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Jasper sat still on a bench in a local cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi. He warily watched his sister, who to any other person passing by would have looked like a beautiful girl contemplating in the graveyard, as she stood surrounded by tombstones. It was very picturesque, her hair waving in the wind, the leaves dancing up above. Jasper knew though, for Rosalie it was nowhere near a clam and serene place for her to contemplate.

The two had gone shopping but not excessively, and the trip did not take long. Jasper had booked them a room at the Courtyard Marriot that only had one bedroom with two separate beds in it. It didn't really matter at all though, for they never slept. Finally after watching some TV, Rosalie suggested they start on some research. Jasper readily complied, making sure she was ready to do this.

"Send me some waves of calm, okay?" Rosalie had persisted as she drove her rented M3.

"I got your back."

"I know you do, but please make sure."

Jasper was watching his sister now, as Rosalie swayed back and forth. There were still no dead people in their midst. Jasper only felt Rosalie, and there was not fear radiating from her, just frustration. Frustration that the one time she wanted to take advantage of her curse, she came up unfruitful.

They were in the one graveyard Alice was supposedly buried. Supposedly because she never died, supposedly because her date of death was when she was entered in the asylum.

"Ugh!" Rosalie shouted in the quiet graveyard. "This is where all of you are supposed to congregate, and when I actually come here, nobody will speak to me?" She stomped on towards Jasper.

"Don't stress about it," Jasper told her calmly.

"I know, but I just want to do this right."

"You decided to do this for me, you've already done so much."

"Okay, Jasper," Rosalie said flatly. "No getting all sentimental. Besides this is so frusturati…." Her eyes widened as she looked past Jasper. Jasper felt it too, a being was standing behind him, but when he turned to look, he saw nothing. There was a presence though, but it was not angry, simply curious. Jasper turned back to his sister and grabbed her hand.

"Hello?" Rosalie said tentatively. Jasper watched, intrigued. He never actually saw her communicate to them before.

"Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"What is it?" Jasper whispered but Rosalie ignored him.

"Can you show me where you are now?" Jasper felt sympathy roll off of her. Rosalie grabbed onto his hand tighter as she started to walk slowly, somewhat keeping a distance away from the other spirit, but following him nonetheless. Jasper followed blindly as well until he came to an abrupt halt. He saw a rather old and uncared for marker in the ground, almost buried over by some grass. Rosalie got to her knees and started to pull out some weeds. "Are you Karol?" There was a pause. "Nice to meet you," she smiled warmly.

"Karol," Jasper said looking in the general direction. "Would you be able to tell us…."

"He can't understand you," Rosalie cut him off. "They probably can only understand me for one, and this boy, he died brain dead or something of the sort. He drools, and he doesn't look coherent, but…hello." She said to another presence.

Jasper felt a wave of happiness come from where Karol was, and a feeling of love yet skepticism, from the new spirit. Rosalie all of the sudden felt worried. "No, no, we do not mean you any harm or interruption, we were just wondering if you knew of a Mary Alice Brandon." There, she said it.

A sense of recognition came. "Can you tell me where she last was seen?" There was silence, and a few head nods on Rosalie's part. Finally, Rosalie started to walk towards where they were parked.

"Care to fill me in on what's going on, Rose?"

"Well, the new ghost, he was a care taker back in the asylum. Alice knew Karol I think. This care taker, he was the one who cared for Alice when she was locked away." Jasper couldn't help but feel slightly jealous. "Anyways," Rosalie continued. "He said he would lead us to where the asylum used to be. Actually the ruins are still there, just…." She paused to look over to where the caretaker stood. "Thank you for helping us." Then she nodded her head. This was getting slightly bizarre to Jasper and he couldn't help but smirk with how Edward would feel if he was in Jasper's place instead. His need of being omniscience and this occurrence of Rosalie talking to the dead while he was blocked out, t'would drive him mad.

"Oh, and Jasper," Rosalie added as they reached the car and he went towards the passenger seat. "You should get into the back, he needs to lead me to the place."

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