Bella POV:

Today was gonna be way too long for me. Alice had decided to go shopping for May's wedding dress and all of our dresses for the wedding, then she realized that Halloween was going to be coming soon too so she decided that we should pick up our costumes too. Currently we were at the biggest costume store in Port Angeles picking our costumes.

"How bout this Greek Goddess costume?" I asked Alice. It was a long white dress that would touch the floor when I had it on and no one would see too much skin.

"Not enough skin exposed. Here try these pirate costumes. Edward will be a pirate and I thought it'd be cute if you matched. Besides, Jasper and I will match and so will Emmett and Rose." She said as she pushed me towards the changing room with three different pirate costumes.

The first one I tried on was a red and black dress that ended about mid thigh, it included fishnets, knee high boots and a big black hat.

"I look like a hooker!"

"let's see dear." Esme said from outside the change room I was in.

"NO! I refuse to go out in this!"

"Bella if you don't come out in the next three seconds I will pick the slutiest costume they have and you will wear that!" Alice threatened. I reluctantly stepped out of the changing room.

"You don't look like a hooker but it definitely isn't the right one." Rose said.

"Try the others." May added. The second costume was white and black, making me appear as a virgin pirate. It went to mid thigh too, had knee high boots, a black hat and a sword.

"This one is too innocent, plus it's too clean." Alice said.

"What do you mean by too clean?" I asked.

"Edward's costume is more dirty, it's beige and black and red. You can't look like the clean virgin pirate beside him, you'll clash." She said as she shooed me into the changing room again.

The third costume was probably the one that showed the least amount of skin. It was a v-neck belly shirt with ¾ sleeves, and a striped shirt underneath. The pants had a cut on the side of my thighs, a bandana rapped around my waist and the boots were pulled over the bottom of them. There was another bandana with the costume that I wrapped around my head.

"This is it!" I called. "I don't care what you think, I'm getting this one!"

"Come out and let's see." Esme called.

"yep, you were right. This one is perfect!" Rose exclaimed when I came out.

Rose ended up getting a cheerleader costume, saying that Emmett was going as a football player. It was a black mini-skirt with a bikini like top that had the f-word on it with the letters disoriented. There were knee high white stockings and ankle high boots. Alice's costume was a military costume. It was a dark green mini dress with a jacket on top and knee high boots.

Next we went looking for our dresses for the wedding. Esme had ended up getting a yellow dress with beads across the chest, Rose got a pink dress that was very low cut and went to her knees. Alice got a pink dress that was more of a tube top with two strings holding it up, it ended right at her knees. My dress was pink too. It was a spaghetti strap dress that crossed in my chest area and then flowed out.

"Alright, now we head to the hardest part. THE WEDDING DRESS!" Alice squealed. "now i know we have a budget so I will find the best dress I can and I will do my best to get the best one!"

"I don't want anything too fancy though, Alice. It's a simple wedding with just the closet friends and family so a simple dress is fine." May smiled as we made our way to the biggest Bridal store Alice knew of.

We spent about three hours in the store trying to find a dress that was simple, yet beautiful and in our price range.

"I think this is it." May said as she came out of the change room. The dress was a simple halter top dress the flowed beautifully down her waist.

"Yes, it's simple, elegant and not too long." Esme agreed. We purchased the dress and Esme said that she would keep it in her closet so Charlie had no way to sneak a peek.

Edward POV:

Alice had stolen Bella for all of yesterday but she wasn't gonna take her from me today. I thought as I drove to Bella's house. Today I was gonna show her my favourite spot in the whole town. The nerves started to kick in as I walked up her driveway.

"Edward? Hey, what are you doing here?" Bella asked as she opened the door.

"I wanted to show you something."

"oh, okay. Let me just put on some shoes. Any in particular that you be best?"

"Runners." I told her. As she put on her runners I took the chance to look at her outfit. She was wearing cute short shorts and a old worn out gray sweatshirt with a tank top underneath. She look relaxed, comfy and unbelievable sexy.

"Alright lets go." She said as she took her phone in her hand.

Bella POV:

What did Edward wanna show me? I kept wondering. As he drove I looked over his outfit. He was wearing white shorts and a black muscle shirt. He looked ready for exercise and yet incredibly sexy. A few minutes later he pulled the car over at the side of the highway.

"Wow, it's… um… extraordinary." I joked.

"No, we have to walk for a bit." He laughed. We hiked through the forest for a few minutes, Edward holding my hand the whole way through so I managed to slip only three times.

"This is it, close your eyes." He instructed and then just to make sure he put his hands in front of my eyes.

"Okay, open." He whispered into my ear a few seconds later, causing me to shiver from the feeling. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful meadow with a few flowers left over from the spring.

"Oh my god! It's beautiful." I whispered not wanting to ruin the moment with speaking too loud.

"I love to come here to think. It's more beautiful in the spring but I couldn't wait till then to show you." He smiled. I walked further into the meadow and lay down, staring at the sky. Edward joined me a few seconds later. We lay like that, my head on his chest, his arm wrapped around me, for a while. It may have been a few hours but I can't be sure. I looked at him and couldn't put it off any longer and leaned in to kiss him. It started out as a light kiss but quickly turned into an all out make out session. I just couldn't give up the feel of his lips on mine, so soft and smooth yet cold at the same time.

hey, so here's the next chapter, hope you like it:D the costumes that bella tries but doesn't buy are on my site and her outfit for the meadow is on there too but the other costumes and dresses and stuff will be posted when the chapters come up.:D