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"Are you sure about this Bells?" My mother asked for the one hundredth time sine I told I wanted to move back to Forks, Washington.

"Ya Bella, your mother and I are more than happy to have you stay with us." Phil said. He was my mom's new husband and he was a nice guy and all but I personally don't enjoy being in the house while they do what newlyweds do.

"I know, but trust me. I. Want. To. Go." I told them. " I miss everyone from Forks. Dad, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Edward…" I ended up trailing off, like I always do when talking or even talking about Edward.

Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Edward were my best friends when I was young and lived in Forks with my mom, my dad, and my brother Emmet. Edward and I were the closest and I had always had a big crush one him and Alice and Rosalie both knew it. I thought it'd be weird for Alice when I talked about how much I liked him seeing as he's her brother and all but she never seemed to mind.

Edward Cullen was (and probably still is) the most beautiful person on the planet. He had bronze hair and emerald green eyes that bore deep, deep into your soul. He always knew how I felt and what I was thinking. Alice, his sister, always resembled a little pixie. She was always short for her age and had spiky black hair. She loved to go shopping with her mom every other weekend and claimed she could see the future. She told me that she'd end up with Jasper (Rosalie's twin brother), Rosalie and Emmett would get married and me and Edward would grow up to be soulmates. I never believed her until one day she told me my parents would get into a big fight and she'd miss me from then on. I didn't understand what she meant until one night when my parents got into a huge fight that ended with a divorce and me and my mom in Phoenix.

Rosalie was always very pretty. She wore her hair short, never longer than her shoulders and it was usually down unless she went on the swings, we went to the theme park or we had gym class at school. Jasper, Rosalie's twin, was very handsome. He was always very deep and usually knew what you were feeling and would try to help as much as he could. And so, that brings us to my brother Emmett. He was always the best big brother and was very athletic. He loved watching sports with my dad and playing them when he could(when it wasn't raining).

"Think about everything you're leaving behind though Bella. You've gone through a lot with your friends here." My mother said. And she was right. When I left Forks I was a young, naïve seven year old girl. I had braces, frizzy hair, no curves, bad skin, and horrible fashion sense. After my mom and I moved here I started to 'mature' so now I had great curves (thank god!), no more braces, started taking care of my skin, straightening my hair, and wearing better clothes.

"And what about Jacob, you two have been going out for 3 years now. Do you really wanna throw that all away?" Phil asked.

"In a heartbeat." Was my only reply. It was true that I had dated Jacob Black for 3 years but it was also true that he had turned out to be the biggest jerk on the planet!

"Well, we're here."

"Last chance Bella, are you 100 percent sure about this?" My mother asked.

"No mom," I told her. "I'm 1000 percent sure about this." And with that we got out of the car, I hugged them goodbye and I boarded my plane. I was wearing a green v neck shirt, light blue jeans and a form fitting gray sweatshirt with white and black sneakers. My hair was just a little wavy like always but down the way I liked it best, nice and simply. (pics on profile:D) Forks was known for it's cold and rainy climate. I arrived in Forks and was met by my father and a beautiful woman his age as soon as I got off the plane.

"Hey Bells!"

"Hi dad! Who's this?" I asked as I hugged him. God I missed my dad.

"Oh this is my girlfriend May. May this is my daughter Bella."

"Hi. It's nice to meet you."

"It's great to finally meet you too." She smiled. She had Black hair that went down to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She was pretty and she seemed pretty nice.

"Where's Emmett?" I asked as I turned back to my dad.

"I haven't told him, I thought you'd like to surprise him and the gang." He told me. "The guys have a football game so the girls will be there cheering them on."

"Sounds like fun." I smiled.

"Good, I'll drop you off there and then drop your bags off and then I got work but I'll be home around 9:30" he explained as he got my bags. I grabbed my guitar and we started walking to the car.

"Since when do you play guitar?" my dad asked.

"Since mom and I moved to Phoenix. I wasn't having the best of times so mom bought me a guitar and guitar lessons and I've been playing ever since. I've actually written a few songs even." I told him. I realized that my dad had been staring at me since I hugged him, what was up with that? "Dad, why do you keep looking at me like that?" I asked.

