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Shattering Heart Chapter 1: 'Kyo Sohma'

A normal day for me is just way to aggravating. Here's what it consists of:

1) Wake up,

2) drink from milk carton,

3) Yell at Yuki –notice how I didn't call Yuki a "damn rat"-- for laying his head on my shoulder,

4) wake up Yuki from yelling and get kicked through the wall for being loud and challenging him to a fight,

5) hit Shigure for being perverted towards Tohru,

6) eat breakfast that Tohru made,

7) get dressed for school,

8) Leave for school. That's just in the morning at 'home' if I wasn't on the roof the entire night.

Once we get to school it's like this:

9) Tohru goes to meet up with Uo-san, and Hana-san, –see I may act mean and like an idiot but I can be nice, smart, and respectful when I want to—

10) Meet up with Tohru, Uo-san, and Hana-san while hitting Momiji –and feel guilty for it later-- for trying to hug Tohru,

11) get in another fight with Yuki,

12) Yell at White Haru then fight Black Haru,

13) go to class,

14) Get made fun of by the teachers for having poor grades, –hey I only get bad grades because I could care less about school—

15) get in another fight with Yuki,

16) yell at Tohru trying to stop us,

17) feel guilty about yelling at Tohru,

18) Get yelled at and hit by Yuki for yelling at Tohru,

19) go to lunch,

20) Fight with Yuki or Haru; –though now that I think about it I usually fight Yuki, how strange is that—

21) eat lunch while arguing with Uo-san, –I know that I usually call her "damn Yankee" or something like that in public but I hate calling her that, really!—

22) go back to class,

23) yell at Yuki or look like I'm cursing him during class or just look out the window not listening to the 'teachers' --honestly why are they called that when their have absolutely no idea what the hell they're talking about. If I wanted to I could teach the entire school but I'm to lazy and I'm not really supposed to show the others how smart I am especially when it can reach her

24) meet with the 'gang' –I'm just going to call them the Zodiac gang (a.k.a. those cursed by the Chinese Zodiac) or the Onigiri gang (Tohru, Uo-san, Hana-san) or the gang when we're all together—after school,

25) walk 'home' with Tohru and Yuki if they don't have work or student council,

26) Fight with Yuki on the way 'home'. That's for during and after school if I don't have to go to Kazuma-sensei's dojo to train.

To anyone that knows of my situation may say that school is the worst part of my day but boy are they wrong. The worst part is going 'home' –notice how I never write home only 'home' it's because I hate that place and there is no way that I am ever going to call that place home in my entire life!!—to Shigure's place –hell I can hardly believe that I'm related to him--. Let me tell you the "process" of my "Hell":

27) hit Shigure when he says something perverted to Tohru,

28) go up stairs and change into regular clothes,

29) get something to eat,

30) fight with Yuki after hitting Shigure on the head again,

31) go back to my room and do the assigned homework for the day,

32) sit on the roof,

33) eat dinner,

34) get ass handed to me by Yuki after dinner,

35) hit Shigure again,

36) sit on the roof looking at the stars,

37) listen to everyone get ready for bed after Yuki and Tohru get back from Yuki's secret base,

38) go to bed.

My day pretty much stays the same no matter what happens. Sure Momiji, Haru, some of the other Zodiac, and Tohru's friends come over from time to time but it doesn't really change how my life runs.

Also there's something I realized when Tohru came to live with us. I couldn't tell what it was at the time because I had never felt anything like it before. Whenever I saw Yuki stare at her or when he was being really nice to her, my stomach started to knot up and it got worse as time passed. I thought that it was just something I ate but it happened too much to be a coincidence. I finally figured out that I was jealous –yes I was and am jealous-- of Tohru Honda because she's the one the rat pays attention to. She's the one he is nice to; she's the one that he cares about. I'm jealous of Tohru and I hate both of them for it.

I hate that he wouldn't give a rat's ass as to what happens to me –no pun intended--. I hate how he pays attention to her and how she's oblivious to it. You want to know what I hate the most: he doesn't even realize what I've done for him throughout the years. He thinks that I actually hate him because he's possessed by the year of the rat. I could care less that he's the rat but I can't let him know that or she may find out.

This whole thing actually started when we were kids. My 'mom' had just killed herself and I started to live with Kazuma-sensei as he was the only one willing to take in the bakemono of the Zodiac. I had been training with Kazuma-sensei for about two years when I 'overheard' that the vessel for the year of the rat was going to be trained as well.


~ I was in the middle of a room in the dojo, where sensei normally trained the younger students, because I had just fought Haru, both Black and White. Sensei had left about five minutes into it because Hatori wanted to talk to him about something. I was curious as to what there were talking about so I headed in the direction of sensei's study figuring that's where he would want talk to Hatori.

"Where are you going?" Haru asked from his spot on the floor. I vaguely wondered why he hadn't gotten up yet but pushed the thought aside.

I raised my eyebrow and answered him "Where do you think?" He just shrugged at my reply and got up walking towards me. I looked at him curiously tilting my head to the side allowing my orange hair to cover my eyes. "So you want to know as well, Haru?" Haru merely nodded, "Suit yourself."

