If you are reading this, then this story has been officially discontinued

I have audited this story and I literally wrote myself into a whole with this one.

As such, I cannot continue on with this story as the connection just does not seem to be getting to the path I wanted it to.

I planned to revamp the entire story, but I will not be doing it like this. I will start fresh. I have always wanted to try my hand at an evil Naruto, but the method I used for this one was reaching a standstill.

Again, similar to my previous audit, If you see any idea you would like to use, you do not have to ask me, just take it and build on it. To hinder creativity is not an intention of mines, and I hope this story did draw out some inspiration for your stories.

Here were some ideas I had planned to do with this story:

Seeing how the story was beyond good and evil, I intended for some of the people we know to be 'good' or 'evil' top switch roles a little bit. But I could not reach a proper conclusion.

Killing of the Iwa Tsuchikage… not exactly the plan I had in mind.

Hanzaki was to be the Mizukage, he was also going to play an integral part of the story, but him appearing out of nowhere did not exactly help with that.

I have never read someone use Sasuke going to Oto as a secret mission to infiltrate and assassinate Orochimaru and his forces, I intended to develop that into more.

Kushina still being alive actually hindered the development a bit. What usages could she have been used for? Where could I have put her? It was going to be pretty cliché to have her try and rebuild whirlpool through Kiri.

Naruto as a whole seemed a bit wishy-washy. He started off serious, and then he came back a bit of a ladies' man? Wrong story for that. It was to be a serious story, but the development was a bit pre mature.

Pein was going to oppose "Tobi" in the end of it all.

I actually intended for a huge alliance to have been made by Naruto during his three year trip.

That was it really, as you can see, some of these things could have been built into a deeper story, but the connection was simply not tight enough. I did not want to waste time writing myself further into a whole with no possible outcome. I apologize for the cancellation, but implore you to take these ideas and put them into a better and bigger platform for many to benefit from.


The Soul of a Warrior