"Who is that, do you think?" Ron asked, pointing to where Malfoy stood under a tree in the center of the court yard.

""Malfoy." I said, looking at him as if her were mental.

""No! the girl standing next to him!" He pointed again. I noticed a girl standing off to malfoy's left. She had a rather small frame. Her silvery white-blond hair flowed down her back and she wore a look of slight befuddlement across her delicate features. Malfoy turned and spoke to her rather sharply and her befuddlement turned to outrage. Her eyes flicked in our direction and back to malfoy.

""I'd supposeā€¦ well I'd suppose she was Draco''s sister." Hermione mussed. The girl shook her head sharply and stormed off. Malfoy stared after her for a moment, shook his head, and stared walking in the opposite direction.

""Why did father make her come here?" Malfoy asked Crab and Goyle as he passed where we were sitting. "She's like and individual, Athena is. Won't listen to a word I tell her." he complained.

""She was rather cute." Noted Ron, staring after her.

""Ron, snap out of it." Hermione clapped her hands together by Ron''s ear to get his attention. He snapped back with a jolt.

""Sorry." he mumbled. He picked up our things and headed into the castle for dinner.