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Beyond Good and Evil - Fate

Chapter 1

Things I couldn't understand

Dark clouds are visible on the night sky above the hidden village in the leaves. A storm rumbles, wind and lightning. This is one of those nights that everybody spends at home with their family or friends. For four year old Uzumaki Naruto there is not any home, family or friends. There is only his apartment, and nothing more. The difference between 'home' and 'apartment' is huge especially for orphans. In the 'home', you like to stay more than for the night. There is someone who is waiting for you and who loves you, it is warm and nice; whereas with an 'apartment,' everything is the opposite.

Naruto is sitting on the bed with hands wrapped around knees. In his mind is utter chaos, a battle of thought. There are many things he could not, cannot and in near future, will not understand.

The first thing he could not understand is why on the nights like today, some weird things happen to him. Why did he hear roars instead of rumbles? Why instead of wind he hears these terrible screams? Why when the sky is cut by bright lighting everything seems for him like it is on fire?

And the scent of blood... that does not make any sense does it? Everything about it drives him crazy.

'Am I still sane? Is this real? When will it end?' Along with those questions tears started running down each of his cheek.

The second thing young Uzumaki could not for the life of him understand was why he could not live in the orphanage like every other orphan. He probably was the only one this young living on his own. He hated being alone, it hurt so much. Slowly, everyday less tears came down his face, slowly he was accepting this loneliness. There is one person that talked to him and visited him once in a while. The Hokage, the leader of the village, from the title the strongest ninja in Konoha, visited him and brought him food that is mostly something easy to make like instant ramen and other things that he needed, such as clothing. Someone once told him that he came because he pitied him. Naruto believed in that and that only made him angry. 'I don't need pity from anyone!' but in truth, if not for the old man he would have died a long time ago.

The third thing he couldn't understand was his 'healing ability' or his senses that are far sensitive than it should be. The first wound he got after a simple fall while running, would heal itself immediately in front of his eyes. A boy that looked a year or two older than him told him that it was not possible and he was not normal.

He wasn't normal? Then what was he?

'Am I demon?' He could not understand the cold looks on the street and those abusive whispers about him being a demon, a murderer and how he should die.

'I didn't kill anybody!' He couldn't understand why parents always took their children away when he came to play with them. Soon nobody wanted anything to do with him. 'Is that so? FINE I DONT NEED ANYBODY!'

He couldn't and can't understand... for now. But he has sworn to himself that he will find out the reason, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but he will!

'I don't need pity from anyone!'

'Am I still sane?'

'Is that real?'

'When will it ends?'

'Am I a demon?'

'I didn't kill anybody!'

'Is that so?'


Tired from crying, from the pain of being alone... tired of life and he was only four years old! Finally Naruto fell asleep. For this night he can forget about the reality he lives. For him, the best moments of his life are while sleeping and dreaming. Time for rest to bring energy for the same tomorrow.

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