I ran out the door towards sensei's house; I barely registered the fact that Haru was right behind me. I didn't want to risk being seen in the house so I ran around the back of the house towards the old willow tree that grew outside sensei's study. Haru went up first as I was making sure nobody would see us. After he found a branch that would hold/hide us and allow us to hear the dragon, inu, and karate master I scrambled up next to the younger boy. We were able to see the 3 adults but there was another person in the room.

It was a boy that was about the same age and height as me with an aura that screamed sadness and depression. He had purple-gray hair –I don't know what his eye color is since his eyes were closed—and he smelled of rat. He was sitting to Hatori's right; he was next to the window. Shigure was on Hatori's left with Kazuma-sensei sitting in front of them.

"Hey Haru, do you know who that kid is; next to Hatori-san." Haru's eyes widened when he looked over at the kid and his mouth was opening and closing like a fish. For a reason unbeknownst to me I pulled out a camera –where the heck did I get that thing—and took a picture of Haru's face to use as blackmail. Haru blinked repeatedly before turning to Black and whispered harshly "What the heck did you do that for!?" I just shrugged and replied "Blackmail. Now go back to White Haru, I wanna know what their talking about."

Haru immediately calmed down at that and turned back to the window to see that only the boy and sensei were left in the room. Kazuma-sensei was looking for something on his desk so his back was to the window but the kid was looking out the window. I almost thought that he was looking at us but he wasn't looking up.

I was finally able to see his eyes and face and what I saw shocked me. He could be easily mistaken for a girl –in fact I think he has—and his eyes were the same color as his hair. It wasn't the color of his eyes that shocked me but what his eyes held. They were so…empty and so sad; it was like looking into the eyes of a frightened and lost child. Only those of the Zodiac were able to have eyes like that: sad, lost, scared, and kind all at the same time. There was no doubt in my mind that I was looking at the human possessed by the rat of the zodiac.

By the time that I had finished evaluating his eyes Kazuma-sensei had turned around and was talking to him. "Yuki, do you really want to learn the martial arts?" The boy that I now know as Yuki nodded. Sensei sighs then asks "Why do you wish to learn martial arts Yuki? And I would appreciate it if you would look at me when you talk."

Yuki turned away from the window to stare at sensei with dead eyes. "To become stronger; I wish never to be weak again. I don't want to be pushed around by the person that calls himself our God. I want to prove that I'm not weak; I want to prove them wrong." he said in a monotone voice. For some reason sensei didn't seem too surprised at his answer –I guess he was expecting it; it didn't surprise me as well--.

Sensei studies him before saying "Very well, you will start next week with the beginners. Could you please send Hatori back in when you leave?" Yuki nodded as he stood up to leave before he takes another look out the window eyes widening slightly. "Haru move back, Yuki saw us." I whispered to Haru before moving towards the trunk of the tree. Haru stayed where he was not moving a muscle staring at Yuki. I tried to pull him back but he wouldn't budge saying "There's nothing to worry about Kyo, he won't tell sensei we're here."

I decided to trust Haru and went back to my original position only to see that Hatori replaced Yuki. They were silent until Hatori spoke "This was the only choice; you are one of the few from the outside that know about our curse. His condition is getting worse and learning martial arts will help him when he has another attack." Sensei only nods and after a few minutes Hatori stands to leave. When he reaches the door sensei finally speaks, "I won't keep them apart; they are the ones to decide their futures not him." Hatori looks at him and nods before leaving.

Sensei stared out the window before leaving as well. I look over at Haru saying "Come on Haru we have to get back before sensei does or we'll get in trouble." I started to climb down but when I saw that he wasn't moving I pulled on his leg making him fall off. "Opps, sorry Haru." I say offering a hand pulling him up. We head back to the dojo but I stop once I heard sensei calling my name.

I turn around and see sensei standing next to Yuki and Shigure –I guess Hatori left already--. Running over to them I say "Yes sensei?" "Ah Kyo there you are; I just wanted you to know that we're going to have a new student next week." --Argh can't believe I'm about to do this— My eyes widen and I 'excitedly' ask "Who, Who?" Sensei sweatdrops at my behavior and while chuckling he gestures to Yuki saying "This is Yuki Sohma; he's the same age as you……He's also the year of the rat."

On the outside I became emotionless staring at sensei but on the inside I'm having a mini-party. –Go Kyo, go go, go Kyo. It's your birthday, it's your birthday! I didn't need anybody to tell me he's the rat; I figured it out by myself. So take that you stupid ox! -- I looked over and saw that Yuki was staring and Shigure was talking to sensei for one reason or another. Yuki was also staring at me but his expression didn't change at all from before. He finally noticed that I was staring at him causing a light shade of pink to appear on his cheeks and making me give a small smirk.

Yuki must have seen my smirk because his blush was replaced by a curious glare –honestly what is a curious glare!!?--. My smirk grew just a tiny bit causing him to ask "Why are you smirking?" I chuckled before giving my answer "You just look so cute when you blush, little mouse." His glare went from curious to mad. "Don't call me little mouse!" he yelled stomping his foot. "Would you rather be called a rat then?" He pouts saying "No! I don't wanna be called by the Zodiac curse!"