"Oh sorry, Bells. It's just that you've changed a lot. I remember you as a little girl with frizzy hair and braces not a young lady with curves and formfitting clothes." He smiled, and I instantly blushed and looked down.

"You are a very beautiful young lady." May added.

"Thanks, I guess." I mumbled and my dad laughed.

"Still as shy as ever." We got to the car, loaded my stuff into it and drove to the field school field where the game was.

"Why don't you leave your sweater her Bella? It's not that cold outside." May said as we neared the high school. Forks hadn't changed much since I left.

"Sure." I said as I took it off, revealing my tight green shirt.

"Here we are, Emmett will take you home." My dad said.

"Are you are you sure he'll recognize her?" May asked.

"He was at my mom's wedding and I haven't changed much since then so I think I'll be fine. Although I'm not so sure about the rest of them…" I said.

"It'll be fine Bella. The game's almost over so you might wanna hurry." My dad told me. I nodded and got out of the car, waving goodbye before I headed to the field. I stood by the sideline watching till the game was over and I ended up getting into it. The only one I was able to recognize was Emmett. He was, of course, the bulkiest of all the guys on the field. As soon as I saw him going for the winning touchdown (the game was tied) I started jumping up and down and cheering at the top of my lungs.

"WOO! Ya Go Emmett! WOO!" Emmett scored the winning touchdown and without even thinking about it I ran full speed at him. (a/n: I don't really know anything about football so please bare with me) I jumped on him as soon as I reached him.

"Bella!" He said as he hugged me and spun me around a few times.

"That was great Emmett!" I said as he let me down.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with the biggest grin ever.

"I'm moving back in with you and dad. I thought mom and Phil could use some space." I told him.

"Awesome!" he said and I laughed.

"mhm" someone cleared their throat behind me. I turned around to see a very beautiful, tall blonde girl standing if front of me with a shorter pixie with black hair.

"Hey Rosie! Did you see that last touchdown?" Emmett asked as he went to kiss Rosalie.

"Ya, it was great Emmett." She said while holding him back.

"What's wrong Rosie?" Emmett asked with a little child's voice that just made me laugh.

"How do expect me to act when a hot girl runs up to you, umps on you and you spin her around after scoring the winning touchdown?" Rose asked. Did Rosalie Hale just call me hot?

"You're kidding right?" He asked.

"Course not!"

"So, you're telling me you don't recognize her at all?" Emmett asked as he pointed towards me. Uh oh.


"OH MY GOD!" Alice screamed as she launched herself at me. "You came back!" I guess she figured out my secret.

"Hey Alice." I said as best I could from her death grip.

"Alice!" Rosalie snapped.

"Rose! Are you really that blind? It's Bella!" Alice clued Rose in.

"BELLA?!" Rose screamed, I just nodded my head. Of course now Rose was attacking me.

"Oh my god! You've changed so much! Look at you!"

"Thanks, I guess."

"I love your shirt Bells, where'd you get it?" Alice asked me.

"Victoria's Secret." I said and both Alice and Rose squealed.

"What's all the screaming about?" Jasper asked as he and Edward came over. Jasper went right up to Alice and hugged her from behind. He had really grown up but he was still very handsome. Then I looked at Edward and all my hopes of my old crush having disappeared vanished. I couldn't keep my eyes off him!

"Don't tell me you're like Rose! Does it, like, run in the family or something?" Alice asked him. Edward was just looking at me, his gaze never looking anywhere other than my face. Except for once to study my outfit.

"Bella? Bella Swan?" Jasper finally clued in and gave me a hug.

"No smarty, it's Jessica Alba." I laughed. He released me from the hug and I turned to Edward.

"What? No hug from my best friend of all time?" I asked. Wow, where did that confidence come from? I thought. All of a sudden Edward smiled and wrapped me up in the tightest hug ever! Did I mention he had the best smile ever?!

"So you finally decided to visit?" He asked as he pulled away.

"No, I decided to finally move back." I smiled.

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