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I flipped off the TV. What the hell did I just watch? Never has something been so inacurrate. Hmm, inacurrate? Now I sound like Ren. (Sigh). Whatever, the point is, they got me totally wrong. First of all, what is up with that supposed class for temper tantrums? I AM FIFTEEN YEARS OLD! I KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS MYSELF PROPERLY! It's just tha sometimes I choose to do so in a loud manner. Is that so wrong?

Oh yeah, there's also that whole scrub day thing. I wasn't scared. I swear I wasn't. What kind of guy would be afraid of some stupid little pranks. Not me. Why would I be afraid of Larry "Thumb Sucker" Beale? Just because he is big, mean, and nasty? Please, I could take him. Besides, his battle is with Ren and has nothing to do with me.

And why did they have me get so jealous of Allison? I so did not do that, and even if I did, I would never go and put them back together again. That would have defeated the purpose. And Tom? Why would I pick Tom as my new best friend? Better yet, why would Tawny say no to being my new best friend, forcing me to pick Tom? No way would that happen. Tawny loves me. I know you guys have noticed the major crush she has on me.

Speaking of Tom, this show makes me seem like a real jerk to Tom. I mean, Tom and I aren't best friends or anything, but I wouldn't get mad at him for not making me pizza. That's too juvenile, even for me. I am not a user. I hang out with Tom because, at times, he can actually be a cool guy. And as far as being a jerk goes, I'm not mean to Beans either. I did not see his head on his cousin's body because of guilt. While we''re at it, I also did not think that Beans was an alien. Now don't get me wrong, I think the kid is weird, but not alien weird.

I guess the show isn't entirely off. They did get my relationship with Ren accurate. I do love to pick on my sister, but I defiantly wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Oh, and just so you know, I never even considered showing that tape of Bobby and Mandy kissing on TV. I didn't have some ephinay during the comercial break after she told all of Sacramento how great Bobby was. Like I said, I would never do anything to actually hurt my sister, and that would have hurt. The mission was to embaress, not hurt. No, instead I showed Ren the tape right after I caught it. Hell, she had dumped the guy before they even filmed the embarressment part of the show. And in case any of you were wondering, Ren did end up taking me to Happy Mountain with her. I guess the show was off there a little too. Ren and I do get along, well, from time to time.

All in all, I think Even Stevens is a good show. I just wish that they would have portrayed me a little more realistically. Great, I sound like Ren again. I better stop with this before she compltely rubs off on me.