I look him in the eyes and nod slightly without breaking eye contact. We were both silent until Yuki asked a question that I'd rather not answer. "How do you know of the Sohma curse?" "……I'm part of it." He nods and asks "What animal are you?" my gaze slid downward in shame and upon hearing him ask again I reply "The outsider." I didn't bother looking at him when I turned around and bolted towards the dojo. I didn't hear sensei calling my name nor Shigure asking Yuki what happened as I was focusing on getting away from them.

During dinner at Kazuma-sensei's house

"Kyo what happened today?" sensei asked me while I was cooking dinner –sheesh why do I have to cook……oh yeah sensei sucks at cooking. And I really don't want to get food poisoning again; that lasted for so long to recover that it took an entire week for me to be in top shape and beat the crud out of Haru--. I didn't hear him because I was paying attention to the food so when he said it again except in my ear I jumped ruining dinner. Sensei was hit in the face by the sauce and I was glaring at him yelling "Don't disturb me when I have to cook for both of us!! Now go away unless you don't want to eat." The last part was so deadly calm that it made sensei shiver. "Yes sir." Sensei meekly said before going into the living room to wait.

Half-hour later

I popped my head into the doorway saying "Now you can come in sensei…and next time don't interrupt me when I'm cooking." I glared at him at the last part walking back into the kitchen/dinning room. We sat down in front of our plates and sensei asked "What's this?" I replied without looking at him "Spaghetti & meatballs." With one look at his face I could tell he didn't understand "It's an American dish."

He nods and starts humming when he asked the same question that made me yell at him, "What happened Kyo." This time it wasn't so much as a question as it was a demand to be told. My face darkened as I lowered my fork deciding whether or not to tell him. Sighing I say, "He asked a question and I told the truth, that was all that happened sensei."

"Did he ask your Zodiac?" I nod. "What did you tell him?" I look him dead straight in the eye and calmly whispered "The outsider……I wonder if he'll figure it out on his own." When sensei heard what I said he looked down sadly; he sighed before saying "Kyo do you know why Yuki is taking martial arts?" I shake my head 'no'. "He has bronchitis and staying with Akito in the main house all the time isn't helping his condition." I looked up at this since I didn't understand what Hatori was talking about before.

"So learning martial arts is suppose to help make his body stronger and therefore making his lungs stronger. If his lungs are stronger then that means a lower chance of attacks and that would entail……" I dropped the rest of the sentence looking up at sensei with calculating eyes –wow never knew I could do that--. Kazuma-sensei looks at me with worried and nervous eyes having never seen me like this before. "Kyo are you alright?"

"I'm fine sensei……I just have an idea." I sigh and stand up leaving the room; when I get to the doorway I stop but don't turn around. "In order to help the rat the cat must become its foe. ~

That was how I met Yuki but it wasn't how the 'fighting' officially started.

~ About two months after that Yuki learned a great deal of the basics and I saw him for a second time. He was training in the middle of the dojo; sensei had asked me to show the beginners some moves. He asked me to fight Yuki since he was the best of the beginners and I did but during the fight I 'stepped' it up a notch. So basically it looked like I was trying to pummel him into submission, well that's what it looked like to an untrained eye and to someone that's never seen me fight before.

Kazuma-sensei was the only one there that was able to tell that something was wrong. He could tell that I was giving Yuki a major handicap, so much that I could barely stay balanced; he also knew it had something to do with what I said two months ago. 'Kyo what are you up to?' Sensei's eyes narrowed when he saw what my next 'move' was going to be. "Kyo don't!" he yelled at me when my fist was less than three inches from his face and ran forward grabbing my wrist before I hit him. Yuki's face hadn't change at all but his eyes held an ounce of fear in them.

I glanced at sensei as my expression went from angry to nothing but a drop of gratitude in my eyes. Sensei's eyes widen slightly and said "That's enough Kyo, you can go now." I nod at him before looking at Yuki to see that he was breathing heavily. "Don't think we're finished, damn rat." I said before 'calmly' walking away. ~

As you can see I was the one that started the fighting but I had a reason for it and no it's not what you're thinking of. It's true that Akito made a deal with me that if I beat Yuki before graduation then I wouldn't be locked up after graduation but I never agreed to it. I only went along with it to help Yuki raise his stamia and such so his body could get stronger. The only problem was that I had to make sure that no one could tell what I was doing so I used Akito's offer to my advantage. It allowed me to 'help' Yuki get stronger while also giving me more control over myself. The one thing that I hated to do was pretend to hate Yuki so Akito wouldn't get suspicious of my actions; I just used the cat's infamous temper to further the act.

I can only say that it worked beautifully and horribly at the same time.

You're probably wondering 'how the hell can it have worked yet at the same time it didn't?' well that's what I'm here to tell you. But in order for that to happen you need to know a few little secrets about me.

I'm the cat of the Zodiac –I like the 'bakemono' form better than the cat form though--.

I'm a girl; real name's Kai.

I'm the half sister of the current head of the Sohma family, Akito Sohma. 'He' has a secret too but I can't tell you yet. --Though it would be fun to rat 'him' out early.--