you noticed. And now that you guys are home, let's go back to Cybertron."

         "I couldn't agree more." Jazz said, "Let's go home."

                                                                                 THE END