Notes: written for a meme wherein I had only the length of a song to write a drabble inspired by the song. Written before I read the preview for volume 5, so this can be seen as AU, I suppose.

Music: Ewan McGregor and Alessandro Safina - "Your Song"

"Your Song"

Megan felt her cheeks burning hotter as the strains of the piano's notes reached her ears. It was one of the pieces she had mused. One of her last assignments at Merridiah. It was the cheesiest thing she had ever worked on, and hearing it in the conscious world was embarrassing. But it would last, if popular culture had anything to say about it.

And maybe if it was around years from now, everytime AJ was alive he would have a chance to hear it. And maybe something within him would remember the time they had spent together. She hoped he would, and she hoped they'd meet again.