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"Jasper," Rosalie called out quietly, standing stock still in the middle of their hallway.

No answer.

"Jasper," she tried again, just as quietly but with urgency in her voice.

"I'm right here," said the soothing voice of her twin brother from behind. Without another word she turned around and embraced him. "Is it them again?"

Rosalie nodded again, her face buried in her brother's cold chest. "Yeah, sorry. I just needed a Jasper hug." By that she meant the ever-comforting hugs Jasper gave, using his power to comfort and give courage to those who needed it. She needed a lot of courage right now. He stroked her hair gently as he gave her waves of calm, security and courage. "I know I can't keep calling you every time…treating you like some drug but…."

"Shhh," Jasper murmured. "It's okay. I feel anger from the area, how many are there?"

"Three, I think. They weren't bothering me but I got so scared," she held onto her brother tighter. The only one who knew her secret.

"Let's go downstairs, where everyone else is," Jasper took her hand and led her down. "Do you want to go out some, and talk, away from Edward. He's out at the hospital now but who knows when he will get back, sides Alice?"

She nodded. "Or can we plan a trip?"

"You mean for a hunt?"


"We'll see," he let her hand go and stepped into the living room where Emmett and Alice were gazing at the TV screen intently, with Bella snoozing on the sofa.

"Hey," Alice called out, grabbing her husband's hand lovingly. "We were just about to call you to start a movie, but I knew you two would come in."

"Uhh, I don't think I'll watch a movie now," Jasper wrapped his arms around his wife. "Rosalie and I were planning on heading towards Seattle."

"Whatever for," Emmett asked.

"Well," Jasper started, thinking fast. "I wanted to go to the bookstore, or the library, and it's such a nice and rainy day."

"Hmmm," Emmett seemed to buy it and turned to his wife. "But you don't have to leave me."

"There's a sale…" Rosalie started and cringed to see Alice's face brighten up at her lie and choose a store her sister didn't care too much for. "At Victoria's Secret." Emmett grinned. "Taking Jasper's car because…he's talking me into being eco-friendly as he is," she rushed thankful that Edward was not there to read her bluff, and point it out.

"Well have fun," Esme said serenely. "Edward was talking about going too sometime, maybe you to can wait for…."

"No," the twins said promptly and were out the door before Bella could blink.

Rosalie slammed the door to the passenger seats and buckled herself in. "It's tiring to keep a secret from the coven."

"Nearly impossible," Jasper agreed. "But you've done it for so long. And whether it be that the odds are for us or against us, our secrets are rather well kept"

"It was a secret I didn't even know about it for the majority of the time," Rosalie added as the engine started. "Are we really going to go to Seattle?"

"Emmett might get curious when you don't bring back any lingerie for him to enjoy on you when we get back."

"And books, though I guess Alice won't notice as much of the absence of books."

"Even if we are getting away from Edward, my wife and her visions might find us out."

"I lived with her for fifty years, she never once said anything to me, and sides we are both going out on a whim on our plans as of now. Maybe if we discuss about my powers only, she won't see anything. Oh, and on your little secret. However, I've always wondered how come Edward can't see what I see, like how he sees what Alice sees when he is near her."

"My thought on this, and this is totally tentative but Aro described Alice as the Future and Edward as the Present. The Present effects the Future so maybe that's how Edward sees what Alice sees. However the Present is dependent on the Past, so…what am I trying to say…not to say your power is more superior to his, but that the Past has no room for the Present to intervene."

"That somewhat makes sense," she mused. "He should be glad he doesn't see the dead people as I see them. It's amazing how you feel their presence."

"Well I am an empath, and the anger usually radiating from them is quite clear…and I am your best friend for a reason." He gave her a smile

"We were best friends before you knew my secret. We just became closer after you found out. And now, I'm the only one that knows of yours. Odd how that turned out."

"Yet makes sense," he replied casually. "Now tell me more of what you have been seeing recently."

"Why not we go to Portland?"

"Okay," he nodded. "Don't you want to talk about it?"

"Not really, not now. I just wanted to get away if that's all right."

"That's fine." He knew not to push her

Rosalie sighed in relief and contentment. It was nice to have somebody to talk to about her secret. Before she used to believe her immense beauty was her gift, or tenacity, whichever. However a few weeks after Alice and Jasper's arrival, things started to happen around her. She began to see people, people who were not supposed to be where they were. For instance she once walked into Carlisle's room and found a woman she did not recognize sitting in his chair. She would go to school and see older people who were not faculty members walking the halls. At first she did not realize she was seeing extra people walking about, until eventually she did, in which she later concluded she was losing her mind.

Then it happened. She began to closely observe the extra people she was seeing and saw that they would come and go as they pleased, not going with the flow of the world. Some she would see in her home and once she actually went up to one to speak to him. When Rosalie approached the man, he looked up to her and she saw vacant eyes, and a mark on his neck, a mark left after a bite from a vampire.

That's when Rosalie realized the extra people she saw were all dead.

Then she thought she was really losing her mind. And she became afraid, terribly afraid. She started to recognize their pained moans, words that they spoke to each other and even to her. But it wasn't like they appeared to her daily, or even weekly. However sometimes it happened more often then other times. When the Seattle massacre was going on, many ghosts who were murdered by vampires came into her presence.

Seven years after Jasper and Alice came into her life, she and Jasper had become quite close. He was the one she would usually seek out if Emmett was not available or if she wanted to talk about Emmett to someone. Edward and Emmett accepted Jasper as their brother, but Jasper never quite got as close and the other two were to each other. Alice quickly got on with the two Cullen boys whereas Rosalie and Jasper were left to bond together. They both loved literature as well, and Rosalie loved to hang out with her brother by reading in the same room as him.

She kept her secret of dead people to herself for she truly thought she had lost it, and Edward never mentioned to her that he saw any oddities in her thoughts, though she always worked hard to keep him out of her head anyways.

One day seven years after Jasper came into her life she found herself in an empty classroom, frozen with fear, staring at four angry looking, clearly dead people. They were not hurting her but they were all crying out. Then, out of the blue, Jasper came in and hugged her, and kept on hugging her even after the fear subsided. Finally she looked up to his gaze. "Thanks," she had mumbled.

"I came into the room feeling the presence of five, coming in to only find a very frightened you. This isn't the first time this has happened, is anything going on?"

At that point Rosalie had broken down into tearless sobs as she told him all she knew. From then on he was in on her secret and they began to explore her power together and thus became the best of friends. The rest of the family knew the two were very close though what has truly triggered it were left a mystery to the rest of the coven, and the fact that that was a mystery to the rest of the coven, especially with Edward and Alice, was a mystery to the twins, that they tried to explain in many ways. Rosalie requested that this information is not leaked and Jasper complied.

Rosalie could not find any merit in her gift except for in one circumstance. She once returned to where she used to live in New York, to see if she can find out what happened to her dear brother who was two years her junior. She did not see his ghost, for which she was somewhat glad, but encountered a dead man who once was her brother's friend. She asked him if he knew what happened to her brother and to her surprise he spoke to her in response. She found out then that her brother had joined WWII, came home effected and entered a mental institution where he died.

"We're here," Jasper called to her to reality, away from her thoughts.


"Here, as in Portland," he looked at her with a knowing expression. He knew and she knew that he knew that she had no interest in shopping. She was, by no means, Alice. "Where to now?"

"Can we be spontaneous and go down South?"

"Sure. South where?"

"South as in Mississippi. Biloxi."

Jasper's eyes flashed. That was where Alice was from but did not remember anything of. He understood Rosalie's train of thought. "Okay," he nodded. "I guess we can head to the airport."

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