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I sighed at the sight of the two, travel worn cardboard boxes and the two roller suitcases next to them, how was i ever going to carry my stuff outside? I looked around to see if there were any abandoned luggage carts and saw one left messily behind a pillar. wow, i thought, I am not usually this lucky. Which was true, i just wasn't a lucky person, my life was perfectly average, most girls would probably find it boring..but since it was all i knew, i thought it was fine.

I heard an excited squeal behind me and turned, to see a tiny, black haired object zoom passed me into the arms of a huge, muscly guy..probably her brother or something. The muscly guy picked her up and spun her around.

"you made it", he boomed.

"Yeah, the flight was so boring though...put me down, i want to see everyone else", she commanded, giggling.

The minute the huge boy put her down, she danced into the arms of a tall, blonde guy who kissed her deeply and stared into her eyes, before he wrapped her into an affectionate hug, whispering things in her ear that made her blush lightly.

I looked away from them then because walking up behind the huge guy and the blonde guy was probably the most gorgeous person i had ever and would ever see in my entire life. She was a tall, skinny, blonde girl, that looked exactly like the blonde guy that the tiny girl had just kissed. She was wearing blue skinny jeans, and a pretty white shirt, and she had a perfect body. I sighed in envy, if only i could look like that...

"Rose!!!", tiny girl screamed, running full speed at her, causing the pretty girl, to yell and turn around in pretend fear.

The two of them hugged and began talking so fast that i couldn't catch a word that they were saying.

"Oi!", shouted the huge guy "Alice and Rose, you can talk when were in the car, c'mon, Edward's' waiting!"

The two girls stopped talking and walked over to the guys.

"You know Em", the girl that i gathered was Rose said. "i have been stuck with you, Jazz and Edward as my only company for about three weeks, i think that i deserve some girl gossiping time".

I couldn't help but laugh at this comment, but the huge guy just shrugged and laughed it off saying "Rosie, you know you loved every second that you spent with me".

I looked away then because i suddenly realized that i had been staring intently at the whole group for a couple minutes now, and if any of them had noticed, they might get a little bit freaked out.

I sighed again, i couldn't help but wish that there had been that sort of reception for me waiting at the airport, but no one i knew lived here, and with Charlie so busy that he hadn't even been able to fly with me, i don't know why the thought even came into my head.

"Excuse me miss", said a deep voice on my left

"Yes?", i said turning to look into the eyes of a dark haired stranger.

"Are you going to be needing help with your luggage? There is a taxi booth outside, but i noticed that all your stuff is probably a little heavy for a girl such as you to get out there.

"Um, yeah, that would be great, its all this stuff here", i said apologetically, looking at all the stuff that he was going to have to carry.

"Alright, no problem" said the man. And with in a minute he had all my stuff loaded onto a cart and was wheeling it outside with me to where a yellow taxi was waiting in a line.

"Here you are miss," he said "do you want to get a jacket or anything out of your bags, or should i go ahead and load 'em up?" he must have noticed the way i had my arms wrapped around myself and thought i was cold.

"Oh no", i said, "I'm fine" and i rummaged into my bad and pulled out a few notes. "thanks you for your help today" i said.

"It was no trouble at all, just doing my job", he replied before tucking the money into his pocket and walking away.

I climbed into the taxi and pulled out a red binder that i had been keeping all of the papers from Elmcrest Boarding School in ever since i had gotten accepted.

"Where are we going today ma'am?" asked the driver.

"Elmcrest Boarding School please," i responded.

"Sure thing," he said happily. "Are you a new student there?"

"Yes, its my new school, i just came from Florida, I am really looking forward to it. What do you know about EBC?"

I listened contentedly as the driver babbled on about the school and changed topics rapidly when he was through answering my questions. All the encouragement he needed was me nodding and mhmming occasionally. He didn't seem to notice that i wasn't paying the slightest attention.

We turned onto a shady drive that had tall trees planted on either side allowing the sun to flit through at irregular intervals. When the road forked off into two directions, we took the left one, and the driver told me that the right one was the way to the head's house.

As we neared the entrance, i began to feel a little nervous, random thoughts about things i had forgotten to pack and whether or not my roommate would be nice kept popping into my head and there was definitely quite a large flock of butterflies in my stomach.

I stared out the window in shock as we pulled up at the building that my room was in, the campus was huge, and full of teenagers playing sports, talking, dancing, eating and sunbathing. I felt the butterflies give one last swoop, before i climbed numbly out of the car, paid the driver and asked him if he wouldnt mind helping me bring my bags into the front desk area. He obliged but all too soon, i was left alone by myself, in the cool marble floored foyer of my new home.